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File 136677512264.jpg - (932.75KB , 1324x1101 , maturity goats.jpg )
14246 No. 14246 [Edit]
what does /so/ think about goats?
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>> No. 14248 [Edit]
I don't trust em
>> No. 14249 [Edit]
I fuck them.
>> No. 14299 [Edit]
They don't like me and I don't like them either.
>> No. 14300 [Edit]
I fuck them because I don't trust them.
>> No. 14315 [Edit]
They taste pretty good.
>> No. 14318 [Edit]
I fuck them and eat them afterwards.

Post edited on 26th Apr 2013, 12:34am
>> No. 14319 [Edit]
I eat them, then fuck them. Please don't ask me how this works, it isn't pretty
>> No. 14333 [Edit]
Oh I missed you guys. /jp/ is here after all.
>> No. 14334 [Edit]
I never particularly liked that image. As if "maturity" was some definite thing rather than a more abstract feeling about someone. Regardless of the qualities prized by the artist of that picture, you can still be thought of as childish and immature if you seem too naive, ebullient, or curious.

Maturity and childishness, I think, are more often about how you bear yourself than any set of qualities you carry inside you. It's a question of appearance rather than reality.
>> No. 14335 [Edit]

yeah ok, but what about goat
>> No. 14336 [Edit]
I worked on a farm for a while and the goats didn't interact much with me except when I fed them. I have no opinion, positive or negative, about them.
>> No. 14337 [Edit]
...What? I think you're missing the point of the concept. Maturity here simply refers to the emotional maturity of a person. Having maturity isn't about being seen a certain way by others, it's a set of traits and behaviors that someone follows. Whether people see you as mature or childish should have absolutely no effect on it. The image is just meant to show traits/signs common to immature and mature people- and for the most part, I'd have to agree with it.

Post edited on 26th Apr 2013, 7:27pm
>> No. 14338 [Edit]
>Maturity here simply refers to the emotional maturity of a person.
I didn't think of it as a perception of a purely physical quality (head, eyes, legs, etc.) but as a perception of the whole of a person (thus a perception of how one bears oneself).

What we think of as mature and what people generally mean by mature are two different things. It's not that I think the qualities considered "mature" here are negative but that to call them "mature" leads to misconceptions about what people usually mean by maturity and immaturity.

For everyone that isn't oneself, appearance is reality: what we see of a person is that person to us. We may suspect other qualities within a person, perhaps prying into their actions hoping to discover something about them, but these qualities are purely imaginary until shown by action to be true. Even then, I suppose, they're still imaginary--only impressions of who a person is rather than the substance.

Maturity is just one of many impressions. To say "this is maturity" when it contains only imperfect aspects of what might or might not lead to that perception detaches the word from its context, resulting only in folly. It's probably the work of someone who, like many of us, lives on the internet where the qualities called "mature" in the image are somewhat more likely to afford a person that title (although even that is not necessarily true).
>> No. 14339 [Edit]
I agree with most of that, but I don't believe the image was meant to be read into that much. It's all subjective, and the semantics of the word are indeed arguable, but that can apply to virtually everything now anyway. Even if the "mature" traits listed don't come close to showing all aspects of maturity, I'd guess that most people could agree upon them as being characteristic of maturity at the least.

Also, to answer OP's question, I think mountain goats are pretty cool. They can stand on almost-sheer walls.
>> No. 14347 [Edit]
File 136710637144.jpg - (76.67KB , 600x400 , goats-dam-wide_28160_600x450.jpg )
>> No. 14359 [Edit]
>Died, won some battles

Well that's better than most people can say.

Post edited on 28th Apr 2013, 12:35pm
>> No. 14363 [Edit]
Which red/pink goat are you most like, /so/? I'm the one throwing rocks.
>> No. 14368 [Edit]
The one picking the tree barren.

Post edited on 28th Apr 2013, 7:40pm
>> No. 14369 [Edit]
Why is it that the words "entitled" and "privilege" are so often used by people trying to make you feel guilty and disqualify you from having an opinion? I'm not targeting this remark at you; it's just a more general question while on the subject.
>> No. 14371 [Edit]
I always thought "entitled" was only used in a derogatory way when someone believes themselves to be deserving of special/better treatment for the way they were born; like the attitude of a spoiled rich child, for example. As for "privilege", it's just become a buzzword for the persecution-complex crowd to pass the blame for their own shortcomings to someone else (ie: white men). The people in the anti-feminist thread already did a more-than-satisfactory job of pointing out the fact that white men are far from "privileged", so I won't get into it here.
>> No. 14372 [Edit]
For the word "entitled", one's feelings toward it are probably colored by where it's usually seen. I've seen "entitlement" used in the sense that "you can't complain about something being bad because there's no reason you deserve more"--in other words, as a bludgeon in arguments. As for privilege, it seems to have assumed the dimensions of original sin, along with the trappings of dogma, confession, and repentance. Walter Benjamin in his youth wrote an essay on capitalism as religion, with debt being guilt without expiation; I wonder if the same can't be said of privilege and its relation to the movements that use it.
>> No. 14609 [Edit]
That cartoon was drawn by a pretentious ass and I hate him.
>> No. 14610 [Edit]
The author is a pink goat himself for drawing it.
>> No. 14611 [Edit]
Strangely enough I was thinking the same thing.

but I suppose since I reject the artists cookie cutter definitions of maturity I must be the pinkest of all goats.
>> No. 14612 [Edit]
I guess "maturity" will always be subjective, but I still think the traits of the green goats are found in more likable people (with a few exceptions, "blames self for world" is kind of vague and silly). Conversely, some of the pink goat traits are ones I frequently see in Ford Drivers that always irritated me (self-entitlement, obsession with status, inability to admit faults, and 'always right'). Then again, there are a few pink goat traits common to hikikomoris, too. I wouldn't read too much into it though, it's a cartoon featuring mountain goats.

Post edited on 4th May 2013, 12:53pm
>> No. 14614 [Edit]
``Is afraid''.
>> No. 14617 [Edit]
"blames world for problems"
>> No. 14620 [Edit]
I like this drawing and the message it conveys.
>> No. 14660 [Edit]
If I had to pick one, "is afraid." The kind of fear that lives within your personality and which you can never vanquish, no matter how many others you confront.
>> No. 14661 [Edit]
"Takes everything personally", just can't let go off this one.
>> No. 14666 [Edit]
Now that I think about it, "assumes the worst of everyone" is probably the most like me.
>> No. 14705 [Edit]
That made me chuckle so I'm askin'.
>> No. 14720 [Edit]
They're not baaaaa-ad.
>> No. 14727 [Edit]
>I wouldn't read too much into it though, it's a cartoon featuring mountain goats.

good point

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