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File 131747690227.jpg - (41.41KB , 640x359 , justlikeinmyamericancartoons.jpg )
10712 No. 10712 [Edit]
Does Tohno-chan have long hair?
Do you enjoy wearing hats, silly or otherwise?

I don't care about anything else about you so don't post it here. Just anything related to your hair and or hats.
>> No. 10713 [Edit]
I used to have long hair. Looked like a broom and started falling, so I just shaved it all. Much better now.
As for hats, I like them, but I am too lazy to go outside and buy some. I just have a couple of berets and they are all worn out.
>> No. 10714 [Edit]
>I don't care about anything else about you
Very well, then.

Currently, I'm letting it grow again; it's the longest I've had it since I was 15, when I could at least hold it together in a little pony-tail. Back then I used berets, and then switched into beanies (à la Link) for nearly a decade; in recent years I preffered flat caps (much more sober-looking), but since I hardly go outside now, I'm letting that alone too.
>> No. 10715 [Edit]
My hair is somewhat long, it's about the same height as the bottom of my armpit hair. I don't put anything on it, I just let it flow freely.
>> No. 10716 [Edit]
My hair is past my nipples now. The last time I had my sister cut it was like last November or something.
>> No. 10717 [Edit]
I had long hair in high school, but now I shave it every few months. Never really been into hats
>> No. 10718 [Edit]
I keep my head buzzed because a $30 pair of clippers is saving me a lot of money on hair cuts and I don't have to go out for them too often.
>> No. 10719 [Edit]
Slightly past my shoulders now.
I don't wear hats. Gets frustrating when looking down though, since hair gets in my face. I I wish I had a hat in those conditions.
>> No. 10720 [Edit]
My hair is almost to my shoulders. I hate hats.
>> No. 10721 [Edit]
I had tried to grow long hair. Unfortunately, I didn't look any more feminine, but I did look like a caveman. Now it's about cheek-length, as it used to be.

I think hats look awful.
>> No. 10724 [Edit]
I just meassured a fallen strand, it came in at 15 inches, I think it was one of the shorter ones.

no hats, though if it is winter I will wear a tuque.

If I go outside I usually wear a hood to keep my hair back, and because it is usually pretty greasy. I wear it in an elastic sometimes when I am in my room, but I am too afraid to near other people. Also when I am alone in my room I turn my shirts into either a ninja thing, or into a dew rag/ pirate looking thing, you should do it too, it is fun.

also I haven't used any soap products on it in like 6-8 months(?), water is fine.
>> No. 10726 [Edit]
Hell no. I don't know why people do it. It looks so fucking disgusting.
>> No. 10727 [Edit]
I used to have very long hair, I went many years without a haircut.

But now my hair is very short, the kind you do yourself at home with a pair of clippers because you don't want to bother with a barber or salonist.

I do not wear hats. I tried to get into hats when I was 12; I bought a couple of sportsball team hats based on the colors. It was a short-lived phase.
>> No. 10730 [Edit]
I always get it trimmed when it gets near 50 millimetres.
and I never wear hats.
>> No. 10733 [Edit]
I shave my head bald daily. I don't wear hats, but if I'm wearing a jacket with a hood, I'll sometimes use that.
>> No. 10735 [Edit]
Long hair; don't care
>> No. 10736 [Edit]
About medium sized, a bit on the long side. I prefer not to wear hats
>> No. 10746 [Edit]
>in recent years I preffered flat caps

When I saw the thread I was wondering if I'm the only one. Flat capes are awesome.

Cut my hair once over the course of last ... 5 or so years? But when I did I shaved it bald as I thought it'd be more convenient.

Only vaguely related but I don't think I it would be possible for me not to wash my hair for more than 24 hours. I remember a time when we had a water outage and it was driving me nuts. I couldn't stand it anymore and just plain used mineral water.
>> No. 10750 [Edit]
I have long hair. It's past my shoulders now, which still surprises me, I remember when my hair was really short and I'd always be wishing I had long hair. It falls across my face in such a way that I kind of look like a girl, which suits me fine.
>> No. 10752 [Edit]
Like some others here, I do my own hair with clippers. Grade 2, all over. I'll usually grow a short beard to go with it. 3D may be ugly, but vanity persists...

As for hats, I'm pretty indifferent. I'm from the English countryside, so I can look pretty good in a flat cap.
>> No. 10777 [Edit]
I shave mine all off as soon as it starts growing.

It's feels so much better being bald. I don't wear hats, I never have actually.

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