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File 136117479585.png - (30.80KB , 440x463 , 31894238.png )
7968 No. 7968 [Edit]
Can we have a thread about awesome bizarre games? They don't need to be obscure or anything, but that does add to the feeling of weirdness and mystery.
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>> No. 7980 [Edit]
>> No. 8009 [Edit]
File 136145383387.png - (133.40KB , 256x256 , LSD_Coverart.png )
>> No. 8021 [Edit]
it is a freeware game
>> No. 8025 [Edit]
File 136168994847.jpg - (147.70KB , 478x790 , tombstreasures.jpg )

I really wish they made a sequel to this. It wouldn't have the feel of being a PS1 game obviously (I think alot of the charm comes from the fact that it IS a PS1/PSP game), but with the next generation of consoles being ready, and the sheer weirdness of this game... I think it would be a hit. Really, where can I find a non-PC game that is intended to be as trippy and mysterious as LSD? And coupled with the fact that it's kind of hard to play the game now... We as players will never fully understand the game, it's limits, secrets, and all that other good stuff. Shit, I can just imagine a giant semi-randomized world thrice the size of the PS1 game, with even MORE content strewn about relating to various dreams and their meanings. I've literally clocked 600+ hours into this game and filled every single point in the pixelated face in every night. Every night is a different experience and I'm honestly in love with LSD.

But back on topic...
I think Tombs and Treasures on the NES was an awesome/bizarre game. Iirc, it involved searching ancient ruins, fighting strange monsters, and solving mysteries. It had an "escape the room" feel to it and as a kid, the gruesome endings left a strong impression on me.
>> No. 8026 [Edit]
There really isn't a game that can compare to LSD with that feeling of mystery. Though I can't say I put that much time into it, got to around 100 days or so and felt like I'd seen it all.

Also, Middens is great, and I never hear it talked about. Space Funeral too, but I do hear that talked about a bit.
>> No. 8027 [Edit]
File 136169209938.jpg - (2.36KB , 120x120 , litswd.jpg )
Oh, I should also mention that by far my favorite part of LSD is the soundtrack, and if you like it you should check out the album Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites by Osamu Sato. It's a bunch of LSD related music, by the game's composer.
>> No. 8028 [Edit]
I saw about an hour of gameplay from that new 'Antichamber' game and it looks pretty odd and non-linear and dreamy and stuff. It was made by one guy, I guess.
>> No. 8031 [Edit]

Oh god, thank you for this. Now all I need to do is pair this with footsteps, and I'll feel like I'm playing LSD.


I've played that. While it does have the same feel as LSD, it's not as open. Maybe I'm not playing it enough, but walking around halls is limiting.
>> No. 8038 [Edit]
I was going to pirate that before I bought it but I heard one of the pirated versions had a screamer in it.

How is the game? Worth the money? Is it more exploration or puzzles? I'm bad with puzzles and I heard something about math and physics, both of which make me feel like puking.
>> No. 8040 [Edit]
The 'puzzles' don't really seem like puzzles, since they're not math or logic-based. It just forces you to kind of expect the unexpected in order to advance. I've only seen an hour of gameplay on youtube, so I don't actually own it. It will probably go on sale in spring, though, if Steam has another one of those sales. I'd feel a little better buying it knowing that it's just made by one independent guy.
>> No. 8041 [Edit]
I started playing that LSD game once, but it seemed kind of dull. Stuff rarely seemed to happen. I would walk around for a little in a low detail environment, and then it was the next day. Repeat. Was I doing it wrong?
>> No. 8042 [Edit]
There are a variety of situations that occur when you go to different places, do different things etc. Generally the rarer ones like i think it was aeroplane or space shuttle take off are considered to be when you can stop playing.
>> No. 8043 [Edit]
I've beaten Antichamber and it's a pretty hard game to explain. If you like weird puzzle games I'd recommend it
>> No. 8044 [Edit]
More stuff happens and the world changes in strange ways.
If you wanna speed things along, jump into holes every chance you get.
>> No. 8045 [Edit]
Thanks, that sounds fun enough. I'll wait for a sale.

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