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20995 No. 20995 [Edit]
No matter what I try nothing is enjoyable. I keep trying to do new things too so maybe they will be fun. Different video games, creative hobbies, athletic hobbies, studying, research, drugs, exploring, socializing. Nothing makes me feel good. I'm just like dead inside. Should I just end it?
>> No. 20997 [Edit]
I don't think not feeling good is enough to end yourself. At least be very suicidal for long.
>> No. 20998 [Edit]

suicide has more to do with legitimate self loathing than boredom. in your case i suggest trying some drugs, there is bound to be several you like.
>> No. 20999 [Edit]
Just keep doing nothing, welcome to the club.
>> No. 21040 [Edit]
I'm just like that to a lesser extent, most days are between good and bad, some are wonderful days where I'll sink in all my time into playing one specific game until I finish it. But then there are moments like right now where nothing is enjoyable at all, it's like all the fun I had before doesn't even matter.

It doesn't help that I lose motivation very quickly when I try new things, be it reading a book, learning a new language or learning how to draw. I think the main problem with this is that I go way too ambitious when it comes to daily goals for the most part, I set unrealistic goals that almost only work with video games, such as not stopping until I need to eat or sleep, then going right back to the task at hand. Even now I lost interest to finish this post, realistically, I should be setting reasonable goals and realize spending 1 hour or even 30 minutes on practicing drawing is much better than trying to draw 5 hours a day, getting burned out very quickly and never coming back to it again.
>> No. 21043 [Edit]
I think I've found a good balance. After I get bored or disinterested of everything, I just daydream, nonstop. I make a complete paracosm full of intricate details and stuff. After a while I get less and less disinterested in stuff and start doing things again. I might even try to recreate my worlds in writing, drawing, 3D modeling, video games, anything I can really.
>> No. 21046 [Edit]
When that happened to me, I had to learn how to enjoy things again. This is probably going to sound stupid, but I had to actively figure out how things could be entertaining again. If I waited to be entertained, or for something to just grab me, all magical like it did back in the day, then nothing would stimulate me. No matter how new the experience was, it was hollow. If I stopped everything, put full attention on just one thing and actively searched for what was entertaining or how something could be entertaining or what good values it had, I had a slight chance of being able to feel a little stimulated from it. After doing it enough times I managed to rekindle my zest for a couple things. Everything else is still a trial though. For example, I can watch and enjoy anime again, but I still struggle with how to enjoy video games again.

Maybe if instead you focused on the quality of your experiences instead of trying out a bunch of random shit, it might help? It also might not, but I don't know what else to tell you.
>> No. 21052 [Edit]
Something similar to your affliction haunts me most of the time as well, though I manage to rein in on it through drunkenness, which makes most everything tolerable.
However, for me, it is not that everything bores me - on the contrary, I was, and repeatedly become again, spirited about all things I tried to pass the time with at some point. What erodes the very core of my soul is that everything, after the initial excitement subsides, appears as it is; a diversion that keeps me from doing what my love for life compels me to. Everything is escapism, even (or maybe especially so) work in an imperfect society seemingly hell-bent on (self) destruction that needs not to be abolished but given a complete overhaul. My discontent with the world and my desire to make it right keep me from escaping it.
What is it that keeps you from enjoying things? Do you have an idea?
>> No. 21054 [Edit]
What would you change about society? Genuinely curious.
>> No. 21086 [Edit]
Daily life is so very "meh", with enjoyable things few and far between.

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