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File 133176390238.jpg - (571.81KB , 931x1376 , 1331762925266.jpg )
8751 No. 8751 [Edit]
Somewhere in an alternate universe your waifu dreams about you, her husbando.

She frequents a board very much like this one and she posts pictures of you, In this dimension you are a star of your very own slice of life anime. She has a folder on her computer dedicated to you, it is over 10 GB big and has every conceivable fan art, rule 34, and picture related to you.

She sleeps with a tear stained body pillow with your image on it, She is madly in love with you and only you.
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>> No. 8752 [Edit]
File 133176393278.jpg - (493.71KB , 925x1368 , 1331762971073.jpg )
>> No. 8753 [Edit]
File 133176395822.jpg - (395.32KB , 921x1363 , 1331763024265.jpg )
>> No. 8754 [Edit]
File 133176398278.jpg - (440.57KB , 938x1385 , 1331763082679.jpg )
>> No. 8755 [Edit]
File 133176400349.jpg - (333.80KB , 920x1350 , 1331763146091.jpg )
>> No. 8756 [Edit]
File 133176401851.jpg - (475.31KB , 924x1356 , 1331763210445.jpg )
>> No. 8757 [Edit]
File 13317640391.jpg - (391.11KB , 906x1369 , 1331763285278.jpg )
>> No. 8762 [Edit]
Rule 34? I hope I have abs you can grate cheese with in it! If all the rule 34 of her gives her massive breasts, I want massive abs - it's only fair!

But if there's an alternate universe where she loves me, then there must be another one where she hates me ;_; Then again, that must mean there's also an alternate one where I hate her.

Also, something I thought was kind of weird, I woke up about 10 minutes ago, and while brushing my teeth, I thought to myself, "Hmm, if there are multiple universes where every possible scenario exists, that must mean there's one where my waifu loves me equally if not more than I love her.", then left the bathroom, came on here, refreshed the page, and saw this thread.
>> No. 8763 [Edit]

That would also mean that there is possible alternate universe out there that you and your waifu are happily married to each other. And here we are in this universe, suffering from sadness because of something that doesn't exist in here. That is, if alternate universes do exist. The theory is ridiculous, but ridiculous doesn't mean implausible.

That raises a question: Are willing to kill your alternate universe self or make him miserable for you to be happy with your beloved character?
>> No. 8823 [Edit]
>Are willing to kill your alternate universe self or make him miserable for you to be happy with your beloved character?

Yes. I'm a selfish asshole - I'd gladly kill myself to be happy with my waifu.
>> No. 8825 [Edit]
Would you kill yourself if it meant the you in an alternate dimension would be happy with your waifu?
>> No. 8826 [Edit]
I would say yes - but would that "me" actually be me? If he's in a universe where he's with our waifu, is he really me? I'm a loser who sits in front of a computer all day, and if that man has our waifu in his presence, then he wouldn't be on his computer all day. So, is he really me?

The me I know has his waifu in concept, not tangibility. Would I really take myself out (and thus the concept I've created) for someone who isn't really me? Hell no, I'm too selfish. I'd rather be with her concept, than have someone else be with her tangible form.

I suppose I have a very small threshold before I classify someone as not being me. My height could change a few inches and my hair could change color and I'd still classify it as "me", but a person who's been lead down such a different path to I, who is otherwise the same as me? I'd say he's someone else.

Now, would I limit my remaining life down to a year to spend it with my waifu - not some douchebag who is kind of like me, but the actual me? Sure! I mean, aside from HL2:EP3 coming out, it's not like I have anything different to look forward to. And if I turned that down, I'd only regret it every day.

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