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File 140772278581.jpg - (439.40KB , 869x1654 , e7774a5fe10aae518ac5e25490413108.jpg )
18425 No. 18425 [Edit]
Hey, /so/, have you guys ever been deeply hurt or affected by some comment someone made towards you on the internet and especially on imageboards? I wouldn't venture so far as to call this cyber bullying, but have you ever gone deep into a argument whilst being protected by your anonymity and ended up being hurt or having personal failures being brought up in such a way that it bothered you? How did you react to it?
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>> No. 18428 [Edit]
Not really a deep argument, but when someone gets mad at me for either arbitrary or unknown reasons it pains me greatly. I really cannot stand making people, even anonymous posters, angered and irritated, and having to deal with anyone who is arbitrarily so makes me instantly disconnect from the conversation.

I honestly do not mind snarky folks, as they tend to express anger in a way which is roundabout yet understandable. People who just tell you repeatedly to fuck off in a normal setting, without even the slightest hint of facetiousness, make me do just that.
>> No. 18432 [Edit]
Nope. Back when I actually a few friends, we'd occasionally argue through the internet and that would bother me as much as a traditional argument would, but I've never been particularly upset by the contempt of other anonymous (or pseudo-anonymous) posters. I find it to be rather pointless to stress over an argument that occurred with someone I will never know on a personal level and would almost certainly hate if I did anyway. I know that's easier said than done though.

While attacks on me or my character do not bother me in the least, I do occasionally get a bit irritated when people hold and argue for excessively stupid/delusional views while ignoring established facts.
>> No. 18433 [Edit]
File 140789500861.jpg - (126.31KB , 513x517 , 0b03d446815fbf20caee268fb4891994.jpg )
Nah man. Nah. I'm one of the most hated people in at least five different generals on 4chan and I relish in it. I love seeing people repeatedly derail the very threads they're attempting to save from me. It's always the same handful of people, I can recognize their writing formats. I've been there for years and years and they think that telling me to "fuck off" in a variety of different ways for the 5000th time will have a different effect than the last.
And I'd just like to clarify I'm not even in those threads to shitpost either, I actually actively participate in them. They're angry with me over an isolated incident that happened months and months ago.

Anyway, a couple of them like to collect little snippets of my few and far between blogposts and they'll use them to put together convoluted psychological evaluations. These are my absolute favorite posts. I can tell they've put a lot of creative effort into them.
Others will just make disturbing threats of torture and murder, such as "I wish I could find you and shove my stylus into your eye sockets as far as possible. I'd dance on your grave."
While those are more worrying than the other types of posts I receive, I still find them enjoyable in their own right. Knowing that I've pissed someone off enough by doing essentially nothing but being there in the threads with them that they're completely seriously ready to physically assault me is amusing as fuck to me.
A few people I've spoken with about the matter outside of 4chan are worried that being constantly exposed to vicious hatred probably does have a negative effect on me on a subconscious level, but I haven't noticed any changes myself so far.

So, in conclusion, no it does not bother me and I quite enjoy being almost unanimously hated by all. I wish to participate in those threads and I'm not going to let angsty teenagers run me out from a place I derive fun from.
>> No. 18434 [Edit]
It used to not bother me but as I get older it feels like it does a lot more. As a result I seem to post less and less.

Recently I've been trying to make myself post more and care less about what other people think.
>> No. 18452 [Edit]
File 140808503773.jpg - (200.81KB , 1071x848 , 37218012.jpg )
Yes, and mostly while I had the comfort of anonymity. Anonymous posts are entirely merit based, and I am incapable of making insightful, intelligent or interesting posts. I'll often say something without realizing how stupid I must sound. When it's pointed out, it feels terrible.

Most people don't really mean to be malicious online, though. Insults are usually just indirect ego boosting.
>> No. 18533 [Edit]
small compliments bring me up for a really long time, and vice versa.
>> No. 18584 [Edit]
Not really, online insults are really the only thing I'm good at shaking off. Though if any of the things I've read directed to me online where said to me irl I would break down
>> No. 18586 [Edit]
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. And I mean that. Not like "fuck the haters". More like apathy. It works both ways though, nice comments feel like nothing (though when that happens I act out of common courtesy and tend to reply in a nice manner).
>> No. 18587 [Edit]
>> No. 18589 [Edit]
... Damn right.

Post edited on 28th Aug 2014, 12:45pm
>> No. 18648 [Edit]
oh fuck yes this has happened to me. not per se on imageboards, but on asshole-infested namefag forums
>> No. 18680 [Edit]
I mostly just lurk now, here is pretty much the only place I post. It's fun to watch people get so worked up I guess, it's sort of like it's a zoo honestly -- maybe that means I don't have any real values myself and like to laugh at those that get offended and troubled with their initial convictions. I guess many of you may find that rude but I don't want to feel concerned about how stupid people can get, so I distance myself and try to spectate peacefully.
>> No. 18681 [Edit]
People get offended at things other than their ideas being challenged.
>> No. 18683 [Edit]
Like what? Other than that I think of just being insulted as a cause of offense (or insulting the group that person affiliates with), but technically that's still challenging a person's ideas and conceptions of themselves/their group.
>> No. 18684 [Edit]
People being dicks. I don't know why teenagers have this idea that anger means that someone is automatically wrong about something.

An example of dickish behavior is assaulting someone for no reason. The victim will get mad, and for good reason.
>> No. 18685 [Edit]
Well for me randoms just suddenly being dicks doesn't matter, they aren't really worth anything to me anyways and for the most part since they're on the internet with plenty of other targets they'll move on if you stop replying... Maybe I'm just used to that and I can call it petty.
>> No. 18686 [Edit]
Not everyone is lucky enough to have people just move on to another bullying target.
>> No. 18687 [Edit]
>>18686 continued

Fuck it, I'll write more because I am offended by people holding the position that all offense is a result of people being close-minded. The reason I am offended is because it irritates me that people use it as a excuse to be assholes and then tell others that they are in the wrong for getting pissed about it. I suppose real cruelty just irritates the hell out of me, especially when people deny being cruel. At least own up to being an asshole. I know I do, I post here about how I like guro and shit because I find it funny when media shows the world as being as cruel as it really is. And I'm unscrupulous in my interactions in real life, because being useless, I can't afford to risk anything.

You also just admitted that people being assholes isn't out of a desire to prompt the victim to look inward and re-evaluate the self, but because the perpetrator wants a reaction so he can assert his superiority. Also, my example was physical violence to remove the ambiguity associated with verbal abuse. People like to deny the pain of words, but the pain of the body is undeniable.

The blurred line between criticism and insult is probably the cause of the teenage tendency to assume anger is always a response to a painful truth being unveiled. This may sometimes be the case, but it is far from always. Let's take the classic example of trolls trolling the family of a suicide. Nothing is being learned; the family is already well-aware of the death, and of the reasons that could possibly surround it. However, they will be offended at people taking joy in their suffering, because being resentful of people being assholes is a normal response. When people are assholes they take advantage of others, which out of self-interest, people naturally find distasteful. The rage is not out of a fear of learning something new, but a hatred for those who would willingly make life more miserable for the rest of us. And when those trolls tell people that they should be thankful, that is even more enraging. How does the saying go? Something like don't shit on my plate and tell me it's gold...something like that.

In addition to the irritation of an insult, it irritates people further when insults hide behind the label of criticism. The difference between the two is intent. You just conceded that the intent of most offenders is to disrupt someone's mood, hardly a noble goal. And even if the insult could be considered valid, for instance, calling someone stupid who is legitimately stupid, the offense is not because the victim is confronted with a different worldview, but because someone just made a disparaging comment towards them. Even if meant as criticism, without tact, it does nothing to help.

Another thing people are offended by is cruel policies and other injustices. Arguably, this falls under the category of having their convictions challenged. People understandably are unlikely to be willing to understand a worldview that says that they have no rights. That does not make them petty.
>> No. 18689 [Edit]
You said assault which isn't always taken to meant physical violence, and the thread is about bullying online. Sorry for misunderstanding in any case. And you also used my term "offended" which in my experience has been used to shut down talking points in arguments rather than "deeply hurt or affected" or something else, so I probably just got the wrong idea from that.

There are serious things people get worked up about as well as petty ones, sure, but the thing is that there's still a sense of unwarranted self-importance on most sides of an issue in the sense that people get angry for the sake of "justice" about things they can't even control or are unwilling to devote their life to solving. No point in acting moral just to feel good about your intentions, in my opinion. Maybe all this outrage and offense is understandable to an extent, but in my eyes it's still usually not the best course of action.
>> No. 18695 [Edit]
Yes all the time, constantly, every day. I don't even like to talk to people online anymore because it almost always ends with them making fun of me or bullying me. Even here people have bullied me before and I'm even too afraid to post here anymore sometimes.
>> No. 18714 [Edit]
I hate asking questions, because everyone always insults me, gets into an argument, and boom, I accidentally derailed a thread with my own incompetence.
What's just as bad is when I make a post and it becomes the last post in the thread, as if it was my fault for degrading posting quality so much, everyone hid the thread and moved on.
>> No. 18716 [Edit]
>What's just as bad is when I make a post and it becomes the last post in the thread, as if it was my fault for degrading posting quality so much, everyone hid the thread and moved on.
This has happened to me before. My questions have now turned less serious in nature however, and I'm more okay with receiving indirect answers.
>> No. 18717 [Edit]
File 141136934798.jpg - (143.13KB , 833x696 , 1336284536671.jpg )
It can't possibly be that bad here. TC always seemed rather calm to me, with occasional arguments in threads. Although, I can relate. I only ever talk to one person anymore online. The fear of potentially being hurt or disappointed keeps me from meeting new people.
>> No. 18718 [Edit]
>What's just as bad is when I make a post and it becomes the last post in the thread, as if it was my fault for degrading posting quality so much, everyone hid the thread and moved on.
What if your post was just so insightful that there was nothing anyone could possible add, dispute or comment on?
>> No. 18719 [Edit]
the worst for me is getting called a troll, it always happens when I am dead serious, then I explain I am serious, then they call me an idiot.

hurt no, but it makes me think lesser of people.
>> No. 18721 [Edit]
File 141153464919.jpg - (6.57KB , 160x151 , 1407336162952.jpg )
I get hurt by online comments all the time. Even the smallest things. I'm a Borderline case, so of course I'm a histrionic child with no coping mechanisms.
>> No. 18726 [Edit]
No. The truth is it takes more courage to know and be open about your weaknesses. I made a conscious decision to do this back when I was going through puberty, and have continued since. Normal people are often afraid of admitting their flaws and downright deny that they have any of them. In their delusions, they're always the good guy. Life is easier to live that way.

My decision has made my life way more painful, but I'm able to live with myself this way. I have no regrets about any of my actions and know the full implications behind everything I do. Leading a life with principles is indeed extremely hard regardless of what day and age you're in.
>> No. 18727 [Edit]
>The truth is it takes more courage to know and be open about your weaknesses

My weakness is everything.
>> No. 18736 [Edit]
See? It's way more painful to be self-aware. But you can't let it incapacitate you. Slowly work at improving all your weaknesses. You have an advantage which is you know all of them. You can be a better person, you just have to try.
>> No. 18738 [Edit]
Not worth it.
>> No. 18741 [Edit]
I remember one time on /a/ I was having an argument about the Japanese usage of a word and the translation of it. I was right but when a group of misinformed retards with their collective knowledge of rikai-kun start rolling, nothing can stop them. I just gave up. Never been to /a/ since, fuck them.

I thought I was wrong at the time and felt very embarrassed and couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the day.

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