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File 135699701156.jpg - (102.98KB , 675x1000 , 658569678.jpg )
19803 No. 19803 [Edit]
Happy New Year, Tohno-chan.
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>> No. 19805 [Edit]
you are!
>> No. 19806 [Edit]
Happy new year guys! Remember, don't commit sudoku yet! Loads of great anime, videogames and music coming out in 2013!
>> No. 19807 [Edit]
Happy new year, everyone.

I love you.
>> No. 19808 [Edit]
Happy new year and stuff, I guess.
>> No. 19809 [Edit]
Happy new year TC.
>> No. 19810 [Edit]
File 135700087537.png - (751.20KB , 950x700 , bottle.png )
>> No. 19811 [Edit]
Happy new year!
2013 feels nice
>> No. 19812 [Edit]
don't spoil it for me, I haven't gotten there yet!
>> No. 19813 [Edit]
So what's your resolution guys? Mine is to get a job and a driver's license. Gotta have money for figs and all that.
>> No. 19814 [Edit]
to become the very best, like no one ever was
>> No. 19815 [Edit]
That was my resolution last year. I got the job, bought 7 figs and now I wish I were dead
>> No. 19816 [Edit]
Getting a job was my resolution last year. I tried all year and failed! :V
>> No. 19817 [Edit]
I tried for nearly 6 months and couldn't find one, in the end I had to ask my dad to make a phone call. It's all about who you know
>> No. 19818 [Edit]
Same. I also want to have a sentient tulpa by the end of the year.
>> No. 19819 [Edit]
>> No. 19820 [Edit]
Year of the snake?
>> No. 19821 [Edit]
That's what all the new years pics on pixiv lead me to believe
>> No. 19822 [Edit]
I hope you all guys have a happy new year, from the bottom of my heart
>> No. 19823 [Edit]
>and now I wish I were dead
Why? did you lose the job? did you buy more that you could afford?
>> No. 19824 [Edit]
Happy new year!
>> No. 19825 [Edit]
Man, I haven't showered since last year!
>> No. 19826 [Edit]
I have no free time. I can only stay up til 4 am two times a week.
>> No. 19827 [Edit]
File 135702635142.jpg - (280.13KB , 558x728 , 32534356.jpg )
One of my aunts came up with his (little Asperger moronic kid and his) idiotic husband, whom my mother hates. My aunt knew, as everyone does, that she was imposing but she didn't care and, once again, no one said anything (and my mother asked me not to). So I spent the new year's eve with my mother to make her company, locked in her dark room (she's become quite the hiki herself over the last year), until they were gone and she could finally go to bathroom and take a pill for her headache (and yet another sleeping pill, as she has to fight insomnia induced by constant physical pain)... But all in all, in the end we managed to keep a good spirit.

Happy new year, /tc/. Fucking son of a bitch world sucks but hey, who would have tell, we're still here.
>> No. 19828 [Edit]
That really sucks. But try to think of it as an investing in your collectibles and the sustentability of your private world (that's what I do).
>> No. 19829 [Edit]
2008 was 5 years ago.

Happy New Year /tc/.
>> No. 19832 [Edit]
I'll try my best

Happy new year to you all
>> No. 19837 [Edit]
あけおめ とおのちゃん
>> No. 19841 [Edit]
its still 2012 in my timezone
>> No. 19842 [Edit]
it seems I slept through the whole ruckus and didnt realize it was 2013 till i saw this thread.
>> No. 19843 [Edit]
My nigga
>> No. 20560 [Edit]
>> No. 20568 [Edit]
What is the reason for the bump? Did somebody else just find out that it was 2013 from this thread?
>> No. 20569 [Edit]
chinese new year, ever hear of it?
>> No. 20570 [Edit]
Way to be a dick about it.
>> No. 20573 [Edit]
I had no idea that people here followed that. I also don't keep track of that so I apologize for my ignorance.
>> No. 20578 [Edit]
>I had no idea that people here followed that

thats what OP pic is about; year of the snake
>> No. 20582 [Edit]
This isn't 4chan.
>> No. 20586 [Edit]
Nobody cares about 4shit. Shut up!
>> No. 20667 [Edit]
Most people here came from there though, we are probably the same people you hate so much in a different place. Let's just accept that if any of us actually knew each other we would probably hate each other, so lets just take it easy by not arguing over who is a bigger piece of shit but accepting we are all pieces of unlikable shit for different reasons.

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