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File 140505565888.jpg - (147.26KB , 1280x720 , kiritsugu01.jpg )
17999 No. 17999 [Edit]
Do you ever think school and classes have contributed to your depression in ways other than merely stressing you out? For example, things I've learned in history have probably made me feel really depressed about human nature and the human condition... In 11th grade I actually bothered with reading English books as well. Basically we had U.S. History where there was a whole bunch of stuff about racism and discrimination and poverty and such along with reading The Grapes of Wrath. World History was pretty bad too and government is about a bunch of government corruption.

I can't really feel like education would make me a better person because of that. I think most people would probably say "who cares, I'm here to get the damn degree and avoid all those things", or maybe there are those who'd go out and join a student protest standing in crowds holding signs and maybe yelling, but how does that help? A lot of times I feel like classes say "humanity sucks, the world sucks, now stay in class and take notes and prepare for the test". And on top of that students will have the nerve to complain about their petty problems forgetting all of the trouble in the world that they just learned minutes ago. Why try and save the world when you can just gossip and laugh?? And on top of that you're looked down upon and mocked for being the quiet depressed kid.

I suppose that might be reasonable even if it's not ethical -- in any case, moral outrage isn't likely to accomplish anything either... What seems to be left is people circlejerking saying something along the lines of "Yes, we educated elites will provide an organized and proper solution to your problems" full with the plastic smile and "I'm so awesome and better than everyone else" feeling when they don't actually try to sympathize and understand those they claim to help because well, why bother?

If you guys ever feel this way when does it happen? If you guys have actually stopped feeling this way at some point when was it? I think I'm feeling that sort of despair less by now but it's still pretty bad and it may come back in the future.
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>> No. 18000 [Edit]
File 140506508329.png - (363.89KB , 980x315 , empathy is a useless burden.png )
Yeah I pretty much agree.
If you want to not be miserable all the time you pretty much have to disregard everyone else.
>> No. 18248 [Edit]
>Do you ever think school and classes have contributed to your depression in ways other than merely stressing you out?

Absolutely. Apart from petty hazardous situations, I became so detached from people and normal goals mostly as a result of the "revelations" of my education on philosophy (maths and art alone, remarkably, did nothing like that to me). However, I wouldn't want to go back, by no means; as a product of the same education I no longer have any pretension of possessing some actual truth, but at least my current awareness of all that I miss is something I treasure. I now know some of my limits, acquired standards and so can lead my weird path, so to say, lucid dreaming. I assumed myself as a product of western thinking and, all in all, even as his bastard son, I'm proud of it.

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