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File 134126561797.jpg - (3.81MB , 3504x2346 , arcticicebergs_marvinweinstein.jpg )
10990 No. 10990 [Edit]
All the websites I used to read when I was a kid, the sites I used to be fascinated by, are dead now, and if they're not dead, they're shells of their former selves. I don't mourn their passing, because after all, all things must pass, but it does make me sad. And more than anything else, it makes me feel old. Stupid, because I'm really not old at all; I'm not even close to the halfway point of my life. But somehow when I visit those sites and see how they're just barely crawling along and really dying, and when I remember how active they were when I first saw them, I feel just as old as they are.

I feel stupid as hell about this feeling.
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>> No. 10992 [Edit]
I feel nostalgia when I think about 4chan back in 2004 or the fansites for my favorite video games / anime. They seem like they were all magical places in retrospect. If Tohno-chan ever goes, I'm sure it'll join them in a special place in my heart...
>> No. 10993 [Edit]
I'm still somewhat attached to sites like Albinoblacksheep and Newgrounds (well, it's a lot worse nowadays).

Post edited on 2nd Jul 2012, 4:23pm
>> No. 10994 [Edit]
I can remember back to the early 90s when I was real young. There are still some dial-in BBS boards I remember. When you think of it, they're pretty similar to image boards today.
>> No. 11007 [Edit]

Remember when newgrounds still had porn ads? Good times.

Don't worry OP, I think it's a fairly normal feeling. Everybody who has used the net for a longer period of time is bound to find themselves in that kind of situation sooner or later. I feel I'm a little too sentimental for my own good, too, but remembering 'good old times' is fun (and at the same time sad, that's how it works I guess) so it's all good.
>> No. 11008 [Edit]
In 8th grade, I did a presentation for my English class on why was the greatest website ever.

Those were simpler times.
>> No. 11009 [Edit]
File 134132626395.jpg - (108.76KB , 822x905 , IMac_Bondi_Blue.jpg )

Oh, and I wrote it on one of these bad boys. In between sessions of Bugdom and downloading Final Fantasy soundtracks from Napster.

I've a feeling our generation is gonna have some pretty pitiful stories to tell our grandkids.
>> No. 11011 [Edit]

Hah. I nearly bought one of those (iMacs) for 20 dollars at a thrift store. It had no cables, so I figured it was pointless.

I think that computer can take the award for being the ugliest design ever conceived in the history of computing.
>> No. 11013 [Edit]

>I've a feeling our generation is gonna have some pretty pitiful stories to tell our grandkids.

I kinda feel we are still far better off than the 90s (and 00s of course). Not like you'll have grandchildren either way!
>> No. 11014 [Edit]
Shit, that's a pretty prestigious award, considering "computer history" is pretty much "the history of ugly designs."
>> No. 11015 [Edit]
I've only recently begun to feel like this.

Sometimes I wish I was older, just so that I would have had broader interests by the time I got Internet access. We had a connection back in 1998, but I was only 6 then and didn't care for much else besides looking up cheatcodes.
>> No. 11018 [Edit]
I feel the exact same way. Just a little bit older and I would have fully utilized the wonderful internet of those times to its full potential.
>> No. 11224 [Edit]
When I was a kid in elementary school I remember all those flash and video sites. At the time they were like the best thing on the internet at the time for most people who didn't know much else about it like your every day kid. I'm sure even in the 90's there were chan boards around because of how simple they are but not many knew about them. In middle school I started really getting into the internet. I knew about 4chan around 2007 but I never decided to actually go there since nothing really interested me until when /jp/ was created. It became my home for a while, it's gotten very bad now with so many users but I guess it can still be entertaining when I don't care. When was Tohno-chan created anyways? I came here sometime last year, after hearing about it on /jp/ and got curious. I'm just a exclusive user of this board and besides this I don't post on other chans though I do silently lurk a ton of them if I don't have anything better to do.

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