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File 141281571670.jpg - (63.32KB , 694x328 , 10d8050a76046cb143e716fe5acb69a6.jpg )
16744 No. 16744 [Edit]
Would you like to get dominated by your waifu?

I want her to pull my hair and spit in my face and call me worthless while stepping on my crotch.
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>> No. 16745 [Edit]
I wouldn't mind her stepping on my crotch, but it wouldn't have anything to do with being dominated if you catch my drift.
>> No. 16746 [Edit]
I could never do something that degrading to someone I love. I wouldn't want her to do that to me either. I love her as an equal.
>> No. 16748 [Edit]
Same here but I don't mind people who are into it. I think people who do it still love their significant other as an equal.
>> No. 16749 [Edit]
It goes both ways. I like to imaginine her taking the lead sometimes, others I'll take it. Not quite the ways op mentions but being rough in general, holding eachother down, light hitting that sort of thing. Nothing too extreme though.
>> No. 16750 [Edit]
Yes, but not in a cruel way. A cute, friendly way. Like I lost a bet, or she took something I need and won't give it to me until I do something degrading. It's not threatening, it's all in good fun.
>> No. 16753 [Edit]
Yes, but not in an abusive way. I like the idea of loving femdom a lot, where she hurts me physically, but doesn't do things like insult me or anything that causes emotional pain. And this is sexually only, in everyday life, I think of her as an equal.
>> No. 16754 [Edit]
Seconding this.
>> No. 16757 [Edit]
I don't see the connection. How does not caring for femdom or bdsm stuff in my relationship with her have anything to do with that? I personally just hate the idea of domination on either end even if it's only for sexual play.
>> No. 16758 [Edit]
I'm a lot into femdom but I can't see my waifu doing those things, she just isn't that kind of person.
I imagine her as something like my goddess though so it's not really love as an equal like some people said itt.
>> No. 16759 [Edit]
Well she is a bit of a tsundere so when in her tsun mode she might do things like calling me worthless and stepping on my crotch but when I said "I can't see my waifu doing those things" I meant the heavier stuff I usually fap to
>> No. 16769 [Edit]
Its not really degrading in my opinion unless you have cruel intentions behind it. To me its just a spot of fun. You are fulfilling her fetishes or vice versa. And you trust each other enough to be able to do things which might seem extremely abusive if you did it to a stranger.
>> No. 16776 [Edit]
Mine is a dom already, its a quality i like, i think softer femdom is more of a turn on though, like she is in control but she isn't really doing demeaning things to me, however if she does want to break out some handcuffs and a strapon i'm fine with that too.
>> No. 16777 [Edit]
I like to dominate dominating women. And mine's already a bit dominating already, so it's an interesting scenario.
>> No. 16780 [Edit]
File 141313061861.png - (1.53MB , 2056x3022 , img000011.png )
Miia was basically made for tender loving femdom, I want her to wrap me up and whisper lewd things she's going to do to me in my ear.
Falling asleep exhausted and wrapped in her cuddling me sounds like heaven
>> No. 16784 [Edit]
That looks like a huge penis in the thumbnail.
>> No. 16785 [Edit]
File 141316254428.jpg - (887.31KB , 1200x1764 , g.jpg )
i just realized i posted the unedited version
>> No. 16797 [Edit]
This post got me thinking about the use of strap-on in dominance relationships. I think the penis is supposed to imply power, and that the female is now the perosn who 'wears the pants'.

To me this seems unsophisticated. A woman can be dominant without taking on masculine characteristics and its much more interesting if she does, know what I'm saying. I'm not really sure how to word it.
>> No. 16800 [Edit]
>A woman can be dominant without taking on masculine characteristics
I agree. I never really understood the whole "penis as a power symbol" thing. I think the idea of simply being bound or otherwise held down and then being forcefully mated with is plenty dominant enough, and a rather appealing scenario to me personally (as it involves clear domination without necessarily bringing physical pain or insults into the equation).
>> No. 16809 [Edit]
She's fine with being on top, we generally keep it 50/50 with who gets control in the bedroom, so to speak. It keeps things interesting.
>> No. 16856 [Edit]
File 141368722752.jpg - (298.58KB , 1000x1000 , 44851511.jpg )
My waifu is definitely on the dom side, however it wouldn't go beyond some playful teasing and soft femdom in the bedroom. Nothing abusive, demeaning or painful.
As rough as she may be, being a warrior who adores fighting and all, I always imagined that she'd be secretely overprotective and adoring towards her hubby, even if she definitely would be tsundere about it and try not to show it.
>> No. 17953 [Edit]
Already do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>> No. 17958 [Edit]
>dominated by
>the strapon does not represent power
>dominated by
>the strapon does not represent power
>dominated by
>does not represent power
>...from latin dominātus: absolute power

That's quite a flawed logic.
>> No. 17959 [Edit]
He's such a sweetheart I can't even imagine it, but I'd love to see him try!
>> No. 18124 [Edit]
File 143189560468.png - (383.62KB , 780x480 , hartmann-leer.png )
Yes, I love it. She is a frighteningly good domme and can make me sub hard at will with little more than a look.

>> No. 18128 [Edit]
File 143201581527.png - (181.89KB , 500x464 , hcpbsu.png )
Yes, and the reverse as well, but nothing degrading like spit and namecalling.

The life fibers introduce some interesting possibilities on both sides of things.
>> No. 18129 [Edit]
File 143201617759.jpg - (153.80KB , 600x600 , 41338601.jpg )
The other way around! There's no other way my Yunocchi would have it either. Seeing her try is definitely something wonderfully adorable, but it'd all be futile.

Nothing extreme though, merely playful teasing and a bit of fun, that goes just a bit too far - but no pain, never.
>> No. 18158 [Edit]
Nothing too rough, violent or degrading, but yeah, definitely; being the sort of ovaries-to-the-wall type that Rei is, I could totally see her handcuffing me down and saying things like 'pffft, that made you come? Already? You lightweight.' Naturally, I would want her to keep going until I fainted...

Given that she's part tiger and probably preternaturally strong, she could probably break me and heavens, how I'd enjoy it ~shiver~...
>> No. 18182 [Edit]
Oh hell yeah. Ian's a Dom through and through, and he keeps surprising me more and more. I didn't even know I was submissive until I met him, but now we've gotten to the point where the right look can make me drop right to my knees.
>> No. 18190 [Edit]
Not really relevant but while reading this a Jurassic World commercial came on and immediately following Jeff Goldblum promoting apartments.com.
>> No. 18191 [Edit]
Is that like a jurassic park but with the whole world being the park?
>> No. 18193 [Edit]
It's still set on Isla Nublar but the dinosaur park is in different area than the first one; it's just using the word 'world' in the name of the park, like Disney World.

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