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10416 No. 10416 [Edit]
For those of you who still have - or yearn for - some form of hope or improvement in life how do you believe it could manifest itself? Exactly what do you want that you feel would improve your situation?

I ask myself this all the time and I can never get an answer. I have everything I could want; a place to sleep, anime to watch, games to play, books to read, food to make and enjoy. But I feel there is more, since I'm still always depressed. Except, I've never been able to figure out what it is I could possibly desire that would make me feel any better.
>> No. 10417 [Edit]
I wish that one of my online friends would visit. I guess that sounds silly, but I'm very lonely. Having that dream makes things more bearable.
>> No. 10419 [Edit]
Do you live near any of them?
>> No. 10420 [Edit]
The one I want to see most is in a different country. Everyone else lives pretty far off, and I live in the middle of nowhere... being jobless doesn't help either. I'm so alone! But it's still a hope.
>> No. 10426 [Edit]
It's just the feeling that you're wasting your life that's nagging you. Funnily enough, if I was immortal I'm sure that the feeling would go away. It's just that life has a time limit.
>> No. 10427 [Edit]
I find myself considering this as well. When I am on my death bed, will I regret this time I spent? Or will I feel bitter that no matter how hard I tried, this part of my life ended up being taken from me by circumstances not under my control?
>> No. 10431 [Edit]

I don't think I'd feel regret toward my life on my death bed. I've enjoyed enough things to be happy. Maybe I'd think "damn I should have done this or that" but whatever, you didn't.
>> No. 10435 [Edit]
I want to move out on my own, away from the largely populated cities of california, or at least away from from my mother, but I have no hope of being able to afford it any time soon, but I like to think, someday...
maybe if I get on ssi, I can save up enough money to get something going, maybe...
>> No. 10439 [Edit]
Good luck getting on SSI. We need to fund the TH somehow.
>> No. 10440 [Edit]
I just hope that someday I wake up thinking "today is a good day to do what has to be done", and proceed to develop my dormant skills and be awesome. But then when I try I realise that I suck hard at everything, having neither the skill nor the motivation, and end up extremely depressed at how useless I am.

I have other dream, that someday maybe I will live a peaceful life in a place far away from other people, and nothing will bother me. But this seems even harder than just waking up being awesome.
>> No. 10484 [Edit]
I just want to be happy
>> No. 10544 [Edit]
I've lived my entire life up to this point being selfish and hedonistic. Everything I've done has been for my own entertainment. I was always incredibly happy with this lifestyle. My hobbies were all that mattered to me.
However, a drug I was taking for another condition had the side-effect of depression. I soon found myself unable to be entertained by anything. Somebody who once lived for nothing but pleasure, now unable to find pleasure in anything. My life has lost all meaning.

To answer your question, I want to return to my normal self. I can only hope to find the proper medication that hits the bullseye soon. My life has come to a complete stand-still until this problem is solved.
>> No. 10558 [Edit]
Let's be honest here, who doesn't live for pleasure. Everything we do can be traced back to a desire for some sort of pleasure whatever it may be. If there was no desire for pleasure, there would be no suffering. Pleasure is what drives us to live one way or another. Without it we wouldn't have a reason to live.

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