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File 140644302898.jpg - (140.96KB , 800x600 , tc watchmeetup.jpg )
20212 No. 20212 [Edit]
Since the first experiment with watching anime together was a not entirely complete failure we decided to ask for the users' input on the next phase. All you need to do is make a post with:
- Which times/time ranges you're available to participate. Posting in UTC is not necessary but encouraged, as it makes comparing times easier.
- As many anime from your backlog as you want.

We plan to begin the next one two weeks from now(08/06). Five days before that(08/01) we'll post the time and the most voted anime and agree on which release to use.
We'll stick with the time agreed on this voting as long as people are ok with it.

Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions besides time/anime.

For those that didn't participate yet, here's the steps on how to join us:
1- Get Syncplay and one of the supported video clients.
2- Get the anime chosen for the current "season", getting the suggested release is encouraged but it should work with anything that has simmilar timing(thanks >>20226)
3- When the time we decided comes, open the episode we'll be watching on that day with syncplay and use those data to connect to our room:
Server address: syncplay.pl:8995
Default room: tc

Syncplay has no chat feature, so you may join us at IRC(#tohno-chan at irc.rizon.net) to talk about the anime as we watch it.
Post edited on 27th Jul 2014, 9:40pm
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>> No. 20213 [Edit]
We also decided to watch Tenkuu Danzato Skelter Heaven on the side next saturday(08/02), same time(04:00AM GMT). Feel free to join us for the horror.
Get it here: http://bakabt.me/127724-tenkuu-danzato-skelter-heaven-angelic-anime.html

Post edited on 27th Jul 2014, 9:43pm
>> No. 20214 [Edit]
Maybe you guys can get me to finally watch Cowboy Bebop...?
>> No. 20216 [Edit]
I just want to watch something I haven't seen before and something that is also interesting. Also, I kind of don't want to use IRC.
>> No. 20217 [Edit]
I agree. We have a perfectly good board right here to discuss this, why use IRC?
>> No. 20218 [Edit]
What did you really all drop Yume Tsukai? There's no way you finished it already.
>> No. 20219 [Edit]
one ep left, just making plans for the nest show.
>> No. 20220 [Edit]
irc is just for real time conversations while watching the show together. It's not required.
>> No. 20222 [Edit]
As with Yume Tsukai, we'll probably have threads to discuss the anime in the board too. I think IRC works better for talking about the anime as we watch it, but you are free to join us on syncplay without joining IRC or just watching by yourself without syncplay and using the board to discuss.

Last episode is tomorrow. I think one other dude dropped it. We just thought it would be nice to start organizing things better for the next one, in hopes that we'd get more people in and a less shitty anime to watch.
>> No. 20223 [Edit]
And thus you start out by watching Tenkuu Danzato Skelter Heaven, nice idea.
>> No. 20224 [Edit]
Tohno said it's one of those "so bad it's good" shows. Even if he's wrong and it's really so bad it's bad, it's just a 20min OVA.
And as I said, it's just something we're doing on the side to keep things going while deciding on the anime and time for the next one.
>> No. 20225 [Edit]
I know, I'm the one who suggested it. I was kidding in >>20223

Post edited on 27th Jul 2014, 2:39am
>> No. 20226 [Edit]
It's not true that Syncplay won't work if you have different releases.

As long as the timing is same (or similar) you'll experience no issues.
>> No. 20227 [Edit]
It says different file though
>> No. 20228 [Edit]
For 15 seconds
>> No. 20229 [Edit]
Makes sense. I'll edit out the offending part of the OP then. Thanks for clearing it up.
I suppose the lack of openings on some BD rips and eyecatches on TV rips are enough to knock the timing off? Then we'll still be encouraging people to at least get releases from a common source.
>> No. 20231 [Edit]
I would advise some things from the point of view of someone who hasn't participated in the last collective watching: you guys should use a more simple method than this Syncplay. Having the hassle of having to download and learn how to use a obscure program to watch anime is quite a demotivation to participate. Maybe you guys could just set a stream channel and have one person stream at a specific time. Also updating this post when the episode is about to run would be nice to remember and attract viewers who might have forgotten. Lastly, you guys should watch Azumanga Daioh.
>> No. 20233 [Edit]
>you guys should use a more simple method than this Syncplay. Having the hassle of having to download and learn how to use a obscure program to watch anime is quite a demotivation to participate.
All you need to learn is filling a couple of boxes to connect and maybe downloading a compatible video player. If that's enough to turn off a bunch of people, then I guess it can be reconsidered.

>Maybe you guys could just set a stream channel and have one person stream at a specific time.
One of the advantages of syncplay is that it allows people with slow connections to join in too.

>Also updating this post when the episode is about to run would be nice to remember and attract viewers who might have forgotten.
That's a good idea.
>> No. 20234 [Edit]
Just noticed I completely fucked up the dates. Everything should take place in August, not September.
Sorry for the confusion.
>> No. 20237 [Edit]
The program is not hard to use and most people on this board are pretty good with technology anyways.
>> No. 20238 [Edit]
I'll only have time around 01-03PM and 04AM UTC.

Cowboy Bebop
Cyber City Oedo 808
El Hazard
Ghost Hound
Kino no Tabi
Macross Frontier
Zetsuen no Tempest
Saint Onii-san

Let's do it marine.
>> No. 20240 [Edit]

The 3 minute video on the syncplay website gives you all the info you need, and surely you know how to work torrents.

Streaming quality is shit and even then when you watch a livestream only around half the time it will actually work rather than stopping to buffer ever 20 seconds on mobile quality... all while you have a 10Mb/s connection.
>> No. 20241 [Edit]
How is Syncplay obscure?
>> No. 20246 [Edit]
11AM-4AM GMT would be best

PaniPoni Dash
Its not my fault....etc.
Mushishi S1
Kino's Journey
Big O
Love Hina
Early Miyazaki films
Anything GUNDAM
CLANNAD AfterStory
Non-Non Biyori
Love Live
[email protected]
La Blue Girl
>> No. 20247 [Edit]
Thanks for your work. Are permissions for individual users in the works?

It is easy to use and works on Windows and UNIX/Linux. Plus, there are some people here who cannot handle streaming media, and must pre-download it. It worked very well during the last group watch.
>> No. 20249 [Edit]
I can only assume you're quoting something from the website. fyi, being in production doesn't make something obscure anymore than minecraft was during it's lengthy beta period. If you want obscure try looking around.
>> No. 20255 [Edit]

I mean, I'm being kicked around by one of our guys to code if for a month at least now . I lately have little time to code outside the work.
>> No. 20256 [Edit]
What's obscure about Syncplay?
>> No. 20257 [Edit]
Nothing from what I can tell. nice job btw, keep up the good work.
>> No. 20264 [Edit]
pani poni dash
>> No. 20265 [Edit]
How about the dubbed version of Ghost Stories? It's stupid enough to have a laugh with its black humor and stuff.

Or we could watch some shounen stuff like Outlaw Star or One Piece or something and throw in some series featuring cute girls doing cute things.

I don't really mind watching something as long as it's interesting and is fun in some way.
>> No. 20269 [Edit]
File 140680646383.png - (25.55KB , 178x583 , partial results.png )
One day left for voting. We're heading for a triple tie as it is.

Hope I didn't forget to count anybody's post.
>> No. 20270 [Edit]
I wasn't really serious about the One Piece one. I was just using it as an example since it isn't that bad, but I kind of doubt that anybody would want to download all 600+ episodes just so we could all watch them together and the whole thing about there potentially being people that don't care for it. We could watch Read or Die in its place instead.

Also, the whole voting thing went over my head, so I neglected to do that when making these suggestions. I'll just vote for Pani Poni Dash.
>> No. 20271 [Edit]
File 140683144683.png - (25.68KB , 178x583 , partial results.png )
Pani Poni dashes ahead and takes the lead.

And no more time suggestions?

I wouldn't put long series out of the table entirely, but we'd almost certainly not watch them all in one shot. Maybe one season every time it wins the vote, whatever, we can sort it out in case one of those ever wins.

Post edited on 31st Jul 2014, 11:57am
>> No. 20272 [Edit]
If it's not too long, I wouldn't mind taking this chance to see the first season of gundam.
outlaw star and utena would be cool too. Wouldn't mind seeing gunbuster & diebuster again if it's with the re-released versions with extended content I've heard about.

Post edited on 31st Jul 2014, 4:06pm
>> No. 20277 [Edit]
lucky star
>> No. 20278 [Edit]
Azumanga Daioh.
>> No. 20281 [Edit]
Kino no tabi

I like pani poni, but the pacing is pretty non-stop for a chatroom whereas kino is the opposite
>> No. 20284 [Edit]
File 140691226055.png - (28.14KB , 178x614 , partial results.png )
In four hours, or whenever I wake up, I'm closing down the voting and posting the final result.

Considered first season of Gundam to count as "Anything GUNDAM" and I'm too lazy to keep track of the extended Gunbuster/Diebuster separatedly.
>> No. 20285 [Edit]
1st gundam!
>> No. 20286 [Edit]
Will we get the chance to vote our favorite of the top ones if its a draw?
>> No. 20287 [Edit]
I really don't recommend Pani poni dash or Lucky star. Comedies that base on situational gags often turned to be bad for Syncplay in my team. Things like Cromartie Highschool or Nichijou are better when watching alone really. On the other hand Danshi Koukosei no Nichijou turned out to be awesome watch... If you want comedy I'd recommend that or Jintai.

With Kino no Tabi you'd want to discuss loads after the episode rather than during the session.

My personal recommendations would be as follows:
- Read or Die OVA (because it's awesome and short - that's great if you want to check out Syncplay)
- Bungaku Shoujo - the same reasons as above
- Mielnium Actress / Perfect blue
- Ga-rei: Zero
- Shinsekai Yori - though it has 26 episodes this was one of the series I had most fun ever with Syncplay

If I were to go with things on that list:
- Zetsuen no Tempest works very fine.
- Saint Onii-san also
- Gun/Diebuster - Personally I'm not very fond of those shows, but I guess they work.
- Ghost Hound - I would pick it again (I alredy dropped it twice!) as some friends recommend it to me hard if you were to watch it here .
>> No. 20288 [Edit]

Also Big O vote, as I heard it's good.
>> No. 20289 [Edit]
It's not like synchplay is any different than watching a stream. I'm sure everyone here has done something like this before.
>> No. 20290 [Edit]
I've got vastly different experiences. But it also depends on how you approach it. I'm watching with team up to 5 people on Mumble (VoIP) and we do get to talk/laugh during the episodes and also discussion after. So I just made my post based on the expeirences with that.
>> No. 20291 [Edit]
This weekend I'm lonely on my mumble, my whole team dead. If anybody would like to watch something with me I'm on syncplay.pl mumble...
(GMT compatible)
>> No. 20292 [Edit]
Well we just chat on irc during the episode. Would be cool if you could join us too.
>> No. 20293 [Edit]
I sure will if you watch something fun during reasonable time .

What's the point of saging sticky post...?

>> No. 20295 [Edit]
Use kakusu instead, the point is that it's more polite. There's no point in abusing the spoiler function though.
>> No. 20296 [Edit]
>it's more polite
Not to the people f5ing the front page.
>> No. 20297 [Edit]
No I meant it's polite for exactly those people because you don't bother them with your off topic talk.
>> No. 20298 [Edit]
Anything's better than nothing.
>> No. 20299 [Edit]
How did you know that we are using your software? Did you crawl google until you finally found out people talk about your software?
Just kidding, but really how did you know?
>> No. 20300 [Edit]
File 140693194393.png - (41.62KB , 214x702 , final results.png )
Five-way tie here we go! Let's try to solve this in 24 hours? If the tie persists we throw another 24 at it.
For this step let's pick only one of the top voted anime(conveniently marked in nacho cheese yellow).

And we'll stick to the 4AM UTC then.

Please correct me if I miscounted/misinterpreted some votes, as we may decide to use this data for the next season too instead of forcing everybody to completely repost their suggestions.

Here I assumed the guy who suggested RoD earlier wanted to watch the OVA too but the guy who suggested the OVA didn't want to watch the series.

Join us for Skelter then. As for mumble, I don't think my brain can handle listening japanese and listening/reading/speaking english at the same time.
>> No. 20301 [Edit]
If people can't decide you could give each top ranking anime a number and punch them into random.org to pick the winner.
>> No. 20302 [Edit]
So can all the people who already voted now vote again or are they out? I'd vote pani poni out of those again.
>> No. 20303 [Edit]
I'm fine with only watching the OVA. I just want to have fun and stuff. I don't plan on a forcing this into my own personal anime viewer thing.

As for the choice, I believe that you should go with >>20301's suggestion and use that to choose something. Maybe even keep the winner in a spoiler as a surprise so that we could have something unexpected for those that don't mind watching anything and information for those that want it.
>> No. 20304 [Edit]
Everybody gets to vote again.

I think voting is more transparent, but that sounds like a good last resort. I'll pick a random one in case we still have a tie after the 24 hour extension.

It's your choice, really. Either way it gets down to the votes.

Okay with spoiling the winner. Just hope people won't forget to check it ahead of time to start downloading.
>> No. 20305 [Edit]
How are you gonna spoiler the winner if links don't work in spoilers? Would you not link to a torrent or maybe mask the url?
>> No. 20307 [Edit]
As long as people don't read where the link links to they won't find out who won. Then I can just put the winner's name in a spoiler and link the torrent with html.
But I think I can mess with the html in a way that hyperlinks work(in a way) inside spoilers. I'll see it when we get there.
>> No. 20308 [Edit]
Welp, there's no point in using a spoiler if everybody knows what we're going to watch since we still have to vote for it. I mostly just meant for that if you were to have gone with using random. org to pick one out of the chosen.

Anyway, I guess that I'll vote for Pani Poni since that's what >>20302 wants.
>> No. 20310 [Edit]
Well, yeah, I thought that was clear.
>> No. 20319 [Edit]
for the final vote thing I'll vote first gundam
>> No. 20320 [Edit]
I'm putting my vote on Gunbuster.
>> No. 20321 [Edit]
I vote for Pani Poni Dash on the final
>> No. 20322 [Edit]
One of us actually crawls google, as we can find feedback or some hilarious comments there.

I just found you in analytics
>> No. 20323 [Edit]
File 140696349461.jpg - (135.46KB , 800x800 , qnuraver_007.jpg )
>> No. 20324 [Edit]
That a vote for love live?
>> No. 20326 [Edit]
Okay, voting is over. Pani Poni got 3 votes, everything else got 1 at most.
That makes Pani Poni Dash the next anime.

After reading a bit on the releases I'm more inclined to go with this http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=106218 , any comments/objections?
>> No. 20330 [Edit]
We will watch Tenkuu Danzato Skelter Heaven in 20 minutes. If someone still wants to join he get into the IRC now.
>> No. 20331 [Edit]
I don't want to go on IRC.
>> No. 20335 [Edit]
I put a small countdown script in the frontpage. It should tell how much time is left until the show/next episode begins.
However, I think this thread has shown that dates and times aren't my area of expertise, so expect it to be terribly wrong, and tell me if you notice.

It should only update when you refresh the front page, because I'm too lazy to cook a dynamic one and don't want to bloat the site with js libraries.
>> No. 20336 [Edit]
That's more than good enough. Javascript only makes websites a pain in the ass, especially for those with Noscript and such.
>> No. 20527 [Edit]
so what's everyone want to do for the next show?
>> No. 20528 [Edit]

I don't know. Should we simply list possible shows and vote again?
I think PPD was an extremely poor choice due to the nature of the show. Comedy shows period are probably a bad idea. SoLs don't appear to be a wise choice, either. We should try to pick something with a bit more plot. Preferably 12-13 eps.
>> No. 20678 [Edit]
I can create the next poll. I just didn't do it already because the last show ended up with just the regular IRC folks following it, so it might as well turn into an IRC-only thing organized through IRC.

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