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File 131188739886.jpg - (222.81KB , 700x700 , a0168f50c208502d154d4294a1e66096.jpg )
4164 No. 4164 [Edit]
I don't know if I should ask this here, but I really have nowhere else to ask

Do you still believe in love in the real world? Do you believe that two individuals can meet and fall in love, and share a life together, without regrets. And not for convenience, but for that feeling that you know deep in your heart will never go away
Do you still think it's possible to find what one calls "a soul mate" in the real world?
>> No. 4166 [Edit]
I believe it's possible, but not for me.
>> No. 4167 [Edit]
Not at all: people who think they do live on a (sometimes perm) delusion; but you go tell 'em... (I've tried for long enough)
>> No. 4173 [Edit]
I donĀ“t think that its impossible but its very unlikely, even if you try really hard to find such a person.
>> No. 4175 [Edit]
Men call it love when they find a girl they want to fuck.
women call it love when they find a guy with lots of money.
So no.

who the fuck keeps making these threads here?
/so/, it's not hard to find bro

>> No. 4177 [Edit]
Absolutely. Though it's getting harder to find the perfect "soul mate" nowadays. But until the day comes when all people have degraded into walking piles of moral trash, I will not lose hope for the 3D world.
>> No. 4192 [Edit]
Personally I never had a problem with the 3D world in the first place, I just didn't care about it. I think you (or anyone) has a chance to find love, and I think the idea that you could spend your life with someone in the real world is achievable albeit difficult to maintain. All relationships are work, there are just different issues for us types.

As for me, it wasn't that I gave up on the real world and turned to 2D, it was simply that the dice were rolled and I fell in love with the fictional and haven't stopped since.

If you're wondering whether to try 3D, go for it. If you want to keep to 2D, I say go for that too.
>> No. 4199 [Edit]
No. I'm a bitter person and I guess I am incredibly biased; but my definition of love involves a way to know what your partner is thinking of all the time. Without such power, one could never know if the partner truly loves them back or not.

So no. It is impossible. I do not think such a thing ever existed, afterall; the only times I've felt that it was actually possible was through pure fiction.
>> No. 4208 [Edit]
I really doubt it since many women will only hunt for your wallet and/or looks. Others are the domineering type where in whatever she wants, you have to comply even if it is against your will.

Other than those, I doubt any woman will go out with me so I gave up on IRL relationships.

And while some are successful in their relationship in real life, there are others who aren't successful.
>> No. 4209 [Edit]
That is why I have my waifu Lizlet rather than some 3D woman...
>> No. 4215 [Edit]
>But until the day comes when all people have degraded into walking piles of moral trash

That day is pretty much already here.

I believe that finding 3D love say, a few decades ago, wasn't the nigh-impossible task that it is today. But with this generation, it's so exceedingly rare that only a fool would bother to look for it. As someone mentioned earlier, 'love' today is just a business transaction where money is traded for sex legally.

I find this to be a disgusting mockery of what love was meant to be, and that's one of the reasons that drove me to the pure love of 2D.

Post edited on 29th Jul 2011, 11:38am
>> No. 4218 [Edit]
OP here
I think you misunderstand here guys
I have a waifu, and I pretty much have never suffered at the hands of the world, in love or otherwise. So the fact I have a waifu was no influenced by that. I just feel in love

I was just asking this here, because I really don't know anyone that knows love the way you guys do. And frankly, I was asking because it's somewhat important for me to believe that real people can feel love, as it helps me retain mine
>> No. 4230 [Edit]
I will never find my soulmate in the real world, because my waifu is my soulmate, and she isn't from that world.
>> No. 4255 [Edit]
>don't know anyone that knows love the way you guys do

Actually, way too many guys in here are simple minded as any average pedestrian walking on the streets. This could be an opportunity to explore much more sophisticated ideas about love's nature and functioning, as well as pulling down moldy myths around it, but they don't: they lack of the means and/or the will to do it. The general picture is that people in here are just (like) annoying kids and, as Nabokov said: there's nothing more conservative than a kid (especially a girl); so there's no way to improv a single bit, get any deeper and build any renewed and dignified idea of love, as long as people keep clinging to this dull naivety (wich, even more wrong, they fully mistake for "idealism" -another concept they won't grasp to save their lives) ...

But who cares, anyway. New users arrive, repeat the same old threads (without lurking the old content), ask the same trivialities and we answer them the same crap; it's all cyclical and pointless.
>> No. 4256 [Edit]
its kind of ridiculous to assume that waifus are or were supposed to be some sort of philosophical movement
>> No. 4257 [Edit]
And what do you know about philosophy yourself, my dear?
>> No. 4258 [Edit]
Actually, quite the opposite. Have you even read the philosophy Necrosage and one philosophical anon have posted concerning waifu? It's all really interesting. It reveals there really isn't that much difference (if any) between loving something that is 3D and loving something that is 2D. The philosophy is one of the reasons I'm so interested in waifu.
>> No. 4259 [Edit]
namedropping philosophers doesn't place you above the "annoying kids" you're looking down upon. You were stupid and self-absorbed for assuming everyone elses idea of a waifu matched yours.
>> No. 4263 [Edit]
Actually, I strived to emphatize the difference (3D<0<2D) T_T

yeah, I did failed hard... and so? do you really prefer to insult me and advocate for posters that suffer for the shipping and the lewd doujins? (well, guess you do).
>> No. 4266 [Edit]
you insulted others and called them annoying kids clinging to dull naviety. I think people getting upset over shipping and doujins is incredibly petty, but you don't really have a right to tell other people how to look at their waifu. You only have yourself to blame for expecting others to do it your way.
>> No. 4271 [Edit]
The nice thing about love is that it has no barrier of entry, anyone can do it. I also think there is much to learn from simple minds, diversity in opinion is a good thing.

You have to understand that waifus are a sensitive subject for most. In fact I think you'll find that for many here there IS no more sensitive subject. Rather than petty, I think the complaints over doujins or shipping are somewhat misguided. But I can understand where they are coming from.
>> No. 4272 [Edit]
Spoilered for 3D talk:

Yes, I think its possible, its just very difficult to achieve. Thats just the nature of the 3D world, its imperfect, its not a fairytale and people will often get into less-than-ideal relationships. I don't hate 3D people for being imperfect and have long accepted it, but I prefer 2D.
>> No. 4274 [Edit]
well he was asking me for my personal perspective. I was trying to say that even though I agree with some of his observations, I think it's still everyones right to percieve their waifu how they wish. It's unfair to call other people childish and expect them to do it the same way you do.
>> No. 4277 [Edit]
Ah, I get you. I agree with you somewhat, love is very personal. No need to try and stifle it because you think someone is "doin it wrong".
>> No. 4279 [Edit]
I like this guy.
>> No. 7626 [Edit]
Honestly, I don't know anymore. When very young, I tought of love as love. Then in my teens, I figured out it was possible, but now, I don't know.
>> No. 7639 [Edit]

This. I remember what Maddox said about it. "Just face it: sometimes nobody envies you. There has to be a bottom and that bottom is probably you." Just like in love, where not everyone finds it.
>> No. 7641 [Edit]
For what I'd consider a soul mate?

>> No. 7642 [Edit]
I don't know how to answer that, OP. I think it exists, but it's rare in the sea of lies and deceit.

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