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File 137454462682.jpg - (88.31KB , 460x750 , it doesn't kill you or anything.jpg )
15560 No. 15560 [Edit]
How do you ride out the really bad days?
I'm in the middle a slump now. Sleeping more and listening to cheery enthusiastic music. It isn't doing much though.
>> No. 15561 [Edit]
Plenty of video games and "neutral" music. Sad music doesn't help me get out of it and happy music just makes me feel left behind.

Playing something online with other players could help too, even though they're strangers.
>> No. 15566 [Edit]
I just browse imageboards and soon the day is over.
>> No. 15568 [Edit]
You need distractions, like, as already said before, music, image boards, and video games. It is probably ideal to think as little as possible.
>> No. 15569 [Edit]
I listen to healing audio from DLsite. I actually have to buy them, but they're well worth it.
>> No. 15571 [Edit]
anything that can take your mind off it and/or distract you is good.
>> No. 15575 [Edit]
I try to meditate (most common 'way' is to try to think of nothing for an extended amount of time) and if that doesn't work, I start holding my breath. Sometimes I'll hold my breath intermittently while going for a walk.

Of course these are temporary solutions are best, and completely worthless at times. My only salvation is to hold out until my mood picks up again. If I really can't deal with it, I just start drinking. Sometimes this amplifies the bad feelings, but most of the time it just numbs me and makes me more hedonistic so I highly don't recommend it.
>> No. 15578 [Edit]
I recommend reading philosophy. I've got it down so that I even write my own philosophical ideas occasionally.
>> No. 15579 [Edit]
It's hard for me. Usually I just run out of depression or negative feelings to feel, so I end up neutralizing after 8-36 hours of being in a weird slump. It's just time for me, not any one particular thing that helps or hurts it. Kinda sucks really, but at least it helps knowing it will pass.
>> No. 15583 [Edit]
I walk down to the grocery store, get a bottle or two of the Robitussin pills, and eat them all
>> No. 15599 [Edit]
A full day of drinking, keeps me sleepy, then sleep early. The next day I always feel refreshed.
>> No. 15635 [Edit]
Enough alcohol to not think about bad things, and reading things that don't make me think.

The problem is going to bed, being alone in the dark and silence is horrible if you have sad thoughts.

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