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File 134332302979.png - (2.04MB , 1920x1200 , 1331994792156.png )
11190 No. 11190 [Edit]
So, /so/.

I've been beginning to wonder if I was ever happy. When I was younger I had friends, though I was the noisy class clown type and annoyed most of them thoroughly so I suppose I tagged along more than anything else. I was so blissfully unaware of everything, the world was a relatively innocent place, or so the many family comedies I enjoyed at a young age led me to believe. But much like 99% of the developing human race, I was to be crushed under the fickle heel of adolescence. Chewed up and spat out, drinking nearly every day through high school, cutting myself, falling madly in love with a girl who, as I found out a few years later, was laughing at me the entire time, being beaten up, being ridiculed, but also being well aware that it was all my fault for not changing anything and being a total fucking idiot. These were fast times and easily the worst years of my life.

I have found myself at a crossroads after months of reflection, with each palace of leisure and escapism slowly having begun the process of decommission all the while. I lasted barely three weeks before being fired from a burger place, I live with my mother who has lived through so much more than I have in my short stupid life and yet managed to come out of it with a brave face, I dropped out of high school, I'm unhealthy, I have one 'friend' that I use to get weed, and I have never hated myself more in my entire life.

It seems I'm a walking contradiction. Everything I think is wrong with people and this world might largely be attributed to my utter ignorance and bitter jealousy of everyone I meet. But I see the same thing every day, people talk about the same thing over and over, everything's stale, I'm stale, everyone may as well be rotting meat hoarding an earth to play until a cruel Haruhi sets us free into.. something. It's all very frightening and I can barely contain my thoughts, let alone construe them in such a way as to be understood at all. I wish I could convey my emotions without sounding like a drama queen and a spoiled brat, but it's absolutely impossible. I suppose it's very helpful that words exist, but words are starting to scare me. Communication, recognition, infliction, it feels like the further I go down, the more the English language falls apart.
I can't keep lying to myself. I feel as if I'm being programmed, I'm terrified for everything and it's getting hard to sit and play video games every day and try to forget everything and everyone. I'm such a selfish child.

I just needed to get this out somewhere. I'm sorry for the big blog post. If you'd like I could whip up a word association game. Let's start with SAND
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>> No. 11191 [Edit]
Have you talked to a doctor about this, or considered starting therapy?

Therapy can be a good place to vent, like with your post.
>> No. 11194 [Edit]
File 134337014223.jpg - (72.48KB , 490x365 , monster5.jpg )
>It seems I'm a walking contradiction. Everything I think is wrong with people and this world might largely be attributed to my utter ignorance and bitter jealousy of everyone I meet.
Cheers to that. One keeps judging them endlessly for going out, for laughing, for holding dreams and ideals, disregarding them all as myths and fallacies; what we would like them is to cut the bullshit and be really "aware"; which basically means: to convert to our bullshit, and become as lost, isolated and utterly defeated as we are.

>It's all very frightening and I can barely contain my thoughts, let alone construe them in such a way as to be understood at all.
I thought I could; but apparently it's all pretentious hot air.

>words are starting to scare me
Hell yes, indeed. It ocurred to me that figuring out language itself (and its implication over our existence) would be the ultimate shot to take; I ended up trapped in endless echoes of babblery.

>I feel as if I'm being programmed
Right? by some current set of schemes and prejudices that will consume our entire lives, but which shall be regarded as naive and obsolete by the next generation if not sooner.

>I'm terrified for everything and it's getting hard to [otaku] and try to forget everything and everyone
Yes, oh yes; somedays, throughout my weariness, I can't even figure out how I manage(d) to stand it, that mix of pure terror, hate and shame.

>word association game
>> No. 11197 [Edit]
File 134337789161.jpg - (70.46KB , 550x619 , 1343115339466.jpg )
I have been, but it's not a very fruitful experience 99% of the time in my case. The local psychiatrists seem to apply the "sit and listen" method to a rather insulting degree, often stumped for any sort of creative input that might help with any of my problems.. It's a bit humiliating but at the same time exactly what I'd expect when I begin a twenty minute tangent regarding the behaviour and growth of my hair in relation to the passage of time and events which come to pass.
I suppose now that I've been given the tools, 200mg of Seroquel being the primary implement, I can begin putting myself back together.

Brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT post. Everything you've said compounds so wonderfully your understanding of my original text and your own experiences. I'm in love with you, stranger. Thanks for brightening my day.

On with the games -
>> No. 11200 [Edit]
I also felt very relieved with your post, by knowing that we're kind of à la YnS: in solitude but not alone. See you around.


(...apparently I have a current fixation with taming everything)
>> No. 11218 [Edit]
OP you are like a mini version of me besides the drinking and cutting part (only makes me feel worse. Had terrible experience with alcohol before.) and I'm much much worse. You'll probably feel better about yourself after reading about my life. When I was little through up to the end of middle school I actually wasn't too ignorant though, I had to put on a mask of being ignorant just to get along with people and keep myself out of trouble because if I turned into the monster I am now back then I would probably be somewhere else right now with a even more fucked life with all the rest of the kids that couldn't keep their heads down and ruined their lives early. I never saw innocence in anything, for some reason everything pure and innocent seemed fake to me. Everything either boiled down to sex and violence in my mind. I had friends when I was young up to the end of middle school but stayed pretty distant from them. They all just probably thought I was insane in the back their minds so they slowly drifted away. Whenever we played all I wanted to do is something violent whether it be video games or actually physical. Always beating the shit out of each other for fun didn't last though and sometimes when we were a little older in middle school we would go out places for fun (usually just shopping random places or to the arcade. then back to my place for the night.) but the only thing in the back of mind was sex, sex, and more sex by night. I didn't know what was wrong with me, it was like another me that was just purely logical thought had to step in and make me stop and have genuine emotions not constantly leading to either of those things all the time or I was just going to end up somewhere more horrible. But they never ended, in fact it just kept getting worse in high school causing depression stemming from too much pleasure deprivation when nothing I can do on my own was good enough anymore at the time. So in order to keep myself under control I starved myself a lot, it hurt but calmed my body and mind a bit. Most people didn't want to even go near me and those that did soon regretted it when they saw my true face. I was a psychotic, deprived wreck. I didn't really want to hurt any body I didn't see as an enemy but they would have been if they weren't just like me, so it was probably for the best. Slightly into my first year of high school, I unavoidably got into anime. I was instantly heavily attracted to all the "cute" ones for pretty obvious reasons. And so that was my entrance into the land of all things Japanese/otaku, everything from the place just went with me like cookies and milk. The entertainment felt like it was made just for me. It all accompanied me throughout high school. Around the 2nd year in high school I was still heavily depressed for my same old reasons. I saw in the store a Rockstar energy drink and bought it because I was thirsty and the can was very large one weekend night. I loved it and this though small was my entrance into the beauty of my favorite kind of drugs now, stimulants. Extremely powerful energy drinks and strange custom extra strength orders of drinks from the coffee shop I would get weird looks from just buying were now my best friends along with my perverted various Japanese shit I just loved. It's what kept me alive, like a walking corpse but hey I'm alive. I then started getting into music a lot of all kinds which also helped me through high school to keep a long story short. After high school was over with me only getting worse as nothing seemed to help anymore. I formed another obsession, breaking and burning things. Every weekend I would go outside with my father to cut and smash things to burn later. Little did he know it wasn't because I wanted to help. This now satisfies my violent urges quite well. As for my strange what most would view disgusting sexual obsessions that no sane person would fill my desires for, I had to go a bit farther. Various sex toys, lube, and certain clothing objects of my fetishes became top things I wanted to buy. I do it all online, so no one knows the cringe inducing extent to which I went to satisfy myself. And this is my life up till now. Even my own reaction to looking over my life and all I desire is simply "how horrifying". I need to hide and mask myself as something else for my own safety.
>> No. 11275 [Edit]
You sound like you'd make good poets become poets.
And you sound like a reasonable person, take care good sir.

Post edited on 6th Aug 2012, 10:17am
>> No. 11299 [Edit]
> Whenever we played all I wanted to do is something violent whether it be video games or actually physical

I can relate to this. I got into a lot of trouble when I was younger because of my violence, and most of the games, videogames or physical, I played with my friends involved a good deal of aggression. I blame it on my anger issues, it's not like I have some sort of fetish for violence and enjoy gratuitously hurting others or anything, but for me, there was no bigger fun than beating the shit out of people. At the end of the fights, nothing was solved, but as I was lying in the floor, sweaty and gasping for air, with a bloody nose and sore body, I felt relieved.

I managed to control this, not because it makes me feel better, but rather because I could get arrested now for doing this kind of thing. I still seek this kind of release, but it's harder for me nowadays.

Continuing the game:
>> No. 11316 [Edit]
My life was much happier when I wasn't conscious of myself. But then I began to constantly watch myself for committing social 'mistakes' due to my Aspergers. The paranoia became anxiety because I was constantly on the lookout for something I couldn't see and had no way of learning to recognise. Now I have social anxiety and depression, leaving me even worse than if I just stayed blissfully unaware.
>> No. 11358 [Edit]
Are you adamant on this diagnosis? I'm a layman, but it's my understanding that Asperger's manifests itself in early childhood. What you describe sounds more like OCD to me.

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