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File 135968200352.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , shot001.png )
13769 No. 13769 [Edit]
What have you picked up, what have you dropped, overall assessment of the season, etc.

Myself, I've dropped a whole bunch of various crap and only kept a couple of 3 minute shows and a couple of sequels.
All of the new shows are utterly bland in my book, a pretty disappointing season, probably the worst in quite some time which is no small feat considering how awful spring & summer 2012 were.
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>> No. 13770 [Edit]
>a couple of sequels. All of the new shows are utterly bland in my book,
The only sequel I'm watching this season is minami-ke, which I think is pretty decent so far. although there are some elements I find kind of odd, almost like puzzle pieces that don't fit that well... but the over all image still looks good.
wanted to watch gdgd2, but I'm not crazy about watching it raw, and don't feel like jumping on the crunchyroll stream train.
Didn't care much for Haganai, so not watching the second season. same for AKB0048

in the 3 minute ep category, I've been watching Puchimas and Yama no Susume.
Puchimas is alright, but I don't really like the way they handle it. they took 6-12 full ep of content and stretched it out to 64 mini eps, and so far it seems every 3 ep are directly connected, which is how I've been watching it, 3 at a time. all the same, it's just a bit annoying to keep up with something released like that. I really think it would be best if it was released with the conjoined eps edited together. besides that, I don't think it translates to an anime very well, it feels like a very lazy adaptation, and it really does stick out that it's an adaptation when characters can exchange dialog while someone is sprinting across the room without actually moving.
Yama no Susume on the other hand manages to still feel fulfilling in each ep in spite of how short it is. it really does feel longer than it is, Seems like they're making the most of each eps run time, and not attempting to fluff up the run time with an elongated title sequence like other short anime. it's pretty nice so far.

Little Busters
Had no expectations going into it, and it didn't disappoint! For a while there I felt like dropping it, but kept going just for the hell of it. I'm a bit behind on the releases, but I think it's not -that- bad once you really get into it. I still wouldn't recommend it to any who's read the VN... or anyone else for that matter... but whatever, might finish it.

Vividred Operation
Doesn't seem like there's much to say about this, it's not half bad.

Liked this show I lot more than I expected. Made me realize a roller coaster isn't that fun without the ups and downs. even so, I think they lay the drama on a little think, but they also lay on the opposite pretty think as well so I guess it evens out in the end. besides, I've seen worse, the creators even allude to the fact that they very well could go further with the drama but hold back, just a bit. so it's nice to see they do at least have the restraint to keep things from getting too fucked up and depressing. I really hope things work out in the end for those two, they make for a nice couple I think, even if the guy's initial interest in her is a bit questionable. still, it's nice to see a anime where they don't take 26 eps just to admit they like each other, that thing with the chock board was really refreshing, From so much other anime I could have sworn the guy was going to erase what was on the board then deny their relationship. although I can't say I blame Kotoura for cautious with all the crap she's had to deal with.

Tamako Market
I honestly don't mind the bird that much. I don't. I don't 'like' it, but I certainly don't hate it as much as other people seem to. I think it's alright show, not awesome, not great, but alright. certainly doesn't make me hate the studio that produced it. I guess it would be nice if they tried some character design styles other than their current k-on style but whatever. no one gets mad at artists when their characters looks similar, so whats to get mad about here?

Didn't care much for the first ark of it, the whole thing felt very moronic and bizarre. but after a few ep of the second ark I was finally able to get myself into the frame of mind after it became obvious what I could expect of it as the action started getting more over the top. obviously the the of think you're not supposed to think to much about and just have fun with. which was kind of what I expected at first, but the way it started off was more or less down to earth. sure there was some action, but it wasn't really that crazy, so it felt kind of strange when things escalated.

Love live
I find it kind of enjoyable. certainly seems to have some nice production values and decent music and it's kind of cute.
>> No. 13779 [Edit]
I was gonna watch that show where the titty lord tricks and Jews all the humans with her tits, but it got too boring on episode 2. So now I'm not watching anything.

When is the next Gundam?
>> No. 13780 [Edit]
File 135970795391.jpg - (115.42KB , 600x400 , 1339173221977.jpg )
UNICORN ova coming out sometime next season.
On that note, next season has like 4 space mecha shows, surely at least one of them will hold you over.

as for me, I've put all the 3m shows on hold until the batches are released (watched the first ep and liked them all, inferno cop included)

Greatly enjoy GJ-bu, love live, mondaitachi, and vivid. GJ-bu being the best of the season, and the other 3 going strong.

spice and mao, sasami, amnesia, oreshura, NEXT, Hakkenden, tamako, senran, and kotoura I'm keeping up with (well, trying to. not even half way through the season and I'm having trouble finding time/enthusiasm to keep myself up-to-date on some of the stuff).

I've picked up more shows this season than the previous two combined (three you count the 3m shows as actual shows), and that doesn't include the shows from previous seasons that I'm still keeping up with.

So yea, very good season in my book, though I might drop 2-3 of the shows from the 2nd list if story parts from alleged spoilers don't start coming together soon, or perhaps after they happen if it's a letdown of sorts or the tone doesn't change in a way that I start to enjoy the series or something.
>> No. 13781 [Edit]
I didn't pick up a lot, as only a few shows looked interesting to me and I had several 2 cour shows from last season continuing.

What I have watched has been fairly average. Nothing spectacular and amazing, but nothing repulsively bad. I haven't dropped anything yet.

I'm probably enjoying GJ-Bu, Sasami and Kotoura (that is starting to drag a bit) the most.

It's good that R;N and Psycho Pass are starting to pick up, as well.

Some of the two minute shorts are fun, especially the Osakan imouto one.
>> No. 13782 [Edit]
>The whole thing felt bizarre
I see.
>> No. 13787 [Edit]
I didn't pick up anything this season. I'm just watching a few shows from earlier that are still airing, like Jojo and Ixion Saga.
>> No. 13793 [Edit]
Picked Sasami-San, Haganai S2 and Maoyuu.
Sasami-San is barely comprehensible and the pace has been in constant change. I thought I was going to hate it on ep.1 but as of ep.3 I kinda like it. Very silly show, that's good.
Haganai is dead boring but still bearable.
I was really excited for Maoyuu and the first two episodes really gave a good impression. But then the next two definitely threw the main relationship into the usual limbo of completely-ambiguous-but-never-going-anywhere-anyway. But even if the main romance goes nowhere, the side-characters seem interesting and I hope they get more screen time.

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