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File 137290736270.jpg - (73.80KB , 864x496 , 998844_193694577458295_1722150109_n.jpg )
22308 No. 22308 [Edit]
I made a thread about this earlier but it got deleted.

Would you go to a place like this? I found it in my city while I was blindly wandering around. It looks pretty fun.
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>> No. 22309 [Edit]
i was interested, but its going to get deleted again here so there is not use reposting what i said in the previous thread.
post it on bun
>> No. 22310 [Edit]

People on bun hate him just as much as people here
>> No. 22311 [Edit]
You live in Portland. Hi.
>> No. 22313 [Edit]
not sure how to take this, but a bit of quick internet searches revealed that OP pic is next door to the palace of low-brow trendiness know as voodoo doughnuts.
i never understood why people que up to buy low tier doughnuts and then you go into a nice place like helen bernhard over on east broadway and there is never a line.
or coco doughnuts which is just a few blocks away from the skid row fountain area, they have really excellent buttermilk bars.
why do people want to eat something shaped like a cock and covered in fruit loops and bacon bits instead of a good quality buttermilk bar?
>> No. 22316 [Edit]
yeah id go. im going to a con tomorrow....
>> No. 22325 [Edit]
Why don't you go to a showing and give us a full report 2k*ke?

I am legitimately curious.
>> No. 22326 [Edit]
I'm going on Sunday with a friend actually! I will be bringing my journal and camera. I will report back.
>> No. 22328 [Edit]
u gonna wear a trenchcoat?
>> No. 22329 [Edit]
whats the entrance fee?
>> No. 22334 [Edit]
>> No. 22336 [Edit]
One dignity
>> No. 22337 [Edit]
Damned recession, seems I won't be able to acompany our diginified gentlement in that.
>> No. 22341 [Edit]
File 13731655486.jpg - (5.83MB , 4608x3456 , DSCN2397.jpg )
i live in portland too
can i get in on this action?
where when are we meeting and ae we having a big gay orgy afterwards?
also is it subs or dubs?
i just happened to take this poic today and that proves i am in portland
>> No. 22355 [Edit]
i wish there was a place like this near me
>> No. 22357 [Edit]
45 minutes until Tokiko gets IRL buttraped in a pornographic movie theater that is literally a stone's throw from for a place known locally as "skid row fountain"

>> No. 22358 [Edit]
Forgot to mention happy tanabata, btw.
What did you all wish for?
If you wished for Tokiko's ass to be raped, then you're in luck.
>> No. 22359 [Edit]
Who cares?

Why does this shitty thread exist anyway? It sucks.
>> No. 22360 [Edit]
>Why does this shitty thread exist anyway?
because mods deleted the original
>> No. 22363 [Edit]
I just got out.
They played Belladonna of Sadness(subbed) and Mezzo Forte OVA (dubbed). I snuck in some ramune and pocky and had myself a good time. I didn't pay much attention to other people there but if you saw some guy wearing a Ghost in the Shell t-shirt, that was me.

Just a heads up, I talked to the desk person on the way out and learned that next week they will either be showing A Thousand & One Nights or Demon Warrior Koji.
>> No. 22364 [Edit]

Unfortunately banning Tokiko and deleting his threads has next to no effect. He'll just keep coming back and posting the same shit. It can't be helped.
>> No. 22365 [Edit]
>> No. 22366 [Edit]
I kinda figured. Which is why so many people dislike/hate him.

I will complain wherever I damn well please!
>> No. 22367 [Edit]
I like this thread. There was a similar, but more vague (and less lewd) one in /an/ a while back.
I'm hoping Tokiko will post more pictures.
The angry shut-in types that /so/ attracts are kind of a drag on this site when the topic of otaku doing otaku things arises.
>> No. 22369 [Edit]
Are you a Ford Driver, Anonymous?
>> No. 22372 [Edit]
I'll probably go this Sunday. Hopefully some other chill TC people will go. I wouldn't mind as long as they aren't annoying/draw attention to us or do meme shit. IS there a particular place in the theater you guys are gathering? I don't know the layout or anything.
>> No. 22373 [Edit]
Did Tokiko get raped in the butt?
I want to see his pics.
>> No. 22379 [Edit]
he became 'the hole of glory' that afternoon.
>> No. 22388 [Edit]
Who the fuck wants to watch porn with other people in the room?
>> No. 22392 [Edit]
The more I think about this it's probably a ploy by /jp/ or another board to troll us. If this was serious they'd organize this in IRC.
>> No. 22394 [Edit]

It's tokiko. I don't even know why this thread is still here
>> No. 22395 [Edit]
Yeah, I initially thought it was him but
Makes a lot of sense, especially given that this board has increased exposure. One of the mods could perhaps elaborate on the IPs posting.

On topic:
I certainly wouldn't mind meeting a couple of decent people from this board, but some transparent ploy like this isn't the way.
>> No. 22402 [Edit]
or maybe its just viral marketing for porn theater
>> No. 22425 [Edit]
Do people actually go to these places? That's insane. I couldn't imagine anything more awkward than watching porn in a big room with other people.
>> No. 22429 [Edit]
Nevermind hentai: I couldn't possibly watch anime (read manga or play VN) with anyone else around. It's a world for me alone to immerse in; no distractions, no intruders.
>> No. 22434 [Edit]
so whats the deal with tonight?
>> No. 22454 [Edit]
I never understood the idea of porn theaters. You watch pornography to get off, right? Mainly that's the purpose of it. Yet if you masturbate in a porn theater, you get arrested. Seems like a shitty business model to me.
>> No. 22457 [Edit]
this is why not too many people go and so the theaters aren't very crowed so you can jerk off without being too close to anyone. if the theater gets to crowed then the people who find that off-putting leave and fix the problem.
thats how it worked back in the pre internet days anyway. before the days of home video, those places were pretty much the only place you could go to watch porn. if you didn't want to jerk off the in cinema then you could just try to remember the parts you liked and jerk off to your memory of it later.
people who grew up with infinite free porn on demand are kind of spoiled and lack imagination with respect to masturbation. you'd be amazed at the kind of tame and innocent stuff people used to jerk off to.
>> No. 22469 [Edit]
File 137410424177.jpg - (5.96MB , 4608x3456 , DSCN2144.jpg )
whats playing on sunday?
>> No. 22500 [Edit]
>Two 3DPDs

Of course...
>> No. 22501 [Edit]
yeah yeah, but the selection is impressive and thats only one of three manga sections in the shop
>> No. 22512 [Edit]
You take photographs of people reading in the manga section you are literally my worst nightmare manifest
>> No. 22514 [Edit]
File 137456205150.jpg - (5.26MB , 4608x3456 , DSCN3207.jpg )
>> No. 22515 [Edit]
Will you people leave already?
>> No. 22516 [Edit]
File 137456429150.jpg - (5.22MB , 4608x3456 , DSCN3205.jpg )
>> No. 22517 [Edit]
File 137456444963.jpg - (5.15MB , 4608x3456 , DSCN3203.jpg )
mixed vegetables really deserves to get an anime, it has all the appeal of both fruits basket and yakitate japan.
>> No. 22518 [Edit]
I've seen better manga selections. muuuuch better.
>> No. 22594 [Edit]
where at?
hopefully its near my house
>> No. 22620 [Edit]
Anyone here going to Kumoricon?

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