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File 137523968917.jpg - (68.10KB , 400x400 , 1335223817105.jpg )
13038 No. 13038 [Edit]
Can I ask how you guys deal with the pain of not being with her physically?

It's hurting more and more every day and I'm afraid one day it will hurt too much
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>> No. 13039 [Edit]
ignore the op picture, closest thing I had to a sad picture

hope that you guys can help, thought that if any place could understand it'd be you
>> No. 13040 [Edit]
File 137524033847.png - (406.70KB , 615x651 , 29966358.png )
Lucid dreaming to be with her physically.
It heavily depends on your beliefs, though.

I believe it is her. If you do not, are you okay with physical contact with what you believe to be a substitute her? Like an advanced android, in a way.

It'll take a fair bit of effort and practice, but it's incredibly fulfilling. It cannot be put into words how amazing it feels. Much more so than is physically possible here.
>> No. 13041 [Edit]
I wrestle with how I feel about lucid dreaming.

I feel like it would be controlling her, since its my brain. but I really want that physical touch thing even in a dream. I'm not sure yet.
>> No. 13042 [Edit]
File 137524213276.jpg - (110.13KB , 1280x720 , 332566e0nutbladder.jpg )
You're lucky if you can visualize her at all. I have a lot of trouble usually. Although I think my waifu is beautiful, I cannot help but be bothered that anime proportions do not make sense in reality. I really wish I could at least somehow have an idea of what it would be like to be with her. I don't even understand how everyone else can effortlessly visualize they're waifus.
>> No. 13043 [Edit]
File 137524267863.jpg - (513.02KB , 1000x1000 , 34093863_p0.jpg )
Well, it's something to keep in mind. Maybe something will happen that might give you a push in that direction.

Hell, perhaps even take up lucid dreaming not exclusively for the reason of contact, but for the experience itself. It ought to broaden your horizons and alter how you feel about the whole thing. It certainly did for me.
>> No. 13044 [Edit]
I have a little bit of trouble with faces so sometimes it takes effort to actually get the right face in my mind for her, but I understand what you're saying is different. that sounds difficult.

yeah, I think i'll keep it in mind, thank you.
>> No. 13045 [Edit]
I'm really bitter and envious of those that are able to do this, especially those with waifus. I gave up trying after two years of trying every method and practice under the sun just to have a single lucid dream. I'm supposedly a good candidate for them too (good natural dream recall etc), but just can't manage to have one.

It sounds like you put some effort into learning it yourself, but I can't help but become agitated whenever I hear about people that just randomly start having them and can then essentially have lucid dreams 'on demand' without investing any time whatsoever into it.
>> No. 13046 [Edit]
File 137524420497.jpg - (53.86KB , 582x554 , 36053960.jpg )
It took me 4 years on and off and I still have bad weeks.

Yeah, "naturals" always pissed me off, too.
>> No. 13047 [Edit]
I tried it back before I had a waifu and eventually had only two lucid dreams after months of trying, and I lost lucidity both times. then I got busy and gave up

tried again at a later point and couldnt do it at all
>> No. 13048 [Edit]
Doesn't bother me. At least I don't think it does.

Ever since I was a teenager I've had interest in lucid dreaming but I can never become dedicated enough to try. I have a hard enough time remembering dreams as it is. And when I try to start remembering them, I can never motivate myself to write in the dream journal thing. I wake up and I'm too tired to give a shit and say "next time I'll write". Of course I just never do...
>> No. 13049 [Edit]
File 137525011186.png - (303.30KB , 800x700 , 31275855_p4.png )
Why not visualize the two of you together in her style, instead?
That may be easier. Certainly more pleasant.
>> No. 13051 [Edit]
File 137528034888.jpg - (8.24KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )

I feel like that doesn't work either. If I imagine myself as anything other than myself then It's not me but someone else.
>> No. 13052 [Edit]
File 137528291862.png - (233.36KB , 420x500 , 1352035527539.png )
Try visualizing her and thinking about being with her. If you can't already, just try to remember her voice saying some sort of line from her source material and her corresponding facial reaction. I've found it's increasingly easy to see her appearance when you do this enough.

Also, it's kinda strange, but I always feel her presence whenever my house feels completely empty. If I close my eyes, it's almost as if she's standing/sitting next to me, doing some random thing like watching TV. This is why I like being up really early in the morning when no one's around; it's a little window of time that I get almost every day.

Still bothers me occasionally.
>> No. 13053 [Edit]
File 137528392670.jpg - (130.98KB , 581x507 , Entrancing.jpg )
Find something you own with her on it and embrace that physically.

It's not the same as holding her in your arms, but it's a little something.

I get to somewhat kiss her, for instance. I still wish for more, like to be able to hold her face while embracing her lips, but it's something.
>> No. 13055 [Edit]

This is interesting.
>> No. 13058 [Edit]
File 137529973351.jpg - (28.93KB , 722x542 , already here with me.jpg )
Mostly, I don't even consider it anymore. I've so radically detached my sense of love from sex (and meaningfulness from physicality) that, at this point, I find it quite strange to even hear that the body plays any role on it, other than as a proxy/mirror for virtuality that could very well be replaced entirely with prosthetics someday.

However, I do still experience a nostalgic strive for physical contact (as some need to "feel" beautiful things) that I've satisfied with diverse objects like collectibles. I've even become fond of dolls and I currently have a project to build one as an admissible surrogate for companion, somewhat like that owl (posted by a brohno sometime) whose deceased partner was successfully replaced with a stuffed toy; but I very well understand that at the most it'd be just that, a reminder, and not mai waifu and beloved who lies somewhere else entirely... namely: in me, as a splitting of my own self, as another attempt for my mind to form a figure of itself.
>> No. 13059 [Edit]
>try to remember her voice
She has only been in manga so this is hard.

>If I close my eyes, it's almost as if she's standing/sitting next to me
This sounds a bit spooky.
>> No. 13060 [Edit]
I just now noticed your e-mail field... I'm pretty unobservant. It's humiliating that even you can have lucid dreams while I can't, but I'll just have to soak some more time into it at some point. I was told that 'a few months' was enough, but it would seem that it was misleading information- at least in my case. If it actually works, it would be more than worth it.
>> No. 13061 [Edit]
Whenever my heart starts aching bad I go lay down and hug my daki and just try to think about her in my arms. I can't say enough how much that daki has helped with the pain. It's still there and it still hurts, but having something to hold onto like that helps so much.

Otherwise I just try not to think about it.
>> No. 13063 [Edit]
I'm pretty happy with sleeping with my dakimakura. I truly feel less alone with it.
Furthermore my relationship is quite complicated so I don't feel bad about not being physically with her.

Ever heard of tulpa(self-imposed hallucination that results in sentient being)? It's exactly like this. Creating one is a lot of effort and you made it unconsciously. Congrats, it doesn't happen often.

Post edited on 31st Jul 2013, 3:10pm
>> No. 13065 [Edit]
File 137530823177.jpg - (344.99KB , 730x626 , 1281153768665.jpg )
>even you
Huh...? Well, whatever. Good luck!

The latter is also part of it for me, but I don't need to close my eyes.
>> No. 13066 [Edit]
Don't mind that, I was speaking out of envy. Thank you for the encouragement. I hope everyone else here can manage to find their own ways to become closer to their waifus too, be it through lucid dreaming or another method.
>> No. 13068 [Edit]
File 137531931219.jpg - (215.44KB , 550x885 , f309cee434f00fb79dd29d97cb8fa77b.jpg )
Never had a lucid dream about her, neither a normal dream. But good thing I was given a good imagination, so I can easily visualize her looks in the real world sense and hear her voice. Helps a lot.
>> No. 13073 [Edit]
File 137532290455.jpg - (231.07KB , 1440x900 , miyako44.jpg )
How do you hear her voice? That is considering the fact that all the stuff with her featuring a voice is mostly fan work from what I know.

Well this is awkward. Guess I'm not the only one anymore.
>> No. 13074 [Edit]
The latest dream that I had of her was lucid, but I can only control some aspects like my voice at certain times. I mean, I've gotten used to not seeing her because I can often always see her in my dreams. And it helps that I have a fig of her on my desk.
>> No. 13075 [Edit]
>How do you hear her voice?

Imagination. I dunno how to describe it, but she sounds like a rednecky and tomboyish yet intelligent woman.
>> No. 13130 [Edit]
all in good time... all in good time...

It's what I've convinced myself of, just like someone waiting for their loved one to come home I too wait. I wait and wait and wait for something I can't be sure will ever arrive or ever exist. Who knows what the technologys of tomorrow will bring. For now a dakimakura would suffice.

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