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File 140298119665.gif - (151.78KB , 400x267 , bad92d9fae38ef1cddcc069ed3adfba4.gif )
17722 No. 17722 [Edit]
How would you characterize your internet browsing, /so/? How long do you spend on the internet and/or in the computer and playing games, and how do you normally feel/is when doing it?

I ask this because I feel a horrible problem with an almost impulsive vice to waste my time away on the computer whenever I can. I have long stopped playing games, so I usually just browse internet and *chans. However, I've noticed that, when I start browsing, I look for things that interest me and go check the updates on my daily sites and channels. This normally takes about ten to twenty minutes, depending on how much material has been updated or posted in these sites. From here on out, I almost lose consciousness, browsing mindlessly for literally hours until my bodily necessities or my family interrupt the process. That, or if I'm about to pass out from the fatigue. During this period, I don't derive any kind of joy from anything I see or read, and time normally passes by in skipped sections of about forty minutes to one hour(or whenever I end up turning up to look at the clock).

Does anyone else in here experiences this when using the internet or when engaged with a type of activity in which you think you're addicted to?
>> No. 17727 [Edit]
I have that too, but I don't think I'm addicted. I just have nothing to do and am depressed rather often.
I often try to watch new movies, read manga or play video games so I have a bit of variation.
>> No. 17732 [Edit]
I do feel that any day I'm too busy to get on the computer, is a good day.
>> No. 17753 [Edit]
You just described my internet browsing. It's pretty bad, I wish I could quit the internet entirely but to be honest I wouldn't have anything else to do. I don't watch shows, read books or play video games any more, because I don't have the attention span or motivation. If I quit the internet I probably wouldn't get out of bed.
>> No. 17764 [Edit]
>I don't have the attention span or motivation.
Even with depression, I think it is more proper to say you lost the attention span and motivation.

With books, I really think if you don't have the attention span or motivation, if you picked up a supposed classic from your favorite genre, isolated yourself from the computer, and took a gander, you could get through it just fine. Just make sure it is physical or an ebook: if you attach it to your computer, you will simply browse instead.
>> No. 17765 [Edit]
Of course you're going to get bored if refreshing imageboards is the only thing you do all day.
I've gone almost 2 years like that until the past christmas I bought Xillia for my PS3. I had lots of fun with it and it also made me realize that I didn't have anything to do because I wasn't even trying to find things to do.

So I got back to finding new music, manga and games to kill time with. I know it sounds too obvious but that's really all you have to do.

Try turning off your router if you keep reopening your browser to check for new posts on chans.
>> No. 17766 [Edit]
The trouble is that I need to have the will to quit and some way to force myself. I'm in a one room flat with the computer so I can't really distance myself from it. A while ago my parents went on a holiday and I tagged along, I managed to read Stoner by John Williams while I didn't have a reliable internet connection. Then I came back here and haven't read anything since. It's not as if I don't like reading and other things. The problem is that imageboards, etc. give instant gratification. It's the same problem with drug addiction - people give up on things that bring long term happiness because they have an instant source, then they end up unhappy in the long term.

This is kind of relevant. I first read about it in the context of procrastination, but I think it applies here too:
>> No. 17767 [Edit]
If it wasn't browsing the internet what would it be? Playing games? Reading? Watching TV? Whats the difference?

If I could just figure out WHAT to do besides browse chans and all the other worthless shit I do I'd do it. Ive been at this point for a while now and I don't know where to go.

I mean I work and shit but that is still no excuse for wasting what time i do have.
>> No. 17770 [Edit]
>The trouble is that I need to have the will to quit and some way to force myself.
As the poster above you said, try turning off your router.
>> No. 17791 [Edit]
>I mean I work and shit but that is still no excuse for wasting what time i do have.
Well to be fair you would get paid for wasting your time, just in a manner which would be extremely tedious.

I am pretty sure that is how workaholics function: their lives are empty, so they fill it with work of all kinds as a kind of justifiable escapism.
>> No. 17830 [Edit]
Get a hobby, honestly, spend your free time learning it and mastering it. It's a good way to spend your time and people will have a talking point with you.
>> No. 17832 [Edit]
I second this, I started "Yoyoing" a few days ago and it is a LOT of fun. I'd never show it to anyone because I'm afraid they would think I just want to brag but it is just a fun thing to do.
It is something else, different from video games and manga, I grab my Yoyo and do learn some new tricks to escape from my escapism.
>> No. 17834 [Edit]
>escape from my escapism
That's funny.
>> No. 17837 [Edit]
Yet so true.
>> No. 17861 [Edit]
Humans are not designed to do the same exact thing day in and day out, especially if it does not satisfy all of your biological desires.

I think this is why Otaku culture is so vibrant. When you put people into rigid lives, with rigid customs, schedules, and challenges, and be extremely sensitive to any failure in these commandments, it is no wonder that people basically superglue a facade to get through the day, and then put their real effort into the counterculture, which will be kind enough to judge your work on its quality, and not on its integration into the norms.

Personally, I kind of flip-flop. I work to the point of uselessness and bundle up my stress, and then release it in one long burst of unrestrained degeneracy. If I only had the former, I would absolutely crack like an egg.
>> No. 17862 [Edit]
Is that why Japanese have so many strange and (normally considered) appalling fetishes too?

10 hour workdays because overtime, maybe even some more overtime watch anime for an hour and fap to degenerate doujins in the commercial breaks good life huh
>> No. 17863 [Edit]
>Is that why Japanese have so many strange and (normally considered) appalling fetishes too?
As someone who has many of those fetishes, I think a lot its part of what you said, but also East Asian culture places great emphasis on human idealization.

People are plenty fine going above and beyond reality, at not considering the humanity of what they are fantasizing, as their society compartmentalizes every pleasure and desire and peddles it without remorse. The way I see it, it is more efficient, and you get the best of every one thing, but its much harder to find something which is great and wholesome. From idols, to doujin, to the worker's standards, to the various niche subcultures that seem to spring out of the ether, I think it is just an East Asian thing.

This reminds me, I am looking forward to a new erotic VN by May-Be Soft, in which you can possess girls or partially control them in a comedic fashion. This is pretty much the idealization of my sexual desires, and I crave it to the point where I would buy it if it was not a hassle. This game is the first that the company has released in 3 years, has all the bells and whistles (good graphics, music by IOSYS, etc.) , and it follows a relatively similar theme of their previous games. Its going to be mediocre in every other aspect, but that is unimportant. This small company, by appealing to a small niche (I assume so) and making a quality product every few years, supports itself. Even online, can you imagine many Western companies even trying to pull this off as a full time business model, yet alone succeeding with it?
>> No. 17872 [Edit]
I read some books,
do some bad drawings and spend the rest of the time on internet reading jojos bizarre adventure or being banned from forums.
I hate video games and I recently started understanding the hate people have for touhou.
I also started disliking japanese things except for jojos bizarre adventure.
>> No. 17881 [Edit]
You mean Touhou fans, right? What's the deal in hating the games?
>> No. 17943 [Edit]
Some people can hate a fanbase so much that they can't even look at the characters of the series without angering, it happens a lot on that one imageboard.
>> No. 17946 [Edit]
That's dumb. And it's stupid. And dumb. I might be guilty of this as well.
>> No. 17952 [Edit]
I watched a documentary yesterday about some "hackers" (crackers) in the late 80s. It made me think about how much time I have wasted on the internet without learning anything. I don't have any real hobbies, I pretty much do nothing at all. Living like this is pointless. It's not like there is a prize for making it to tomorrow, or your next birthday.
Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I was born in the 50s or 60s, so I could grow up before computers became common. Would I have distracted myself with something else or would I have had a life I found meaningful? Probably the former. I look at my parents and I don't think they find their lives meaningful.
I remember when I was a kid looking at people and thinking I didn't want my life to be like theirs. I would kill myself if I ended up like them. But that was the only motivation I ever had, I only knew what I didn't want. Now my life is worse than any of those.

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