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File 139154431852.jpg - (32.58KB , 225x332 , is.jpg )
18628 No. 18628 [Edit]
I know recommendations are usually something that people here don't like or even hate but I need to ask because I have really zero knowledge on that matter.

I recently watched Video Girl Ai and I''s Pure. Both were so good, it made me realize that I actually really enjoy those romantic anime.

Do you guys can recommend me something that is also romantic? A little ecchi is fine too but I would like to see a more sad show like I''s and the less sci-fi and fantasy the better.

Since we are here on TC, I will make sure to check out Air. Anything else? I would really love watch something romantic.

Please be gentle guys, I don't post here much. I mostly only lurk the boards and IRC.
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>> No. 18629 [Edit]
how about you read the god damned board catalog stickied under the new post menu before you make a new fucking thread?

see >>14094
>> No. 18630 [Edit]
yeah man!

Fuck you OP for making this thread you faggot dick sucking mother fucking piece of shit. I hope your family gets raped to death and you die a slow painful agonizing death as a quadriplegic burn victim.
>> No. 18631 [Edit]
Kimi ni Todoke
>> No. 18632 [Edit]
File 139157927839.png - (1.06MB , 1280x720 , quicktime-2014-01-31-23h55m57s65.png )
school days
b gata h kei
kamisama hamejimashta
fruits basket
i my me strawberry eggs
hatsukoi limited
>> No. 18633 [Edit]

I'm sorry, I just wanted a dedicated topic where we could also discuss shows and share some impressions. A question in the general recommendations would not onyl get lost, it wouldn't create a discussion of any sort.

Of course I might be a little selish for creating a topic about a theme I'm interested in. Sorry, I understand that most people here rather talk about the latest releases.
>> No. 18634 [Edit]
Kimagure Orange Road
Maison Ikkoku (I've only read the manga so I can't 100% guarantee the anime is worth watching)
Touch, Hiatari Ryokou, and anything else by Mitsuru Adachi
>> No. 18636 [Edit]
cross game
>> No. 18637 [Edit]
I really liked this and just got done with it. It's called Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora.

It's about a guy with Hepetitis A stuck in a hospital for a few months, and he meets a girl in there with a more serious issue. I'm sure you can imagine somewhat how it goes from there. It made me sad to say the least. Never as in "I'm going to cry", but just a weird sad feeling, like I'll never get hepetitis A and meet a cute girl in hospital like that. Maybe I'll get hepatitis A and end up in a hospital though.

Had a really good OP. These spanish subs and the bad quality kind of ruin it, but oh well.


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