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File 13542485376.jpg - (216.79KB , 1536x1152 , Osakas_Gifts.jpg )
10966 No. 10966 [Edit]
Just got back from a little bout of Christmas/Holiday shopping. Got Osaka a card and a Pooh-Bear heart-shaped tin. The tin I got from a "free" bin as it was scratched and emptied of its original contents, which I presume was chocolate.

The inside of the card reads:

I promise you love - love that comforts you, and understands you, love that embraces you for everything you are.

I promise you openness and trust, with time for you and me - time for laughter and for sharing, time for making memories made just for us…

I promise you the best of me, my dreams, and my heart - for you are the one who makes me believe in all the possibilities of love.

Merry Christmas.

…And my personalized, hand-written massage to Osaka is:

“Dear Osaka,

I owe incalculable thanks and respect to the Goddess for giving me the present of you and your love. It is the greatest gift of all.

-With great love forever, anon”

I hope all of you have a wonderful and happy Christmas and/or Holiday season with each of your waifus warmly by your side.

Don't tell Osaka about this, though. It's a secret.
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>> No. 10967 [Edit]
File 135425029314.png - (188.09KB , 675x900 , 20890183.png )
Oh dear, it's nearing Christmas time already.
The magic had disappeared for me, for awhile, but now that I'm with her, it's back, stronger than ever.
I don't yet know how I'll go about making that day more special than every other day I'm with her. I'm not sure if it's possible.
>> No. 10969 [Edit]
That was very nice, I still need to do my shopping and decide how I am going to set up our date. I'm surprised at how fast November passed.
>> No. 10972 [Edit]
File 135441045564.jpg - (227.03KB , 520x800 , Toyosatomimi parka.jpg )
Maybe I'll poorly attempt to write a poem along with something else. I don't know what that something else will be. I want to do something other than cook since I did that last year, but that will likely be what happens.
>> No. 10979 [Edit]
That's heartwarming, OP.

I hope you don't mind but I might do something similar.
>> No. 10981 [Edit]
Go ahead, I am flattered to be emulated.
>> No. 10991 [Edit]
That's nice, OP. Got me thinking that I should do something similar.
>> No. 11005 [Edit]
File 135477301564.jpg - (270.94KB , 1095x826 , 23882775_p0.jpg )
Scratch that, went on a passion-driven flower-purchasing spree and didn't realize what I was doing until I was done.

Begonia x2 (red, pink)
Hibiscus Columbine
Hibiscus Helena
Polkadot plant x3 (pink, white, red)
Cupido Peace Lilly
Unnamed cactus (?) (long white spines, red flowers)

Plenty of red because it's her favorite colour.
>> No. 11006 [Edit]
Sometimes I wish I could do stuff like this, I'm impressed with how nice this sounds. I've never though of buying flowers though I don't want to take what you did.

(I do think Begonias are some of the prettiest flowers though)
>> No. 11007 [Edit]
File 135477886176.png - (288.13KB , 567x709 , 22225169_p7.png )
Yes, the Begonias are especially beautiful. So thick and vibrant.
>> No. 11008 [Edit]
thought* wow, I just noticed I messed that up.

Indeed they are - I have always loved begonias, though I may have to be a bit festive and take your idea partially and decorate with Poinsettias for our Christmas date.

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