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File 143934231016.png - (107.62KB , 315x380 , rei-quickrough.png )
18690 No. 18690 [Edit]
Herein: a little bit of space -
to speak the beauty of her face,

In couplet form; of smile demure,
of hazel eye and tress azure,

Of she's whose touch quickens my heart -
imagined, since we're worlds apart,

But even 'cross this endless chasm...
(Trying not to use the word 'orgasm'...)

Rei's the best part of my life,
and I'm grateful she's my wife.

What about you, o reader of mine?
If you would, please be so kind

And add a bit about your love,
And keep this thread going on the move...

in before accusations of poor metre, eye-rhyme abuse, yadda yadda
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>> No. 18782 [Edit]
File 14402367122.png - (431.60KB , 676x339 , g24191-2-OP.png )
With a bit of oneiromancy,
And a -certain- shred of luck-
A locked door has been opened,
And something runs amok.

As a start,
It carved itself a seat,
Rent the vessels,
Despoiled, here, this heart.
And became O' so ever, ne'er stopping, however,
Despite us being O' so ever frighteningly-
Both so sickeningly-

Thusly, we repeat:
Phantasms make the best company,
And we're nearly half a company ourselves.
>> No. 18787 [Edit]
How lovely... OtherHalf. ;)

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