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File 133535953369.jpg - (25.21KB , 350x197 , 1333959617221.jpg )
9779 No. 9779 [Edit]
Hey try this quiz guys, I'm interested in what you guys will get: (use the automated scoring version of the quiz thats linked at the top of the page or else you'll have to manually tally your marks).

I got 123.

Post edited on 4th May 2012, 12:25am
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>> No. 9780 [Edit]
123 too
Great, now I have another "internet mental disorder" to add to my list.
>> No. 9783 [Edit]
I got 101
>> No. 9784 [Edit]
I don't like these kind of tests, they have questions like 'your friends often tell you this...' or 'when you're with your friends...' etc. Basically anything where neither agreeing or disagreeing is appropriate since, in this case I don't have friends or in other cases I haven't experienced the situation they're describing so how should I know? Now, I know this is far from an in depth or a truly scientific study, but if their target audience is people with mental disorders shouldn't their questions be geared more towards those type of people? Just my opinion.
>> No. 9785 [Edit]
Yes, I did notice it was fairly inappropriate for those of us that don't really do the whole human contact thing.
>> No. 9791 [Edit]


Please read the questionnaire properly:

>Forcing a respondent to give an answer to each question may cause frustration because it is quite possible that a particular question just doesn't apply, thus disrupting the flow of the process. For this reason, unanswered questions are defaulted as "undecided" and given a medium score of 3.

I always answer those questions based on my previous relationships. I can easily imagine someone who never really had any friends, though. Then it gets problematic. Not that I was close with anybody but I heard some people voice some opinions about me so I just make do with that.

>I don't dream frequently, and when I do the dreams usually seem rather boring.

This is actually bullshit by the way. Everybody has several dreams every night. You just don't remember them when you wake up. Not having any dreams would be a sign of serious brain damage.
>> No. 9792 [Edit]
142, to me this seems more of a thing of "can you understand emotions" than anything else, which from the light reading I did of this seems to be what this disorder is.

I feel like I'm grounded in logic and most other people are grounded in emotions and whims which just doesn't make any sense to me at all.
>> No. 9793 [Edit]
Well I didn't actually click the link for this one, I was more generalising than anything. But even if it does go down as an undecided, it wouldn't be accurate would it? For example if you made two identical autistic people take the same test for autism, one who had social contact and one without. The one who did have friends would answer on one extreme of the scale, pushing their score up and the other person would just be midway and technically lowering their score or lowering the upper limit their score could reach. Then again, I have no idea how these work and couldn't really care for them either and like I said, I know these aren't exactly intended to give conclusive results.
>> No. 9797 [Edit]

>I know these aren't exactly intended to give conclusive results.

Got the most important part right in the end.

And yeah, obviously you're right but at the same time somebody not having any friends at all is a hint in it's own right.

I remember filling out a questionnaire of this sort (stongly agree-strongly disagree) back in the day and my psychologist really disencouraged me from filling in 3s because there's no point if you do it all the time. It just so happens that I'm an apathetic guy who doesn't feel strongly about lots of stuff so 3s sit just right with me (I used 3 as half-half rather than 'does not aply' or 'undecided).

Also, the notion that you can 'strongly agree' or 'strongly disagree' with something is retarded to me. I strongly disagree with it.
Seriously, you either agree or you don't. It's like whiter than white. Fucking stupid.
>> No. 9799 [Edit]
139. Son of a bitch. I bet my lack of imagination made the score higher.
>> No. 9801 [Edit]
Common people's emotions are fairly easy to read, satisfy and manipulate; that is, precisely, what makes them/us so lame and worthless; that's what makes raw emotions and vulgar human relationships despicable...

My guess is I could have scored even lower, if the test hadn't took my hatred of sex for an indicator of emotional incompetence, and not for an ideological choice. So, psychology still sucks.
>> No. 9804 [Edit]
>I often get confused about what the other person wants from a sexual relationship.

Like I have sex... this quiz is not for me.
>> No. 9814 [Edit]

People usually complain about me being too emotional or sensitive. This particular disorder seems more pertinent to people with the opposite problem.

I don't have sex nor very many friends at all, so for those questions I answered based on how I think I'd feel in those situations.
>> No. 9820 [Edit]

I don't feel there's anything to justify. I'm socially robust and overly empathetic, I'm also introverted and picky about my relations.
>> No. 9821 [Edit]
I know I am fucked, but I don't know about this one.

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me, yet I have always had an extreme lack of empathy towards others. With fictitious characters, on the other hand, I do. A real life tragedy, and my reaction is "that sucks."
Something like a Key tragedy and I not only cry like a bitch, but feel ill for days.
>> No. 9822 [Edit]
>yet I have always had an extreme lack of empathy towards others.
Narcissism? Or are you another one of the self-hating NEETs?
>> No. 9823 [Edit]
Ha, the only one I hate is me, so narcissism, no.

I just don't understand people. I was rather normal up till age 12 or so then just peaked at that level of development or something. I have spent the rest of my life baffled by society. Anxiety has prevented me form trying to interact too much with others. I can now small talk, but that is my limit. Friends? WTF are those?

Short answer is I am self hating. My awful retail job negates the NEET classification though.
>> No. 9825 [Edit]
It's a good number.
>> No. 9845 [Edit]
83. Pretty much what I expected.
>> No. 9852 [Edit]
> Result: 119

Darn! I think I'm fairly aware of my own emotions and those of others, but it's my opinion that relying on your reasoning and logic tends to work out better than relying on how you feel, and problems are just made worse when you only mind emotions. Sometimes I'm depressed or jealous or happy or bored, but I usually know what causes the feeling; but if I don't like the feeling, I try to not think about it. If I'm jealous of someone or mad at someone for a stupid reason, only bad things will happen if I let my delusions influence my actions. On the other hand, if I'm especially happy or satisfied, I end up making bad choices, too. If I get lost in my emotions, I'll end up feeling worse. I'm mindful of them, but I don't focus on them. I feel that this is more a personal decision, a way of living, that is, than it is a sign of mental illness or whatever. I can't be the only one that lives this way... And thinking about sex makes me nervous because I'm not comfortable with my body.
>> No. 9855 [Edit]
I did it quick like it asked, but it did not tally the points for me. As far as I could tell, the button there did nothing and I just gave up. Don't care enough.
>> No. 9862 [Edit]
Same here. Button just didn't work.
>> No. 9863 [Edit]
Click the link at the top of the page, silly! See where it says:

> For an automated scoring version of the below
> questionnaire please click here:
> (English version): Online Alexithymia Questionnaire G2.htm

Well, click that!
>> No. 9865 [Edit]
I made the same mistake. Thats why I wrote that you should use the automated version in the OP.
>> No. 9866 [Edit]
Maybe you should change the OP to include the fact that it won't do that stuff automatically unless you click on one of the links at the top for the automated thing, instead of getting a button that doesn't work.

I also did it by accident
>> No. 9872 [Edit]

So did I but let's be honest, since the order of questions isn't randomized it takes like literally two minutes to fill it again.
>> No. 9991 [Edit]
I hate these things, but I do every one that I'm linked too anyway...

>> No. 9992 [Edit]
That's two minutes more than I want to spend with this test.
>> No. 9993 [Edit]
File 133613007833.png - (135.40KB , 391x388 , frog.png )

Sometimes I feel like the only one among these types of communities who can determine and differentiate between different emotions (self and others) with ease as well as interpret social situations to the same degree.

I feel like all of my personal qualities were mixed and matched by a higher power so they could sit there and laugh at my life. Socially/emotionally empathetic yet utterly socially incompetent, intelligent with the concentration span of a rodent, a love of varied theoretical and practical fields yet total motivational adhedonia etc.

Perhaps I should just kill myself, but I'm sure my attempts would be met by comical mishaps that would make my life even worse.
>> No. 9995 [Edit]
I got 123. I didn't really know the answer for most of the questions. I just kind of guessed.
>> No. 9997 [Edit]
Seems kind of right I guess.
>> No. 10008 [Edit]


>> No. 10010 [Edit]
All tests like this don't work because people will answer depending what kind result they want.

I got 119
>> No. 10062 [Edit]
File 133652786213.gif - (15.31KB , 100x100 , 1336370832065.gif )
Came back to do it again, got a 148.
I'm not unemotional and I didn't answer it that way so I don't know. Expected a much lower score.

NekoArc is kawaii as hell so posting.
>> No. 10216 [Edit]
I have no problem understanding people's emotions. It's just empathizing with them I have a problem with, and the fact that I don't have the right emotions myself.

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