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File 133168368460.jpg - (899.87KB , 872x4496 , 1331503576_305892.jpg )
13869 No. 13869 [Edit]
I found this image on /bun and I'd seen the episode of Another (ep 7 i think) in question and had also found that section of it a bit incongruous. It almost certainly was a paid product placement. For a while I've found the amount of coffee drinking in anime a bit weird, but I just thought it was the Japanese being interested in something exotic and foreign to them. Now I wonder if it is actually advertising. I guess maybe the anime studios have finally found a way to make money off of all the people downloading fansubbed or pirated anime.
Have any of you ever seen anything in other animes, VNs, manga, etc. that struck you as being a paid product placement?

drinking a cup of coffee while I post this…
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>> No. 13870 [Edit]
File 133168403214.jpg - (227.47KB , 550x699 , nge2003.jpg )
The coffee there doesn't have a shown brand though...
Unless they're trying to sell "Hawaiian kona extra fancy beans"

Now, Eva on the other hand, they clearly pushed coffee in that, among many other things when those movies rolled out.

Then there's pizza hut, which has had a metric ton of product placement in a number of anime.

Also, tiger and bunny, pretty much everything in that show was product placement.

Post edited on 13th Mar 2012, 5:15pm
>> No. 13882 [Edit]

>Have any of you ever seen anything in other animes, VNs, manga, etc. that struck you as being a paid product placement?

I've always wondered why people make such a big deal out of this. If they make more money thanks to it than I am for it. It's not like anybody forces you to actually buy those products.
>> No. 13886 [Edit]
>> No. 13887 [Edit]
>It's not like anybody forces you to actually buy those products.
I'm curtin at some point in time somewhere, some con going faggot hyper weeaboo must have tried forcing people to buy those placed products the same as they would dubbed dvds.

I think people just bring it up a lot because it's amusing.
>> No. 13893 [Edit]
>some con going faggot hyper weeaboo must have tried forcing people to buy those placed products the same as they would dubbed dvds.

what the fuck are you talking about?
>> No. 13894 [Edit]

This post is really insightful, thought provoking and helpful as it makes it perfectly clear why you think I'm wrong.

To elaborate on what I said: you see all sorts of WcDonald's, PSD consoles, Pony TVs, Rocky candy and whatnot in the anime. They are more or less advertising them anyway, although kinda 'accidentally'. Why not strike a deal with the producers and actually make some money in the process? If it would help the industry then again, I'm for it. I sure as hell didn't care the least bit about Pizza Hut product placement in Geass for example.

The thing is I bet lots of studios try to do that but the companies in question don't agree to it as they see no gain/they think it would damage the brand/franchise image... or something of the sort. I simply refuse to believe nobody ever tries to strike a deal because no matter how I look aty it it's easy money.
>> No. 13896 [Edit]
I only think they should use actual brands because I find the silly eating "Picky" and watching TV on a "Mitubesha" television and driving "Lexuas" cars to jar me out of my escapism, because it causes me to think "hey, that's not right!"

Things should be able to use logos and products without actually advertising the products. In fact, companies should take pride that their product has surpassed the stage of simple commercial product to become a cultural or societal icon.

The only thing I hate though is there is never a happy medium. You can't use a brands' logo passively, subtly or lifelike at all if you use the actual brand's logo with their permission. If they asked, say, Pocky for access to their logo they would probably have stupid demands like "It has to be unobscured, it needs at least fifteen seconds of airtime, a character must speak the product's name clearly, and characters may not say anything about it without our prior consent to the line. There needs to be a Pocky commercial during the commercial break as well."

Not sure if that's just my culture's view on the matter, I could be mistaken of Japan's. 
>> No. 13899 [Edit]
The only thing I can say I dislike about it, is how it sticks out because of the emphasis on it,
as said by >>13896
If the world was full of products for a bunch of different things it wouldn't be so bad, it would at least be realistic, instead of just focusing on that one item, like, pizza hut isn't the only fast food place in the world, but the way it's presented in anime almost implies that it is.

I have this same problem with video games, like this shitty game rainbow six Vegas which still stands out to me in this area, every single car in the whole city was a Dodge in that game, it was really wtf and takes you out of the experience, compared to most any driving game, they usually have cars from a wide range of makers and it makes it more realistic to have that variety.

So yeah, it's basically a matter of how they go about it for me, and in most cases, they just shove it in your face and that turns me off to the product more than it would make me want it.
These things need to be subtle.
subliminal advertising is where it's really at.

Post edited on 15th Mar 2012, 6:46pm
>> No. 13925 [Edit]
Gantz avoided this to some degree. A vast array of product logos are used, without being ads. I think the author just decided "fuck it, I'm not scared of "what ifs"."

The way I see it, basically the only thing preventing most of the authors from using actual logos is a fear of what could happen, when I don't think anyone has gotten in trouble for using the logo of a company in a manga without their permission.
>> No. 14021 [Edit]
Kara no Kyoukai is like a giant commercial for Haagen-Dasz icecream and Volvic water.
>> No. 14022 [Edit]
Yuru yuri made me try rum raisin; it sucked...

Post edited on 23rd Mar 2012, 5:49pm
>> No. 14025 [Edit]

Since it's Japan that's probably counts Haagen Dazs, too.

Also, even though it technically wasn't product placement it was surprisingly effective, I would have never thought of trying it to be honest.

But yeah, I'm still not against it. I seriously wouldn't mind having Haagen Dazs instead of 'Baagen Dazs' in my Gintama. They keep raving about it on regular basis, either way. Same goes for 'Chuupert's.
>> No. 14038 [Edit]
This. I never even notice it, and when I do, it doesn't bother me. I see the point though, considered I know quite a few people started drinking Dr. Pepper after Steins;Gate...
>> No. 14040 [Edit]
>it was surprisingly effective

Probably becuase of how direct they were with it.
Most product placement is really just that, a product or brand showing up as a lifeless prop off in a corner or something, even when they do focus on it, it's just showing the product, with no reason to want to try it, it's just there...
I mean, what's the point of showing people a brand they already know of?
It would be like google advertising itself across the web, it's fucking google, they don't need to advertise, everyone that owns a computer already knows what google is.
why other large brands like coke need to do this? who knows.
Now take rum raisin is yuru yuri, it's something the characters are nuts about and clealy enjoy.
It only stands to reason that people are going to want what characters they like want.
It's the exact same shit as celebrity endorsements.
I bet a lot more people bought shampoo when Lucky star aired, compared to pizza when Darker than black came out.

Not that I'm trying to encourage it though, as effective as it might be, whorish endorsements would only serve to devalue the quality of any anime they're in, but it's they're used in actual ads I can't complain.
>> No. 14908 [Edit]
Is "Hawaiian Kona" a brand in Japan? Otherwise, I don't think your assumption is true in this case. Basically, coffee in Hawaii is the same as wine in the better parts of California. There are two players: people who have been doing it since the dawn of time and rich semi-retired people who want to keep active with a hobby. It's not a product that's actively marketed because you don't really need to sell it. It's something in short supply and people want it.

Don't get me wrong. I think there's plenty of product placement, just not in this case.
>> No. 20825 [Edit]
Kona coffee is from Hawaii by default. It's pointless to call it Hawaiian unless its a brand. Name just refers to the place where it is grown. From what I found online, it's snobby and overpriced. I had a dog named Kona. Brown and chewed through expensive things, so the name fit. That is neither here nor there.

It sounds like it's probably just getting a following of hipsters in Japan or something?
>> No. 20870 [Edit]
File 136209958925.jpg - (566.33KB , 1100x1555 , dyson-fan.jpg )
The weird thing is that the Haagen-Dasz stuff is even in the original novel, and I don't think Nasu got any money for that. It actually bothered me a bit how much emphasis was put on this, even though usually I don't mind regular product placement like e.g. a character switching on a sony dvd player or whatever.

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