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File 134276784372.jpg - (100.97KB , 1035x595 , k-on movie.jpg )
10459 No. 10459 [Edit]
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>> No. 10460 [Edit]
File 134276799763.jpg - (155.93KB , 729x825 , entire plot.jpg )
>> No. 10469 [Edit]
I cried plenty.
>> No. 10472 [Edit]

>> No. 10513 [Edit]
Well, I can't say I cried, but... man, I don't do well with endings in general. Just that empty feeling, man.

At least it went well, and I don't regret following the series.

Hope you guys enjoy it if you've followed it, as well.
>> No. 10529 [Edit]
File 134330128583.jpg - (177.39KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
The shocking reveal... Yui and Ui have parents.
>> No. 10533 [Edit]
File 134330286396.jpg - (60.96KB , 600x797 , 3714417855f282d1cc1f3f3f9c6c7c97b0c6808f.jpg )
Hopefully they took this one.
>> No. 10538 [Edit]
File 134330937389.jpg - (29.72KB , 480x360 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

Nope, Yui's parents are actually [pic related].
>> No. 10560 [Edit]
File 134336181382.jpg - (267.33KB , 849x962 , london for you.jpg )
- Gags over the series were better quality.
- London propaganda, atm, was pretty shameless.
- Their portraying of europeans (and them amongst them) was... fair?

However: like many of you, I got pretty emotional (enhaced by the fact that I'm far older and never been overseas myself).
>> No. 10561 [Edit]
File 134336190474.jpg - (69.75KB , 476x470 , 17.jpg )
>> No. 10562 [Edit]
Movie was awesome. Beautiful goodbye for K-On!.
>> No. 10565 [Edit]
so when is this gonna get some decent quality subs already?
>> No. 10590 [Edit]
There's nothing wrong with CoalGuys' subs for this, other than that they aren't edited.
>> No. 12442 [Edit]
So I finally got around to watching this recently.
I remember people making a big deal about the English voice acting, and while it was that it wasn't Japanese VAs trying to sound like English speakers, they really obviously phoned in all their line. almost every english voice actor didn't even try to hide that they were reading off a script.
anyway, Pretty decent movie. felt like it dragged on a bit after Europe though.
Can't help but wonder why a japanese restaurant wouldn't have a single person who knew any Japanese, but whatever.
and boy the difference in scale between Japanese people and westerns sure is something.

yeah that took me a bit by surprise as well. they were never shown once throughout the entire series were they?

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