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File 138949119677.jpg - (53.54KB , 225x350 , buster.jpg )
18433 No. 18433 [Edit]
How many you fools be watchin this?
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>> No. 18437 [Edit]
No. The japs seem to really love nobunaga but I could really care less about this crap or historical japan.

I am however watching nobunagun because I like the MC, even though it's shit. Do you know that's the only thing I've planned on watching? Jesus christ, deliver me from this season.
>> No. 18438 [Edit]
File 138949901852.jpg - (965.58KB , 1424x2140 , 138775203819.jpg )
>Jesus christ, deliver me from this season
It's not so bad, I just watched the first ep of pupa and it's glorious. I really dig the music and art style. I'll have to wait until march for the DVD/BD though, this show isn't something you can watch with censorshit.

Also, Kon and Natsume are cute enough to make me sit through Tokyo Ravens.
>> No. 18445 [Edit]
I am.
>> No. 18446 [Edit]
I pity the fool who doesn't watch this anime.
>> No. 18597 [Edit]
File 139122726119.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , foolz.png )
I know western women look more masculine than asian men. but with a voice like she has, how can anyone believe she's a guy?
>> No. 18768 [Edit]
I can't tell if the slow pacing is there to build up to something big or if the whole anime is gonna be like this.
>> No. 18888 [Edit]
File 139484010065.png - (1.67MB , 1281x721 , speaker.png )
I love how in a world that has mastered building high tech mecha and flying fortresses, speakers are somehow a new and strange technology.
>> No. 18936 [Edit]
How can a show where in Nobunaga teams up with joan of arc and leonardo da vinci to fight Julius Caesar and the knights of the round table across different planets using mecha... be so damn dull. I want to like this show... but jesus the pacing feels so slow.

Also, I like how hideyoshi blindly stole a random mecha meant for caesar's army which just happened to match his character's design.
>> No. 19171 [Edit]
Anyone else think it funny they'd try to disguise joan/Ranmaru as man, but give her a mecha with high heels?
>> No. 19222 [Edit]
I thought this show was pretty cool for the first few ep, but god it turned into such a fucking turd so fast...
>> No. 19258 [Edit]
Yeah this show fucking blows. It's like it gradually got worse with each consecutive ep. just more boring and idiotic every week. I'm at the point where I don't really give a crap about anything in the show, be it the thin plot or the uninteresting characters.
The original OP/ED gave the false impression this show would be a lot more fun and cool than it turned out to be. I'm glad they changed them for the second half, now they more accurately represent how dumb and boring the show is. I'm droppin it like it's hot.
>> No. 19261 [Edit]
i'm still watching. might as well since I got this fucking far.

Its a real poopy turd. I hope they make porn of Joann though
>> No. 19282 [Edit]
>might as well since I got this fucking far.
Thats what I was thinking, but ten ep is still a lot of shit to suffer through.

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