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File 132161309796.jpg - (277.21KB , 678x1000 , 0564.jpg )
7319 No. 7319 [Edit]
With the light novel coming out in two weeks, I thought of making a Doremi thread. Any other brohnos seen it? What are your favorite characters/seasons/episodes? What are your fears and hopes for the LN?

For those who don't know it, in nutshell it's Heartcatch but instead of fighting it centers around drama and character development.
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>> No. 7329 [Edit]
>Heartcatch with drama and character development

Picked UP
>> No. 7333 [Edit]
It's been in my backlog forever. Never got around to starting it.
>> No. 7342 [Edit]
I feel a bit odd "plugging," but if anyone wants to watch it, ask for "Fansubber" in the IRC room and I'll help you out with getting subs, since I help out with the fansub project.

I go by a different name in the IRC room, but I'll still respond to Fansubber. And yes, we do plan to translate the light novel, but not until we finish season 4.
>> No. 7343 [Edit]
File 13217250007.jpg - (434.16KB , 1024x768 , 1289086592557.jpg )
The first two seasons are good, but the show becomes really great and starting in the third season. Earlier on the creators were restrained by a limited number of green-lit episodes and by the producers' choices to keep it more child oriented, but they got a lot more freedom to work with once the show proved itself successful financially.

It still stays the same cutesy merchandise driven loli magical girl comedy but it gets more mature and emotional, adding darker themes such as miscarriage, parental abuse/neglect, cultural/racial/religious prejudice, sexual growth, social anxiety, depression, death, etc.
It never gets too dark though, it always stays funny and heartwarming while still handling the darker themes tastefully and maturely.

If you enjoy the first season then continue, it gets much better in every way. Pic related, you won't get a taste of sweet Momoko until season 3.
>> No. 7344 [Edit]
File 132172632595.jpg - (47.02KB , 640x480 , snapshot20110914223607.jpg )
Couldn't have said it better myself. The show is great, and it's (usually) pretty easy to ignore some of the merchandisey aspects of it. Helping to sub it is the greatest honor in my life. Pic related, my waifu
>> No. 7354 [Edit]
Sounds great sir.
>> No. 7366 [Edit]
Ojamajo Doremi was one of the shows that aired in my country when I was younger.

I don't really know why, but somehow I always felt attracted to it. Of course I couldn’t admit that because I was a boy and Ojamajo Doremi was… well, definitely not something that a normal boy would watch. And even though I liked the show, I never saw a full episode because I was too scared that my parents could come in my room and see what I was watching. Eventually, Ojamajo Doremi stopped airing and I forgot about it.

Like 10 years later or something, I saw Ojamajo Doremi being mentioned on /a/ and I became interested in it again. Watching Ojamajo Doremi as an adult is probably even weirder than watching it as a boy, but I didn’t really care about social norms and stuff like that anymore. And if I could watch stuff like K-ON! or Princess Tutu, Ojamajo Doremi shouldn’t be a problem either. Eventually, I downloaded the first season.

I loved it.

I haven’t started the second season yet, but I think I’m going to do that in the next few weeks. Ojamajo Doremi became, despite its childish appearance, one of my favorite Mahou-Shoujos.
>> No. 7515 [Edit]
File 132282719336.jpg - (574.71KB , 1680x1050 , 23412689.jpg )
The light novel is out!

Too bad YesAsia will start shipping it like two weeks after the release.
>> No. 8973 [Edit]
File 133214228335.jpg - (18.16KB , 257x206 , Ojamajo_Doremi_05_[NDK][1A536908]_avi_snapshot_05_.jpg )
I've just picked this show up and I am enjoying this more than I have any of the Precures so far, and that is saying something. It doesn't get stale like the MotW mahou shoujos and it makes me laugh more than most of the "comedy" anime. It sort of feels less like an anime and more like a really good cartoon, that happens to have cute lolis in it. I give my approval, and look forward to S3 when it supposedly starts to really pick up.
>> No. 9992 [Edit]
File 133990131065.jpg - (61.27KB , 640x480 , snapshot20120607195745.jpg )
Wow, I am 3 months late on this, so I doubt you'll see it... who knows.
Glad you're liking it so much. It really is a charming series that's hard to describe accurately and do it justice. It has a nice balance of slice of life, comedy, and drama that isn't forced or weird. It's also one of the few shows that seems to get better with every season, although for season 2 and season 3 it depends on the individual person (some think S2 is the weakest while others think S3 is the weakest).

Season 4 is a goddamn rollercoaster with every single aspect of the series taken up to 11 with Hana's antics, classmate character development, the episodes involving the former queen, and then like 5-6 bombshell bawwww episodes surrounding the Ojamajos.

Thank you for watching. I'm a bit embarassed that the early episodes suffer in quality somewhat. A few typos, some inconsistent terminology, and sentences that could have been worded better or more accurately, but for me personally, it is a labor of love.
>> No. 11398 [Edit]
So, anyone else here still happen to be watching? How about you, >>8973
Are you still enjoying it? It would be great to talk about the show with someone else here who likes it. I'm also in the IRC room too.
>> No. 12180 [Edit]
File 135136655629.jpg - (27.98KB , 305x340 , high-quality-thesaurus.jpg )

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