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File 138975589675.jpg - (61.89KB , 640x426 , d6OBMznl.jpg )
23532 No. 23532 [Edit]
Transit thread?

All types of trains and transport. Streetcars, subways, DMUs, maglevs, diesel, electric, classic, modern.

I hear the Ashmont-Mattapan part of the red line in Boston still uses Pullman PCCs, I really want to see them sometime but I never have a reason to go all the way down there. Maybe someday.
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>> No. 23549 [Edit]
I miss the T but I don't miss living close enough to Boston to use it. Trade-offs for moving places more rural...
>> No. 23557 [Edit]
I hate living in places more rural but I like that food is affordable in these areas.

I heard that there was a plan in the 1910s to make a streetcar system coming through my town. a stop was planned literally in what is today my neighbour's yard. I can imagine what the area I live in today would look like if they had gone through with it...
>> No. 23578 [Edit]
File 139056314242.jpg - (260.24KB , 1600x1200 , 13e9360f7cc5f4b0aa7a34bf1a212d0b.jpg )
>All types of trains and transport.

How about the ultimate Driving machine?
>> No. 23587 [Edit]
Itasha are fine but cars are only popular because the US destroyed all public transit infrastructure in the 1920's-1950's, further cementing the class divide and making the populace completely dependant on an unsustainable infrastructure based on monopolies, lobbying, inflated prices, and the mechanics and oil industries.
>> No. 23599 [Edit]
is there an actual reason behind this decision, or are Americans just that dumb?
>> No. 23600 [Edit]
What's the answer to 99 out of 100 questions? Money.
>> No. 23602 [Edit]
so why didn't the same thing happen in Japan, which has a massive car industry?
>> No. 23606 [Edit]
we're ruled by a parliament that is paid by corporations to have certain things happen.

So when you have oil, car manufacturers and that ilk influencing congress at the peak of its infrastructure investment, you get the entire Los Angeles rolling stock stacked in a field to rust to oblivion.

Japan's auto industry is mostly for export, and mostly came about as a way to recover from WWII. Most Japanese will not drive because they don't need to, since trains are actually a thing.

In Japan you need to be 21 to drive a car, while in the US the age is 16.
>> No. 23607 [Edit]
File 139096810257.jpg - (165.22KB , 1024x685 , dresden_tram.jpg )
+ coziest way of getting around town
+ often look nice
- relatively slow

+ very reliable
+ very quick
+ subway stations can be used as bomb shelters and even nuclear bunkers
+ the tunnels have a more or less constant temperature, not too cold in winter and nicely cool in summer
- the tunnels are often very windy, which can be annoying
- the view from the train's windows is not exactly astonishing

- shaky
- loud
- overall uncomfortable
- pollute city with diesel exhaust

Unless I have something heavy to carry, I generally prefer public transport over individual cars. Driving cars is boring as hell, you can't read books, watch anime or play games while driving them, and I don't exactly have the money for a chauffeur. I don't even have a car, I just call a taxi on the rare occasion I need to transport some heavy stuff from A to B.

I personally chalk that one up to the differences between multicultural/multiracial empires like America on the one hand and homogeneous nation-states like Japan on the other. America is not a proper nation, it's just an economic zone with commonly enforced laws, ruled over by an elite that is essentially hostile to its own population. Americans need to be very materialistic if the country is to work, the US would break apart very quickly if all the various different groups had the same sort of ethno-national consciousness as the Japanese.
>> No. 23608 [Edit]
Also, Japan has been a monarchy until fairly recently, with the ruling class being able to do whatever they thought was best. On the other hand, the system prevalent in America over the last 200+ years has been parliamentary democracy, where the main way to get ahead for politicians is to do whatever is told to them by the people who finance their campaigns and line their pockets with "presents."
>> No. 23611 [Edit]
Democracy is by no means a perfect system
>> No. 23614 [Edit]
democracy is mob rule.
that's why we bring democracy to all these 3rd world countries while we sit back as a republic and laugh at them.
>> No. 23644 [Edit]
You can't even walk where you want in "the land of the free"

America isn't a democracy. It's ruled by corporations. It's a corporate plutocracy.

>> No. 23647 [Edit]
Cool /pol/ thread
>> No. 23649 [Edit]
everyone complains about Honourable Supreme Shinden and they all also continue to reply to his trolling, i guess thats just par for the course amongst mods on a slow site. fortunately shitty almost never posts on the site's otaku boards, so he isn't entirely intolerable.
>> No. 23654 [Edit]
Newsflash: "everybody" now refers to like, four people.
>> No. 23745 [Edit]
You should've left with them.

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