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File 132400313578.jpg - (75.20KB , 540x700 , 82ff9c3e2f14934015aaf8b30f1d0573db58a27d.jpg )
11918 No. 11918 [Edit]
Any small but odd things you wish you could accomplish, but don't think you ever will? Anything, from making your own radio transmitter, to carving your waifu into a block of wood, or climbing a mountain.

Here's one of the more grandiose of my many: I want to make a steel canoe into a scale RC Japanese battleship Nagato.

The controls would be in a mobile command trailer. I would use a full RC control with an antenna on top of the trailer. I would be able to figure out where the ship was going with a camera on the bridge. If I wanted to get more into it, I could make each cannon turret have individual controls with a camera on them as well. That way, each individual turret would be able to fire on its own. I figure it would be cool if it fired candy but a more viable option would be using converted Airsoft guns and biodegradable BBs.

I guess I would want to make the controls user-friendly so I could easily either operate it by myself or with a team of people, one driving and three for the turrets. We wouldn't have a real use for the turrets unless other people brought along Airsoft-armed RC boats or planes and try to re-create Operation Ten-Go.

I actually have blueprint-quality designs and a list of materials for this, but programming it would be difficult. My grandfather knows an RC programming genius who can make a Digitrax model locomotive from scratch so I guess I could ask him...

I know chances are I will never go through with this, but pretending I have the option open to me makes me happy. Imagining a battleship big enough to have a fig to scale with it seems awesome. Admiral Izumi and Captain Nagato sailing the sea, ready to claim islands and fight puny RC sailboats for Empress Haruhi seems like something out of a doujin, and I could be acting it out in a model. It's just a fun thing to lie half asleep and imagine.

Others I want to do is make a life-sized plush of Konata and make a kotatsu.
>> No. 11920 [Edit]
create an itasha dedicated to my loved one.
The idea was to do so with a 2000 cellica, painted with a night sky background with vector art over the side and the hood.
but can't really afford to do anything like that.

playing all the metal gear solid games in chronological order.
I can never bring myself to get around to it, becuase it seems like they're always making new versions and entrys into the time line.

make my own custom made figma of Minagi.
made primary of the parts from (3)other figma.

I would like to renovate an old school bus to live in.
A much cheaper alternative to buying a home, and it would be a way to escape property taxes, among other things.
ideally it would be self sufficient, usually left parked far away from people as possible, and only traveling into town for food supply.
money would come from gathering up large loans from anywhere I could before setting off, then dropping off the map once I gather enough (no address for debt collectors to get to me).
but I don't even have enough for a bus, let alone a license to drive one, and it would require some real balls to screw over anyone that would loan you money, then drop off the grid for the rest of your life, something I might not have.
>> No. 11922 [Edit]
I always wanted to make a story about catholic schoolgirls fighting.
>> No. 11965 [Edit]
Create a safe world for multiple kinds of otaku and marginal subcultures to thrive in, not just a few. A free kind of channel of information for things that also originated in the western world but are similar. Other sites say they are for social outcasts but then contradict themselves.

The idea is so controversial that I have to speak of what I actually mean obliquely, even here.

I know it would be largely anonymous, and i know it could have very little in the way of content restriction. It would be in constant danger of being crushed, not by any legal force but merely by the people themselves.

Maybe I'll only know my country in death.
>> No. 11966 [Edit]
I'd say the world is already safe for people like us, at least for the the time being, and depending on what you mean by "safe". It's not socially accepted, but then what do we care for social acceptance?

The real problem is that being a "social outcast" and a "nerd" is in vogue right now, so you'll find all those social outcast sites filled with hipsters and normals, and probably being run by hipsters and normals as well. Things might get better for us after people get bored with this trend and go chasing after another one.
>> No. 11967 [Edit]

I mean something slightly different, but I'll leave it at that.
>> No. 11968 [Edit]
I want to make you all happy.
>> No. 11981 [Edit]
>playing all the metal gear solid games in chronological order.

Hey, same here~

My deepest dream though, is to make an entire album's worth of music that can be called good, for the NEETs. I'd like to make music in general, but specifically, I want to make music for people like me, because I love it when I hear music that I "get" or relate to.

Oh, and I'd really love to write an original, refreshing story. I've no idea where to even begin with that one, though.
>> No. 12002 [Edit]
>My deepest dream though, is to make an entire album's worth of music that can be called good, for the NEETs.
Is this something that you're working on at all? I'm curious because I have a similar dream. I finally started working on it in earnest earlier this year, though, and the album should be done mid next year.
>I would like to renovate an old school bus to live in.
I seriously considered doing this with a van for a spell. However, I don't know anyone with a house or land where I could park it without being hassled, and I didn't like the idea of living in constant unease being parked in random places around town.
I would really love to have a cabin on a bit of land outside of a mid-sized town, and just work a couple of days a week. I've worked everything out on paper a couple of times before, and I could do it if I just had the money for or access to land. So yeah, that'll likely never happen.
>> No. 12003 [Edit]
Maybe you two could collaborate on an album!

Also, I've had a similar van idea for a while too. I figured it could be possible to find a friend who lives in an apartment but doesn't have a car, and generously donate his parking spot for my van to live in. I dunno if it works that way, nor do I know anyone like that, but yeah, theres an idea.
>> No. 12006 [Edit]
What exactly do you mean? Like lyrics related to being a NEET?
>> No. 12007 [Edit]
Iiya~ I couldn't. It'd be intruding, plain and simple, plus, that's just a pipe dream of mine; Barely know how to play music as it is.

Something like that. I was thinking more towards the concept of loving a waifu/2D character, though - Mainly because most punk rock songs are pretty much NEET songs, if you think about it (how I see it, anyway). Waifu-related songs are really quite rare, if not plain nonexistent.
>> No. 12071 [Edit]
I want to write a work of literature and get it published. Anything from a comic book, short story anthology, or even a non-fiction book on history or foreign policy.

That's never going to happen.
>> No. 12227 [Edit]
Look good in bikini.

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