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File 135277658341.png - (66.24KB , 574x554 , 1330224514034.png )
12555 No. 12555 [Edit]
What was it that happened that made you stop constantly doubting yourself? Or do you still do?

I feel like nothing is wrong right now. But it also feels like, maybe something is. When you have something, does it give you anxiety?
>> No. 12556 [Edit]
I worry about pretty much everything and the only escape will be my death
>> No. 12566 [Edit]
I still and will always doubt myself.

My sources of anxiety currently are other people, the future, new situations, my surroundings, and probabilities. And maybe a few more things or something.

I wish I were dead.
>> No. 12568 [Edit]
I always doubt myself until I set out and do whatever I was doubting myself about, then I find out it is actually easier than I thought and I had been doubting myself for nothing. The internet is a big contributor to this problem because I swear there's always someone out there making lies about how hard or how horrible something is and then you find out they were lying.
>> No. 12571 [Edit]
I'm constantly doubting my choices for the future. It gives me great anxiety, but I think it makes me feel more human.
>> No. 12575 [Edit]
how idealistic
>> No. 12578 [Edit]
>What was it that happened that made you stop constantly doubting yourself?
I think it was my life, at one point, becoming far more fucked up than even my own self-doubts and fears could have possibly predicted. I mean, I came out of that, but now most of the obsessing I used to do about shit seems absolutely irrelevant. As a happy bi-product of this, I am much less stressed out.

>Or do you still do?
Well, everybody does, but I think I give less of a shit now. I'm actually proud of myself for not throwing the whole towel in years ago. Every day, about an hour or two after I wake up I realize that I am here, drinking my coffee, or posting on an imageboard, or studying, or whatever mundane shit I'm in the middle of, and not laying on a mattress in the middle of a room, shooting drugs into my penis and neck and legs or worse.

I give myself a little pat on the back, there. Good job.

Post edited on 14th Nov 2012, 10:18pm
>> No. 12585 [Edit]
I worry about everything and I'm suspicious of everyone, including myself. In my mind, if there's a chance that something will go wrong, then it will go wrong. Sometimes I don't care, other times I literally can't breathe because of the anxiety.

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