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File 142336176254.jpg - (79.03KB , 1060x792 , oosaka.jpg )
22063 No. 22063 [Edit]
Oh wow, this is really cute and I can't stop watching it. Why isn't there more things like this?
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>> No. 22064 [Edit]
>Why isn't there more things like this?
Because you're a noob who hasn't bothered to check and see that there's actually tons of stuff like that out there.
>> No. 22066 [Edit]
don't be rude. there may be tons of stuff like azumanga but azumanga is just very well done.
>> No. 22068 [Edit]
The original creator didn't think so, that's why there's no Yotsuba anime.
>> No. 22073 [Edit]
He didn't like it because he thought the characters were sexualized too much.
>> No. 22087 [Edit]
File 142342988649.png - (186.52KB , 508x351 , yomi finding dog shit on the ground and thinking a.png )
Tomo is the best girl
>> No. 22089 [Edit]
File 142343002511.jpg - (243.62KB , 1024x768 , 1199848738569.jpg )
You misspelled sakaki.
>> No. 22090 [Edit]
this guy has it.
>> No. 22102 [Edit]
File 142345015187.jpg - (102.36KB , 1058x792 , weogijweoiheg.jpg )
She looks far better with short(er) hair.
>> No. 22103 [Edit]
If you say so...
>> No. 22110 [Edit]
File 142351844220.jpg - (118.68KB , 1060x794 , 3298673964.jpg )
Well, that was really fun and now I miss my childhood days. I wish graduation episodes didn't make me feel so sentimental.
>> No. 22195 [Edit]
Does the manga have any episodes that weren't animated?
>> No. 22196 [Edit]
Really? As in, the characters were sexualized by the studio in the adaptation, or the new fans brought in by the anime were doing the sexualizing? The latter view makes sense to me.

I'm kind of surprised I've managed to go all these years without hearing that about Azuma. I do remember him making a few different remarks in interviews about how he didn't think Yotsuba needed an adaptation, that the 'point' of manga isn't always to eventually be made into an anime.

There are a few bits that didn't, but well over 90% of the material in the manga is in the anime.
>> No. 22206 [Edit]
azuma is asking for unheard of amounts of money for the yots anime rights and most studios are somewhat shy of working with him because he has a series of DUI and drug arrests which could end up being bad publicity
>> No. 22207 [Edit]
See now this is the most logical reason I've heard yet for there being no yots anime.
I've never bought this bs about him not liking how azu was done for a minute. Pride is bullshit, it always comes down to money.
>> No. 22210 [Edit]
They aren't mutually exclusive. Pride can be bought, but some people's cost more.
>> No. 22247 [Edit]
The plot thickens.
I find the idea of Azuma having DUIs and drug arrests hilarious for some reason.
>> No. 22284 [Edit]
File 142547411516.webm - (2.68MB , Azumanga_Daioh_25_DVD(H264_AAC)[KAA][B0AFFCE2].webm )
>> No. 22285 [Edit]
In the dub, how did they change the whole Chiyo-chan going to america and talking english?
>> No. 24599 [Edit]
File 144713778628.jpg - (72.19KB , 800x914 , z20151113.jpg )
Such a cute anime...
>> No. 24636 [Edit]
File 144743107346.jpg - (172.66KB , 366x1660 , 136442682594.jpg )
They didn't from what I remember. They probably wanted to avoid a situation like Clock Tower 2's localization; or every Japanese film localization during the 50' and 60's.

Google is pointing me to neither. Please provide a link.

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