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File 132452811737.jpg - (89.69KB , 300x400 , 234-0401_02.jpg )
12032 No. 12032 [Edit]
Tell me one thing about you that you believe is exclusive to you alone, as a trait that is yours.

I feel uncomfortable during hours that end in odd numbers, they simply do not feel correct.
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>> No. 12037 [Edit]
I don't believe there's anything unique about me. It's all been done before, thought before. I guess I am what's unique about me? You know, at a genetic level.
>> No. 12040 [Edit]
File 132455241720.jpg - (19.60KB , 528x593 , cowboy bebop goes insane.jpg )
I cant leave my TV/stereo volume control on an odd number
>> No. 12042 [Edit]
File 132455944720.png - (10.06KB , 400x400 , 1293514302241.png )
>> No. 12043 [Edit]

Yeah I have to have mine at a number ending with 0
>> No. 12045 [Edit]
Houses not in a north-south or east-west orientation do not feel liveable to me.

And yes, I can tell just by looking at the house if it is diagonal to the cardinal directions.
>> No. 12046 [Edit]

Oh yeah, it's same-y for me. Back at home I always set it to multiples of 3 (so either 18 or 21 usually), now I use 5 as basis (i.e. I usually go with 20).


0s or 5s, the only way to go. Can't imagine it any other way nowadays.

I've got another quirk, except this one is enough to give some OCD ridden people a heart attack - I always wear my headphones uh... um, 'upside down'? As in left bud in right ear and vice versa. Not by accident of course.
>> No. 12048 [Edit]
File 132457256562.jpg - (43.34KB , 636x347 , noooooooooooothing.jpg )
>> No. 12050 [Edit]
I'll better tell you one thing that no one, NO ONE, can possibly do: to look at their own eyes... and how can you tell you know yourself, if you haven't even look directly into your eyes?
>> No. 12051 [Edit]
I do this for hours a day.
I have one droopy eyelid I need to keep a watch on and exercise, so I always have a hand mirror around to flex my eye and blink a lot, along with figuring out what amount of strength I need to supply to that lid as opposed to the other when just walking around normally.
>> No. 12052 [Edit]
I can't think of anything.
>> No. 12054 [Edit]
I'm too bland for this I think.
>> No. 12058 [Edit]
File 132459399768.jpg - (278.04KB , 840x1087 , I (eye).jpg )

Obviously, I didn't take this as valid: a mirror is something else you're looking at and, tell you something? mirrors lie. What is reflected there is not you but a virtual (and partial/deformed) image of you, essentially not different than the one you'd get from watching a photo or a video of yourself. You're not really looking into your eyes; your eyes are the part of you that sees everything else, but the curse of having them is the fact that they represent the very limit of what you can possibly see and not, namely, themselves, and thus (a part of) yourself. Like the japanese proverb they said once in Maria+holic 2ndS (I think) used to tell: "Eyes can't roll inwards" i.e. it might be actually harder to know and judge yourself, than anything else...

And, just to think even forward: a man can own a mirror, but does that mean he can own what is shown on it? (this one example was from Wittgenstein's "Zettel")
>> No. 12059 [Edit]
I can "vibrate" my eyes in my sockets, which always impressed whoever I showed it off to. Although I have met other people who can do it.

I think the only unique trait I have is an obsession with depriving myself from everything, I'll only let myself eat one meal a day, I've gone for over a year without masturbating, stuff like that. I dont really have any reason to, but I just enjoy depriving myself of different things
>> No. 12060 [Edit]
If I have anything unique it would probably be my flexibility with the volume question. Multiples of 10 or 4 or powers of 2 is what I accept.
>> No. 12061 [Edit]
I can move my nose alars at will... unlike cocaine adicts who can't control it.
>> No. 12062 [Edit]
I prefer to pee sitting down.

I set the microwave for times like 66 seconds, 1:11, 2:34, 3:57, but never even minutes or half-minutes.

>I can "vibrate" my eyes in my sockets, which always impressed whoever I showed it off to. Although I have met other people who can do it.

I can do that too.
>> No. 12064 [Edit]
File 132459895686.jpg - (54.36KB , 334x499 , 6a0120a85dcdae970b0120a86dacdf970b.jpg )
You know what's interesting? if you type, for example, 8-0 on a microwave, it will read it as 80 seconds (wich btw is already more than one minute); but if you type, say, 1-2-0, it will read it as one minute and twenty seconds, wich is not the same than a hundred and twenty seconds... curious, uh?
>> No. 12065 [Edit]

I pee sitting down too.
>> No. 12066 [Edit]
My lips spasms if I try to fake a smile.
>> No. 12067 [Edit]
I pee from the longest distance I can reach as I stand and always from the sides of the toilet, never from the very front of it, as it will hit the sides of the bowl and not make noises of the water being disturbed.
>> No. 12068 [Edit]
I pee sitting down, but only at home, and only because I can't wee and get all the urine out of my shaft without spraying pee everywhere.
>> No. 12070 [Edit]

I can kinda uh... 'blow' air out of my eyesockets.


>I prefer to pee sitting down.

>> No. 12073 [Edit]
During exams my eyes get tired from staring at such a close distance for so long. I have to give them a break but looking at something far away, but then im scared someone will accuse me of cheating.

I can do that too if I close my nostrils and blow out of them. When I was a kid and had really bad nosebleeds, blood would come out of my eyes.
>> No. 12074 [Edit]
I can't enjoy stories, because they feel like lies.
>> No. 12114 [Edit]
I can tense my tensor tympani muscle at will, but only in my left ear.
>> No. 12115 [Edit]
my SSN
>> No. 12126 [Edit]
If I have to do something I feel I can't do I'll listen to Raidou Kuzunoha's theme to pick myself up and get going on it.
>> No. 12127 [Edit]
Similarly, I listen to the detective agency theme, "Murmurs" to chill out with a nice drink. The Raidou games have my favorite SMT soundtracks.
>> No. 12150 [Edit]
Okay, I think I got one.

I get a really big urge to shit when I'm doing an extremely improtant exam.
>> No. 12151 [Edit]
I run various computer scans when I first get on in the morning and it always makes me need to shit
>> No. 12153 [Edit]
File 132510545562.jpg - (75.59KB , 1100x800 , 618271.jpg )
Talking about the Raidou Kuzunoha games:
Remember how the demons that you used in soulless army can join you back in king abaddon?
Well, I didn't know that at first, I spent the entire first playing exclusively with a moh shuuvuh, and I was planning to do so again in the sequel. When I started the second game, I tried creating a moh shuvuuh again as soon as possible, and got her a lot of good fusion skills. Later when I was training with her I found my old demon, but she wouldn't join me, since you can't have two of the same kind in your party at the same time.
For some reason this really depressed me and I stopped playing. It felt like I had cheated on her somehow.
>> No. 12154 [Edit]
Today I decided to quit eating chicken. For awhile now I would feel bad about doing so because I would think of Mystia Lorelei - who's as close as a character can be without being a waifu.
>> No. 12155 [Edit]
File 132511739460.png - (147.68KB , 800x413 , 800px-Biological_clock_human_svg.png )
Its common to feel like doing a shit in the morning. Just replace 8:30pm on this pic for whenever you do the computer scan.
>> No. 12156 [Edit]
Why Moh Shuvuuh? And for the entire game? Did you just power her up/fuse on skills with mitamas?
>> No. 12157 [Edit]
File 132512750746.png - (970.96KB , 858x1200 , 18895814.png )

No, I just thought she was cute.
The game is really easy, her dia skill when I got her magic maxed healed a lot too.
Since I focused Raidou on strength, I gave her all my magic incenses, and that raised her stat limits.
>> No. 12158 [Edit]
I used to think she was pretty gross looking, rather than cute. Because of the weird make-up look. But she's grown on me the more SMT I've played.

And then I read this in Strange Journey's compendium: "Meaning "evil bird", it's the ghost of a young girl who died without knowing love in Buryat folklore. She seduces travelers, only to crack their heads open and suck out their brains with her beak."
>> No. 12159 [Edit]
File 132513557242.jpg - (435.53KB , 1588x2276 , Kikuri-hime.jpg )
I never saw her that way. Then again, a lot of SMT female demons have that kind of weird look, or weirder, Kikuri-hime as one example. So maybe you just get used to it.
>> No. 12160 [Edit]
Hua Po is the worst for me, I always see people saying she's cute, but I just don't see it. I prefer Jorougumo, Lamia and Pixie.
>> No. 12234 [Edit]
But everything seen is a virtual (and partial/deformed) image on the retina of someone.
>> No. 12239 [Edit]
File 132575967586.jpg - (253.58KB , 844x1096 , logica.jpg )

Indeed... and, if you give enough credit to all this: what does it tells you, not just about your vision in general, but about every single experience of the world you've ever had?

That it's all, actually, virtual; it's all inauthentic and, hence, whatever you can possibly conclude from it, will be essentially false (in the actual -and inaccesible- world).

All the things you've been whitness of; all the people you've ever "known"; all the theories and models we construct about any phenomena wich are all ultimately based on some biasing and deceiving sensorial experience, are nothing but mirages: everything you've lived isn't all any less of an illusion than anything you had experienced sollely on your imagination; whatever you have felt outside isn't any more objective/real than, say, the feelings you've got from stories, characters and works of art: from frontal lies...

The analysis of the flat example of virtuality that constitutes a mirror, serves as a link to face this general condition of us.

"Nothing exists; all is a dream. Haruhi, man, the world, the sun, the moon, the wilderness of stars: a dream, all a dream; they have no existence. Nothing exists save empty space -and you!... It is all a dream, a grotesque and foolish dream... [So] Dream other dreams, and better!"

-Mark Twain (The Mysterious Stranger)
>> No. 12240 [Edit]
File 132576936236.jpg - (19.13KB , 198x210 , pro dudez.jpg )
are you saying there is no such thing as empirical truth? wouldnt your own theory fall into the same category of things that cant possibly be true?
>> No. 12241 [Edit]
>are you saying there is no such thing as empirical truth?
Yes: there's no such thing; taking sensorial experiences as facts it's merely a (necessary?) convention.

>wouldn't your own theory fall into the same category of things that cant possibly be true?
You choose:

- Yes, as long it's finally somehow bounded by the world (as I am); it's nothing but more speculation: more lies.

- No, as it constitutes a meta-theory about the experience process itself, and not about any actual experience in particular; it's at a different level, hence its plausibility shouldn't be tested by the very same criteria that it's serving it to test its own subject (not distinguishing these levels and carelessly mixing theory and meta-theory, language and meta-language, it's known to cause paradoxes even on pure logical/mathematical discourses -like Russell's or Richard's- wich, nevertheless, just by themselves do not prove the theory false).

Sorry OP, no more derail.

Post edited on 5th Jan 2012, 1:16pm

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