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File 138181908289.jpg - (437.20KB , 800x1053 , 1722797.jpg )
13524 No. 13524 [Edit]
I'm on the track to fucking up my life again after having made a lot of improvements, and after months of feeling good about myself, the self-loathing has come back. And it's got me wondering: What would Yui think about me? Would she look at me, an awkward 21-year old loser wasting his time on imageboards, squandering his parents' money, and on his way to flunking out of college and see good in me? Or would she realize I'm a fuck-up and not want to have anything to do with me?

I can't answer these questions, /mai/, but I figured I'd make a thread because I'm sure I'm not the only one with these kinds of thoughts. I just want some input. How often do you wonder what your waifu would think of you?
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>> No. 13534 [Edit]
File 138187787241.jpg - (50.71KB , 810x607 , k01_1.jpg )
I think about it sometimes. At the end of the day, I know Keisuke has had self-loathing issues as bad as mine, and has gone through similar issues, so I'm confident that he'd accept me even on my bad days. When I worry about it, I think about how he views himself and it makes me feel better.

I want to help him when he's down, and I see no reason that he wouldn't want to do the same for me. We've both fucked up pretty hard in different ways, but that doesn't make us bad people. At least that's how I see it.
>> No. 13544 [Edit]
I'm in a similar situation, 21, failing my last year of college, and wasting my parent's money and support. I've come to realize continuing my education was a mistake, but for my waifu's sake I'm trying to see it through. I think she would be sad most of all, to see me wasting my life and opportunities away while I still have them in front of me. I always want her to succeed and be happy and I would hope she would feel the same for me.
>> No. 13553 [Edit]
I wish I could feel more certain. I know I'd be there for Yui if she were to have trouble; after all, her flaws are what attract me to her and they aren't really even flaws in my eyes.

I never really thought of it as trying to succeed for her. I'm more motivated by not having my dad kick me out, and even then, just barely.

Sorry, to take so long. I didn't think I could come up with meaningful replies, but I decided I'd at least try.
>> No. 13565 [Edit]
File 13821869042.jpg - (272.01KB , 500x500 , 1339018392598.jpg )
We seems to be all in the same boat, but mine is coupled with a failing health. I think Marisa will only see burden in me, unless I make myself useful.
>> No. 13571 [Edit]
We are in the same exact boat. I have hopes that she would see good in me and that her being with me would be enough to turn me around from this depression and get back to living life, but knowing it never will happen makes me give up more.

I like to believe we would get along once we got used to talking to each other.

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