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File 138696234664.jpg - (306.06KB , 644x896 , 16fd5040605571091e5403d72aaf0c9a.jpg )
13814 No. 13814 [Edit]
Ages thread, I didn't see one already, basically post your age and age of your waifu...

I am 18 and Homura is 13-14, but actually 22 if you count the amount of time loops she's been in (it was said to be approaching 100 in a Q and A session)

Reason for posting this I guess besides the fact that I felt bad about being who I was *lolipedo* is that I really don't want to go into middle or old age with a loli waifu (or go into those in general). All I can do about that is hope that technology will save the day though...
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>> No. 13815 [Edit]
I don't think you need to worry about exquisite interests if Homura is as low as you'll go. And even if you were to have an appreciation for the sub-decimal, it seems you've no trouble satiating your lust with your waifu, so there's no risk of straying. No harm, no foul.
>> No. 13816 [Edit]
File 138697614040.jpg - (80.79KB , 471x650 , 5c126fe8d0131f28c1ce9648064dda88b01e6e3c.jpg )
I'm 24, and Kagura is 15-17, in the span of the manga/anime she's in. Though going by her age at the time the series is set, she'd be 28-29 by now.

She'll always be a teen in my mind though.
>> No. 13817 [Edit]
File 13869798317.jpg - (336.60KB , 700x700 , 3ea29614e0cc9b82980fcc4b949c9bbb.jpg )
I'm 21 years old. Now here comes the hard part: I dunno how old is my waifu, because ZUN didn't reveal the exact count, only saying that she's mid-teens. Goddamn it.

I wanna grow old with my waifu. As in old as hell on a log cabin.
>> No. 13819 [Edit]
File 138698266821.jpg - (50.90KB , 560x574 , stuck with you.jpg )
Actually, there was a thread like this ages ago, made by Tohno... anyway:

Thanks to Hideaki Anno's little antics and unclear methods, we're now both 29 but she still looks 14 and indefinitely will. It's perfect.
>> No. 13820 [Edit]
File 138698892579.jpg - (517.61KB , 793x1122 , 79bb8597ac397741fd2cfaf4462d6062.jpg )

lmao you actually count your waifu's age by the age of the character in the work plus the number of years the work has existed?? So take for example Haruhi Suzumiya she would be 25-27 by now (appeared in 2003) and not 16-17 as she is in the latest light novel??
>> No. 13822 [Edit]
File 138699030172.jpg - (518.44KB , 833x1000 , 37892843.jpg )
I'm 30. Reki's age is somewhat unclear; going by Haibane's chronology, she arrived as a pre-adolescent and 7 years passed, so I figure that puts her somewhere in her late teens during the events of the series. It gets more nebulous considering that she was "reborn" into the world of Haibane, and eventually moves on. I can't even begin to relate this to a temporal sense without feeling silly, so she's just kind of ageless to me, which actually meshes pretty well with both her personality and her place in my life.
>> No. 13823 [Edit]
No. You obviously know nothing about Eva 3.0 and that answer was rude, in any case (there are brohnos who do count their waifu's age in real time and it's no laughing matter for them).

EDIT: oh! I actually added one year (28+1)... must be because of that birthday drawing following last year's joy of being the same age. I'll wait for 4.0 to decide my position on this matter.

Post edited on 13th Dec 2013, 9:41pm
>> No. 13825 [Edit]

Was also replying to Anon3 who seemed like that's what he did...
>> No. 13828 [Edit]
File 138699523770.png - (360.91KB , 480x640 , 1324521637919838.png )
I'm 23. Keisuke's age was never explicitly given, although implied to be in his late teens/early 20s twenty years after 20XX.

I've been using what canon gives me to extrapolate a birthdate, based on his personality, hints in the text, and astrology. (Yeah, I know, but it has good character building use.) From what I can tell, the earliest he would have been born was 2005, and the latest would be 2095. Based on how similar his canon is to our present day (just grittier), I'd say it's probably on the lower end. I need to do more research but I'm guessing if we were in the same world, he would have been born a few years ago or a few in the future, at most ten.

Tl;dr Depending on who you ask and what criteria you are basing age off of: nearly nine (source material's age), not born yet, 18-23, or 27-32. I personally see him as being 20 or 21 in the source material, and that's the age I picture him at. We haven't been together long enough for this to impact anything, but I think I will likely imagine him growing older as I do. I do sometimes think about the fact that he's likely not born yet, though, and it makes me feel a little weird.

Yes, there's a fair amount of us who do that. Not everybody does but there's nothing wrong with it.
>> No. 13837 [Edit]
File 138704963549.jpg - (21.97KB , 274x198 , Kanako (55).jpg )
Like I said in a previous thread, I was 17 when I found her and she was 17 when she was introduce in the source material. Therefore I just pretend we are the same age. Its cuter that way.

I think she first came out in 2002 though, so she would be 28 now. Its a bit sad if I think about it that way. Makes me realise just how old her series is.
>> No. 13846 [Edit]

Does that make you 28 now? I really wanna find some 40+ year old 15+ years waifu veteran here lol.
>> No. 13866 [Edit]
File 138730747127.jpg - (104.27KB , 600x875 , 916690d6c610edd22fe7bc1ce159e991_small.jpg )
I stopped caring about the numbers and the whole age question for some time ago. Counting the years when I was not in love with her is useless and I rather count the time I have been in love with her, because I feel that is the time I have been truly alive.

What if Anno trolls you and makes her grow up in 4.0?
>> No. 13867 [Edit]
File 138730960349.jpg - (858.55KB , 991x1400 , 6ba73bb788642b5e499564efe543eab9.jpg )


Although Akuma Homura from Rebellion was a bigger version...

Post edited on 17th Dec 2013, 11:48am
>> No. 13894 [Edit]
File 138746094530.jpg - (632.57KB , 3200x1200 , continuation of the dream.jpg )
In my opinion age doesn't matter. I stopped caring about or noticing my own age long ago.

As for Arturia, she stopped physically aging at 16 and was likely in her 40s-50s during Camlann. After all, she had a fully grown son whom she fought there. But I consider her outside of time. Her legend has been known to humanity for around a thousand years, and will probably be known for many more. How can age even compare to that kind of scale? I see her as the perfect ideal, the eternal knight who will always be young but wise. Whatever age she may have been holds no influence over that at all.
>> No. 13913 [Edit]
>What if Anno trolls you and makes her grow up in 4.0?
I don't know, we'll see. EVA women age beautifully and worst case scenario (Rebuild being a total shit) I can always return to Soryu-only.

Lucifer is best Homura (yet) and I liked her from the beginning.
>> No. 13916 [Edit]
File 138759256688.jpg - (648.35KB , 850x1202 , sample_6e38b847229441df3fbfda5c67432eda.jpg )

Yeah I love her more because of movie I like a good deal of psychologically complex things, modern/abstract art ftw over generic KyoAni moeblob crying face

Also if you must know I have not watched Eva, sorry if you treat it as holy necessary dogma masterpiece or something -- I have a pretty subjectivist view of art and reality myself.
>> No. 14372 [Edit]
I'm 24 and my waifu looks like she's around 16 or 17, even though her age is unknown.
>> No. 14374 [Edit]
I'm about 26 years old and while Lizlet L. Chelsie looks like about about 16-18 years old, the Omamori Himari canon mentions that she is a "spirit of a teacup" (or in Japanese, a Tsukumogami which in modern view, are tools that survived for 100 years), her true age is likely 100+ years
>> No. 14375 [Edit]
I'm confused how it should work, my waifu is in middle school in her manga, which came out in 2009, making her like 12-15 during her manga? but also, she represents an actual object that exists in our world that was created in 1994-1995. So in short its really unclear. like some people, i believe that her age advances over time, instead of staying static as her canon age.
>> No. 14419 [Edit]
My 'system' is that I start adding years to a character's last age when the media in question is finished to my satisfaction.

In a long running series, you're introduced to girl. You become attatched to girl during the run of the series. She may grow older during the series, and you may find out during or after the series that you're in love. When the series is finished to your satisfaction, you take the last known age and add years in real-time. That way there's room for girl to grow older with you per your imagination. If there's a remake of that show, or you later read the manga it was based on, I would disregard them in terms of age count. The media in which you first fell in love should be the determing set-point for counting age, in my opinion, as she from that given point was manifested in your mind as something more than a character, and from there lives a life beyond artists and media production.

In my case she was 2 years my minor when I first discovered her in the given media, at some point she was my exact age, and by the end she was 3 years my senior. Some time periods are of course more significant than others, so in my head we're about the same age. I don't care about specifics in the law, that makes no sense in fantasy. Just use common sense and judge for yourself where you draw the line and what concepts of thought suit you in aging.

Don't know why I'm replying to this thread though; this OP is obnoxious. As for feeling like a 'lolipedo' for liking a 2D character 4 years (physically) your minor: very cute.
>> No. 14896 [Edit]
Apologies for any obnoxiousness, I just wanted somewhere to post my thoughts. Since then I've posted less and gone Anon.

I don't know, I guess I just absorb too much stupid shit from my culture that really turns a hateful eye on male-on-female "statuatory rape"...
>> No. 14928 [Edit]
No problem. I can usually still tell when you're posting, and I've noticed you have a good mind when you want to show it. In that sense I've long settled that I judged you too harshly, you just needed some time to shake a few bad habits, and good on you for that.
>> No. 15171 [Edit]
File 13987684522.png - (694.65KB , 700x1400 , tumblr_static_mami2.png )
I'm 17 and Mami should be somewhere around 14-15. It's kind of nice not having a big age difference between us.
>> No. 15172 [Edit]
File 139877196117.jpg - (714.95KB , 900x1221 , Saber Lily 6.jpg )
I'm 25 years old and Saber Lily looks like 17-18 years old but concerning who she really is, well she may be "older" than me.
>> No. 15178 [Edit]
File 139879692687.jpg - (791.68KB , 1280x1792 , 42786541.jpg )
I did some research on this.
She's canonically 25 in the context of Fate:
She was born 4(8-9)X CE.
Pulls Caliburn from the anvil at St. Powlis Jan 1st. 5XX CE at 15 years of age and stops physically aging (Malory Bk. I, Ch V).
Receives Excalibur from Lady Lile of Avalon, becomes immortal, scabbard later stolen 5XX CE.
Mortally wounded 5XX CE (537 CE Annales Cambriae) by her son at Camlann, dies / summoned from Avalon.

According to Nasu she ruled for ten years after becoming king, which would put her at 25 years old.
>> No. 15193 [Edit]

I guess it makes me and Saber Lily almost near of age.
>> No. 15273 [Edit]
Thats what I like to do.
>> No. 15533 [Edit]
File 14008215174.jpg - (120.12KB , 708x1000 , d82a8787c9815fa9a68ce57a1c5f7c67.jpg )
I'm 21 and Miku is 16. Meh. I don't think loving her or being sexually attracted to her makes me a pedo.
>> No. 15534 [Edit]
I didn't know Vocaloids had canonical ages...

I guess technically there isn't a strict definition of where to draw the line between a child and adult body, but for the most part I feel there are generally childlike mannerisms and features that are attractive to people, and that might make them pedos/hebephiles whatever.
>> No. 15535 [Edit]
File 14008285983.jpg - (136.09KB , 628x842 , 1374175374309.jpg )
Mia is 17 and i am 19. I read the first chapter when i was also 17, growing older while your waifu stays the same age is suffering
>> No. 15537 [Edit]
I don't know, the thing is that when I used to think about this I would think staying with your waifu long long term and not an heroing when you start to hit middle age, and it just feels quite strange to have to try and imagine your waifu with wrinkles and perhaps more matured personality.
>> No. 15546 [Edit]
File 140085939263.jpg - (78.44KB , 401x600 , 2988285_m.jpg )
I just ignore the Vocaloid ages personally. To me Len is a lot older than 14 and Miku does not feel like she is 16 at all, she feels more mature than that
>> No. 15550 [Edit]

True. Miku's gracefulness and way she carries herself make her seem older. Honestly, I would see her more as 18.
>> No. 15551 [Edit]
File 140087717196.jpg - (83.56KB , 960x576 , Kagamine_Len_full_457833.jpg )
Definitely. She is very mature and graceful, I wouldn't take the ages to heart at all
>> No. 15554 [Edit]
File 140089899387.png - (235.20KB , 514x1000 , eca09563dbf45fdcf79b4d62431122a6.png )
I'm 21 now. I imagine Reimu being a couple of years younger than me, that's all about it.


We are together for 2.5 years now, and i still can't see any aging-related problem. Who knows, maybe it will start bothering me after i'll hit 30.
>> No. 15703 [Edit]
File 14018984735.jpg - (119.42KB , 720x720 , Fancy Yunocchi.jpg )
Seeing as she's a high school senior now, that puts at least 4 years between us.

Honestly, that's not too big of a difference, yet I still find myself wondering what she'd be like if she were older.
>> No. 15788 [Edit]
File 140294008358.png - (217.42KB , 1344x1920 , konaphonewall1.png )
Well, in 2007 she was 18, but given the passage of time she would be 25 now, and I'm 21 myself, so I guess she's older than I.
I dunno, I don't know how anime time works. But in 2007 I was 15 so she was still older than me.
>> No. 15915 [Edit]
Well OP I think you and your waifu deserve to be happy so I hope I can help you to be more happy. First off your waifu is not 3DPD so none of that really matters. The reason pedofags are such a problem in the 3DPD world is because the cause harm actual childern. And normally all they want is some sick lewd sexual shit.
I assume you are deeply in love with your waifu. She is so much more then just fapping material to you. She is your love, and that is special.
Her age really doesn't matter at all, because that's not why you love her, you love her for who she is inside. And as you mentioned mentally she is actually older than you are. And I think that is far more important than outward appearance.
>> No. 15922 [Edit]
Love knows no age or dimension
Yuno is turning 17 soon and I'm 19 and I often feel like she is way more grown up than I am. For example I never drank alcohol before but she was drunk in the manga. She also wants to take responsibility by being a good senpai and helping the others and she is more organized and disciplined than me.

Post edited on 2nd Jul 2014, 11:26pm
>> No. 16090 [Edit]
OP here, turned 19 yesterday. To be honest the thing with moving her age forwards is that I don't want to force a developing headcanon that would push over her canon self during the years of our relationship, and if I'm just upping her age to keep track or to make things more comfortable for me that doesn't really sound appropriate.
>> No. 16110 [Edit]
File 140555407558.jpg - (47.07KB , 331x546 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Well, uh... She doesn't really have a canon age. Neither does my husbando.
I've constructed an autistic fantasy universe that involves the both of them and it spans across thousands of years. So I'm going to be imagining what happens during their life times from birth up until death. All ages, in other words.
I'm not usually too keen on shota and loli stuff but when it's them, I'm down, so this'll be a fun project.
My husbando's canon appearances take place over just about a week and my waifu doesn't really have any sort of canon whatsoever, so this is going to involve a whole lot of writing. I hope I'm ready for this.
>> No. 17313 [Edit]
File 142031631121.jpg - (108.88KB , 751x1063 , sillyclothes.jpg )
I'm 18 and she's 18.
>> No. 17367 [Edit]
I am 21 and she is... well, canonically 10 or 11. I tend to think of her as an adult though. She certainly doesn't act like a child most of the time.
>> No. 19040 [Edit]
File 144514916843.jpg - (189.60KB , 1280x720 , g4u5732.jpg )
I'm 35 and she is 14 now. "Met" 7 years ago. I used to occasionally feel a little strange about the age difference, but I resolved it quick enough. There's nothing wrong with feeling affection towards someone.

Now that I think about it, I might actually be the same age as her voice actress. Fancy that.

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