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File 135791418655.jpg - (125.04KB , 1280x720 , chocolate ass.jpg )
13297 No. 13297 [Edit]
unique, creative, stylish, entertaining and lewd.
as expected of SHAFT
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>> No. 13303 [Edit]
File 13579267638.jpg - (97.73KB , 1280x720 , [gg][email protected]_-_01_[257674C1]_mkv_sna.jpg )
Is it a mere coincidence that onii-chan, voiced by the 761 PRO chairman, has his face hidden?

also, the second oniichan.dll is a virus
>> No. 13306 [Edit]
All Shaft animes in one anime?
>> No. 13307 [Edit]
The plural is just anime, mom
>> No. 13322 [Edit]
Clothed lewdness is superior. See >>13250 for details.
>> No. 13328 [Edit]
File 135798133829.jpg - (56.78KB , 704x396 , awhite.jpg )
<- Screencapped for your pleasure.
>> No. 13333 [Edit]
File 135798924243.jpg - (155.53KB , 690x979 , 1255034652596.jpg )
I never ever expected the day when I'll complain about having a cast composed of Asumi Kana, Saitou Chiwa and Nonaka Ai will come (I complain about HanaKana on weekly basis, tho). But this time around I feel inclined to. I expected a budget cast from this and I can't help feeling blockbuster seiyuu don't 'fit' this show. It just feels wrong. Can't even put my finger on it. Maybe, paradoxically, having such a well known cast destroys some sense of intimacy between me and the characters.

Anyway we will probably need a new edit of this image. Meanwhile at Shaft summarizes the first ep pretty damn well.
>> No. 13346 [Edit]
12 minutes was all it took me to drop this.
>> No. 13349 [Edit]
Strange show. I'll certainly be watching it, but I think >>13306 summarizes it nicely. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit by wondering if they've decided to satirize themselves with his series.

Thanks, cadet.
>> No. 13360 [Edit]
File 13580373762.jpg - (159.86KB , 1216x684 , sasami-san 0.jpg )
If you mean after the Hare-hare dance, that was funny.
If you mean when the show became some sort of magical battle, it was rather disappointing, yeah (though the visuals weren't bad); plain weirdness over hyperbolic topical humor (à la SZS), without the petty common place of world protecting magic, would have been alright.
Anyway, it's only the first episode so let's see how this goes.

The music over that scene gave me a strong Karekano feel.

Post edited on 12th Jan 2013, 4:43pm
>> No. 13364 [Edit]
Whether self-referentially or not, they definitely seem to be trying to outdo themselves either way.

Shaft have enough notoriety that I would expect them to be at least somewhat self-aware as a studio. This leads me to believe that they are either indulging in some self-parody or that they are very out of touch. I remember having similar notions about the ludicrous fanservice in nisemonogatari, and getting the impression that they were trying to be ironic. Who knows, though.

Anyway, I'm still not sure what I think about this series. Does anyone else find it supremely annoying that her brother's face is always hidden? It's fucking distracting.
>> No. 13369 [Edit]
File 13580606408.jpg - (476.84KB , 1920x1080 , awhite.jpg )
Shaft <3 self-parody
>> No. 13374 [Edit]
I didn't know about that!
it's an ova?
>> No. 13379 [Edit]
File 135807511977.jpg - (110.63KB , 705x480 , 1275328199_00182192.jpg )

>Shaft have enough notoriety that I would expect them to be at least somewhat self-aware as a studio. This leads me to believe that they are either indulging in some self-parody or that they are very out of touch. I remember having similar notions about the ludicrous fanservice in nisemonogatari, and getting the impression that they were trying to be ironic. Who knows, though.

The second people start trying to give studios/directors too mcuh credit shit gets out of hand fast and a point-of-no-return is reached within a week, maybe two. Hate to see it happen to SHAFT, too, I liked them more when their series sold like 1000-1500 BDs/DVD in the first week and were always considered a commercial failure. Now it turns out SHAFT was DEEP all along.
>> No. 13382 [Edit]
What exactly constitutes too much credit in this case, then?
>> No. 13385 [Edit]

I was actually refering to Nisemonogatari and it's ridiculous amount of fan service here. But I can see Sasami going down the same route.
>> No. 13392 [Edit]
Honestly, it's pathetic. Either because of "too much DEEP and gore" or "too much fanservice and eye-candy" people just won't stop complaining about SHAFT, as if they should conduct themselves in some way or another. I don't know why these people even bother watching their shows at all. There's a shitload of linear, simple, "tasteful" and light hearted conservative shows out there to entertain themselves, so why to keep bitching about SHAFT not doing the same thing while aiming for a demographic that is not them?
>> No. 13395 [Edit]
> Either because of "too much DEEP and gore" or "too much fanservice and eye-candy" people just won't stop complaining about SHAFT,
AFAIK the gore complaints were toward the guy who would proxy dump gore in every bakemonogatari thread, of course you can expect the shitheads of /a/ to complain more about the people making bakemonogatari threads than the person who actually breaks the rules.

and then the DEEP uses of wordplay and Shintoism that don't literally translate, and even when they are clearly explained it still somehow baffles their incompetent minds ....

Though most of the complains fall into the Elfen Lied category of a show doing mutiple things (violence/blood as fanservice, drama, haremy antics with loads of boobies/pantsu fanservice, AND having an over-arching plot that is more than the introduction episode and final few) and the people who come for some of what the show offers and dislike what else the show brings with it. The old adage goes, you can please some people some of the time, but you can't please everybody all the time. And it fits the situation perfectly.

sage for hugely offtopic.
>> No. 13396 [Edit]
>Either because of "too much DEEP and gore" or "too much fanservice and eye-candy"
How about both?
>> No. 13399 [Edit]
How about you don't mess with SHAFT threads then, as you have nothing to relate with from the beginning? I don't think you mean to force your tastes on everyone or start shit just for the heck of it, do you?
>> No. 13400 [Edit]
Yeah, better to shit up kyoani threads right?
>> No. 13401 [Edit]
I don't know, I don't molest threads in general (and I like KyoAni as well).
>> No. 13403 [Edit]

I'm pretty sure I didn't complain about either. I'm perfectly fine with both fanservice and gore. It's the 'fans' that make everything so much worse by claiming 'look at all this fanservice, SHAFT is totally trying to make fun of the state of the industry now!'. Same shit happened with Panty & Stocking, people made 1039202 of those retarded theories about the show but it was no statement, it had no depth. Fun nonetheless but I could make do without all those retarded theories. SHAFT shows aren't DEEP and there were never meant to be, if people would treat the silly fanservice as silly fanservice and the weird shit as weird shit instead of allegory for God-only-knows-what the world would be a better place. Or at least threads about SHAFT shows would be.
>> No. 13408 [Edit]
So if someone likes SHAFT they can't like Kyoani as well?

Can we please not fight?
>> No. 13431 [Edit]
And what is your point? Shaft fanbase is bad? This might surprise you but 95% on anime fanbase is bad.
>> No. 13437 [Edit]

The point is you can stop pretending it's deep and just enjoy it for what it is.
>> No. 13443 [Edit]
Can someone please explain to me what the fudge this is about?

Chocolate taking over the world and a harem of girls to stop it?
>> No. 13446 [Edit]
Have you read the various synopsis on the season preview charts? I'm sure it'll help you get more confused on what the fuck this show is about.
>> No. 13448 [Edit]

It's pretty much SHAFT: The TV series so far.
>> No. 13461 [Edit]
Unless you yourself make the same as those fans, i.e. some sort of analysis attempt, you can't mean to tell people how to properly understand a story and, in any case, you cannot maintain that you (or anyone) can ever tell anything objectively, "for what it is" (it's ridiculous, at a semiotic level). So you go read the shows as literally/simply as you may, no one prevents you from doing so; but if others enjoy trying to dig more into them (and try to find sources, and analyze obscure passages, and discuss it on forums, and make wikis about it), they're doing nothing wrong and, in the end, they'll have more elements to affirm anything about the show, plausible or not.
>> No. 13533 [Edit]
File 135861357735.jpg - (128.77KB , 1045x585 , wings.jpg )
That's my fridge alright.
>> No. 13535 [Edit]
File 135861373933.jpg - (186.42KB , 1053x591 , weather report.jpg )
Actually, it's rather cold and we might get flooded.
>> No. 13629 [Edit]
File 135898873157.jpg - (76.44KB , 540x544 , salami-smile.jpg )
>> No. 13630 [Edit]
I'm gonna make them unfit for marriage
>> No. 13691 [Edit]
File 135916514257.jpg - (149.85KB , 1117x625 , sasami-san 5.jpg )
Well it's accurate, but putting it like that spoils the fun.
>> No. 13692 [Edit]
File 135916521258.jpg - (260.08KB , 1123x629 , sasami-san 9.jpg )
This just keeps getting stranger... but not bad.
I like the attitude.
>> No. 13745 [Edit]
File 135952782739.jpg - (930.46KB , 896x845 , frostedbutts.jpg )
its happening
>> No. 13808 [Edit]
File 135991641864.jpg - (179.76KB , 1122x624 , sasami-san 10.jpg )
Well said.
>> No. 13809 [Edit]
File 135991657149.jpg - (91.00KB , 1117x622 , sasami-san 11.jpg )
Yeah, just like that...
>> No. 13810 [Edit]
File 135991660798.jpg - (235.26KB , 1124x626 , sasami-san 12.jpg )
>> No. 13813 [Edit]
whos that on the upper left?
i like her, she reminds me of cracky.
sorry about mentioning 3d
>> No. 13814 [Edit]
You mean Cracky-chan? well, what a leap...
However: I think it's safe to say that it's nobody; those are just generic covers of otaku stuff, portraying stereotypical fetishes like imouto, meganeko, X-mimi, sukumizu, BL, black stocking... you get the idea.
>> No. 13939 [Edit]
File 136063552521.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0002.png )
[email protected] I really wonder whether Kagami will die on ep.6 or 7.
>> No. 14304 [Edit]
File 136238330654.jpg - (173.47KB , 1122x628 , we all do.jpg )
but not quite yet.
>> No. 14305 [Edit]
File 13623833264.jpg - (69.35KB , 1115x629 , motto.jpg )
>> No. 14306 [Edit]
File 136238336190.jpg - (127.32KB , 1114x626 , PD.jpg )
>> No. 14475 [Edit]
File 136341641897.jpg - (184.56KB , 1122x616 , a penis.jpg )
>> No. 14476 [Edit]
File 136341647475.jpg - (141.30KB , 1115x625 , NTR rules.jpg )
>> No. 14477 [Edit]
File 136341653139.jpg - (307.61KB , 1054x1246 , DONG IT.jpg )
SHAFT face of insanity.
>> No. 14478 [Edit]
File 136341659973.jpg - (145.11KB , 1123x625 , hatsukoi.jpg )
>> No. 14479 [Edit]
File 136341662868.jpg - (145.05KB , 1119x625 , and I mean NOW.jpg )
>> No. 14626 [Edit]
File 136424353792.jpg - (78.64KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 14628 [Edit]
File 136427201223.jpg - (82.50KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] [email protected] - 11 [85A9CED3]_mkv_sn.jpg )
>> No. 14630 [Edit]
can anyone think of a worse show that shaft has made?
>> No. 14633 [Edit]

Hm, Vampire Bund?

Personally I thought PPD was absolutely awful but a lot of people seem to really like it. Either way that'd get my vote in a 'worst Shaft show ever made' contest.
>> No. 14699 [Edit]
File 136482094063.jpg - (271.33KB , 560x1569 , I'll become a (lonely) god.jpg )
<---- Man, it's really pathetic how completely can I self-insert in these kind of monologues...

Anyway: this anime was even more WTF than I expected. The point all along seemed to be to avoid all solemnity on its thematics (Vs hikikomori et al. loners taking our shit seriously all the time), so I guess I should have known it'd end like this.

Interesting idea for a series, but in the end nothing to remember. I wonder if there'll be a second season but, otherwise, meh.

Post edited on 1st Apr 2013, 5:59am

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