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File 139112474138.jpg - (75.94KB , 1440x810 , 1303576437841.jpg )
14383 No. 14383 [Edit]
Storge, Philia, Eros and Agape.

These are the four words used to describe love.

Storge means affectionate, familial love. The type of love used to describe that between a parent and his children or pet owners for their pets. The equivalent of this is basically having daughterus.

Philia means something more along the lines of friendship, the love between two platonic friends. Essentially that of brotherly love. The closest equivalent I would think of is how some people consider some 2D individuals to be their friends.

Then we move on to Eros, romantic love, the more physical, sensual side of love. This is the feeling of being in love with someone and it often takes a sexual nature. But at the same time it is more of a double-edged sword because it can be both beneficial and detrimental.

And finally Agape, that of selfless, charitable, unconditional love, a type of love that gives and expects nothing in return and very much in many ways the ideal form of love. A spiritual form of love distinct from the previous three loves.

How would you describe the love you have for your waifu?
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>> No. 14386 [Edit]
File 139113032268.jpg - (125.59KB , 1120x628 , all or nothing bastard.jpg )
I think it's a dialectical synthesis between Agape and Eros, between plot/virtuality and execution/actuality, similar as the one between Koi (恋) and Ai (愛). In other words: love would be the result of the struggle between an endless longing for some otherness and the drive to posses it completely; which, as I see it, can only be solved either by accepting the process as nothing but an unfolding of yourself or by destroying the actual alterity as you transform it into your beloved (eromenos).
>> No. 14387 [Edit]
File 139113065335.jpg - (68.08KB , 518x600 , 458611.jpg )

32 percent Storge
4 percent Philia
32 percent Eros
32 percent Agape

Sorry, I just can't box mine in one of them. There used to be less Storge but I think my paternal feelings grew and whatnot. In any case Storge honestly seems really similar to Agape in my opinion.

The metaphysics of Agape seem iffy as well -- does that love mean treating your beloved as an authority and doing evil things for him/her? I'd do what it takes to have her alive at the end of the day like most men with loved ones/families, but I wouldn't do most unnecessary evils for her. In that sense maybe you can argue I am less Agape and more Storge.

As for Philia... For me friendship implies a distance and I want little to no distance between us.
>> No. 14388 [Edit]
File 139113431424.jpg - (35.18KB , 640x480 , 301217_258586300830632_425574_n.jpg )
25% each. Boring response, I know.

I want to love her like a friend, a wife, a child and a goddess. And I have a feeling that she fills all of these roles perfectly for me.
>> No. 14393 [Edit]
Predominantly Eros, with lots of Philia involved too. I want to say Agape but I am not sure if I am capable of giving that sort of love, as an incredibly flawed human. I'm not judging those of you who have said it, but for me (in my particular relationship and circumstances) I'd feel like I was being incredibly pompous presuming my love is that because I have no outside input to prove what it's like. Also, I'm a man who has urges, like any other sexual being, which is not the point of Agape at all. I'd have to neuter myself to be truly capable of it, in my eyes.
>> No. 14394 [Edit]
File 139115576815.jpg - (64.69KB , 550x700 , 23256359_big_p1.jpg )
Storge, 40%
Philia, 5%
Eros, 30%
Agape, 25%

Could do with more tweaking maybe but eh.
>> No. 14395 [Edit]
File 13911586781.jpg - (135.15KB , 724x1024 , cc92412fc05d6f1a242472d8cfc4036f.jpg )
I'm leaning more on Philia before Eros because I want to make sure that our relationship isn't going to collapse on the first sign of any disappearing sexual flare. I mean, I want us to be best friends first before lovers, so that the base of the relationship isn't mostly sexual.

But I also have a feeling of Agape in the relationship, because I put all of my ideals and dreams on her, and I am ready to defend those.
>> No. 14398 [Edit]
File 139120801162.jpg - (820.03KB , 1452x1200 , 35498326_p1.jpg )
Primary Agape with little drop of Eros and Philia. I am not familiar with the concept of Storge, but that definition really gives feeling of inequality.
>> No. 14399 [Edit]
File 139120985179.jpg - (278.12KB , 750x1000 , 44273adf774edf6d0901fde4e45614e9.jpg )
If I had to make an estimate...I'd say:

0% Storge
30% Philia
50% Eros
20% Agape
>> No. 14404 [Edit]
100% Agape. I looked it up and found this quote, which describes my relationship with her perfectly: "...a selfless love, a love that was passionately committed to the well-being of the other."
>> No. 14409 [Edit]
File 139127955994.jpg - (313.19KB , 676x1604 , 28a127b63ddeb9e94c8496e185a15665b190def8.jpg )
That's pretty much how I feel as well.
>> No. 14439 [Edit]
My love for her is mostly Agape, with a few of the other loves thrown in. There are times I feel affectionate for her, other times I feel that she can be a great friend and sometimes I find her physically attractive since I have strong sexual urges for her as a sexual being.
>> No. 14454 [Edit]
File 139187222146.png - (316.45KB , 650x1000 , 1356892411326.png )
%60 Eros
%20 Agape
%10 Philia
>> No. 14457 [Edit]

Where is the last 10 percent?? 60+20+10=90.
>> No. 14470 [Edit]
>> No. 14475 [Edit]
Typo, meant for agape to be 30%
>> No. 14607 [Edit]
File 139372825749.jpg - (520.70KB , 1000x1111 , 41571176.jpg )
I am in love with her, and I want to be by her side for the rest of my life, so that's got to be eros, right?

Looking it up now, it's definitely not storge because she's not my family and I don't view her as a pet or something like that. Definitely not philia because it isn't platonic love, and agape seems to be a love similar to the love for God or God's love for mankind, which is not at all how I feel about her.

So, Eros.
>> No. 14608 [Edit]
File 13937479526.jpg - (238.35KB , 923x600 , 19077669.jpg )
Rethinking this, does Storge also mean the love of being part of a family you've made (marriage)? Between parents? If not, I messed this up and should pump that into the Eros.

There's a part to my love that's tough to explain. It's hard to put into words. Maybe familial isn't the right one. It's like a feeling that you're bound to each other forever, that you're 2 parts of a whole. Maybe that's why I'm thinking in a family way. I don't know. This is confusing.
>> No. 14611 [Edit]
File 139385225075.jpg - (105.28KB , 439x800 , kanako00h.jpg )
100% eros
>> No. 14614 [Edit]
File 139397846395.jpg - (1.71MB , 2604x3683 , 41566468.jpg )
I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same way and I was confused on whether to include storge as well or just eros. I think it's just eros, but I could be wrong.
>> No. 14616 [Edit]
Hmm, the way I would categorize these feelings

Storge -- You are consumed by love, you want to give her things you have but she doesn't have, as well as using your years and maturity to protect and look out for her.

Philia -- you are happy you can just share your existence with her

Eros -- you want to consume someone, you want these wants in your heart to be gratified, you want to make babies.

Agape -- You want to utterly destroy yourself and devote yourself to her whether or not you'd actually be much use. You want to be a sacrifice.
>> No. 14617 [Edit]
Not bad.

Still a dialectic between Eros and Agape here. It's all about phagocytosis.
>> No. 14618 [Edit]
File 139400908368.png - (84.25KB , 600x360 , 35279021_p3.png )
Ah yes, that really cleared things up for me, thank you!
>> No. 14631 [Edit]
It should also be noted that Eros is the only one that involves romantic love, in case anyone is confused on that.
>> No. 14959 [Edit]
After giving it some thought, I think my love for her was mostly geared towards agape. It was certainly not storge, and if it was mostly philia then I suspect I wouldn't have given up on it. Lastly, I can't recollect one moment where I wished to love her as intimately as eros would imply. She was always this sacred being I looked up to and wholly admired without condition. She was indeed like a goddess to me, and in my mind I was her sole follower.
>> No. 15029 [Edit]
Strangely though, I have 3 "close ones"

-One would be what we call "waifu" and would be a mix of Eros and Agape

-Other is a mix of Philia and Eros (kind of a fuckable soul friend) (bromance?)

-Other is a mix of Storge and Philia (kind of two soul friends helping each other, like a perfect team-up)

I have this going on forever
>> No. 15053 [Edit]
File 139777896349.jpg - (103.97KB , 675x775 , Formal Erica.jpg )
A colossal amount of Eros with a generous topping of Agape.

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