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File 131545013142.jpg - (65.14KB , 411x600 , lovely-waifu.jpg )
5265 No. 5265 [Edit]
Sup, /mai/, I would like to know if there are more 2D love songs like this one, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmtrGKnI7fI
I don't know how to google it...
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>> No. 5266 [Edit]
So far I've just found this one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbYXvSKjP98
>> No. 5269 [Edit]
File 131545255712.jpg - (50.02KB , 640x480 , 1311186535408.jpg )
I started listening to a band because they had a song about waifu's, or at least I thought it was about loving an imaginary girl, which is how I started delving into the whole waifu thing.

Well it was easy to find on youtube.

Hope metal friends won't insult me for tastes or anything, I don't even listen to this group anymore. If it isn't this song, it's likely the same band with the same song name, but part 2.

Won't make much sense unless you listen to the whole song though.
>> No. 5270 [Edit]

>Look up lyrics
>Well this sort of just seems like a typical anti-love song

She isn't real (She isn't real)
I can't make her real (can't make her real)
She isn't real (She isn't real)
I can't make her real (can't make her real)"

>Oh, I guess this is a song about waifus.
>> No. 5271 [Edit]
I tried to give the song a chance, but it felt boring, annoying, dragged on, and some other things.
>> No. 5272 [Edit]
The perspective-swapped Tragic Boy is good too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpJ5v2b-sdU
Miku's version of Rainbow Girl was how I met her.
>> No. 5274 [Edit]
I want to sing it.
I will be copying the lyrics right.
>> No. 5276 [Edit]
>> No. 5683 [Edit]
  Is shakira hinting at them waifus?
>> No. 5685 [Edit]
  Maybe this?
>> No. 6926 [Edit]
  This, I guess?
>> No. 6927 [Edit]
  I know it's just me stretching the lyrics far outside the domain, but I always found it amusing to interpret this song as a hiki confessing to his waifu.
>> No. 6928 [Edit]
  Mostly because the "pictures on my hard drive" part, but I think hanging in between being the luckiest and the loneliest guy fits well.
Oh, YT has only horrible videos of this song, looks like they deleted all the good ones.
>> No. 6964 [Edit]
  Well this is probably about love dolls than waifus, its probably tangentially related. This band has some pretty interesting songs from a nerd's perspective though, including game addiction and public urination anxiety, might wanna check it out:
>> No. 7081 [Edit]
  Boy Problems - I Hate Kevin

I wonder if there are any brohno's named Kevin? Anyway, "I feel miserable and it feels wonderful, the whole home, with no hands, I held onto hopes of holding you". The first verse also depicts recurrent fantasies real well.

(Not interpreting it as a dialogue, I get mad waifu vibes from this track)
>> No. 7089 [Edit]

>I wonder if there are any brohno's named Kevin?

Here is one. And I'm Marisa's man.
>> No. 7094 [Edit]
Audio Saint Dragon - Misato - (4.03MB - 160 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 3:28
>> No. 7095 [Edit]
Is this song supposed to be a joke?
I dig the 90's alt-rock sound, but the lyrics are so trite I was groaning audibly. Especially the line "I was such a fool / To think I'd ever get it on with you".

I think this is the first song I've heard like this that names a specific character, though, so it's a good find either way.
>> No. 7127 [Edit]
  "Because the friendship that you gave
Has taught me to be brave
No matter where I go I'll never find a better prize
Though you're miles and miles away
I see you every day I don't have to try
I just close my eyes, I close my eyes

We'll always be together
However far it seems
We'll always be together
Together in Electric Dreams"
>> No. 8419 [Edit]
  Brohnos, I've been wanting to share this forever. Always kept forgetting.

So yeah, there's this band from Japan named 凛として時雨, which, depending on the romanization, means "Rin Toshite Shigure" or "Lin Tosite Sigure". I prefer the former because it's, I dunno, sharper and less stupid-sounding. You might have heard of them at some point (might not have).

Anyway, these guys put out an EP in I think it was like, 2009, called Feeling Your UFO, and I was looking over the lyrics, and it struck me that the first two tracks depict 2D love in a pretty direct way, or at least can be read that way. I never really cared about what they were saying, but now that I know the lyrics, it's that much more better to me. In checking this out, I found out they have very oblique lyrics and often utilize Engl[r]ish a lot, for...some reason. The original translator might have gotten the lyrics way off and can't tell, but this is what he interpreted it as.
Oh, the vocals are hard to get past for some people. I don't really mind them, but that's me. The actual music greatly makes up for it.

The first track is called "Souzou no Security" (the featured song), which translates to "Imagination Security". I like that, like a waifu - A security in your imagination, you know? The central part of the song apparently translates to "Imagination security, you're in a game sensation; Are you tempting me? Are you a hallucination?; You hallucinate the world in the fiction you sing; The fiction disappearing in space hallucinates the two of us; Now these words are being seen somewhere; Now it's like this world was seen somewhere". Reading into those, it struck me that he's saying something like the fiction he loves sort of tempts him, etc.

The second track is my favorite, "Kankaku UFO" ["Feeling Your UFO"]. This one like, this one resonated with me, as corny as that sounds. The first verse was translated as: "Ahh, something is born in time, there's someone together with me inside myself; Ahh, I'm broken in time, Ahh, there's someone together with me inside my body; Ahh, I'm trembling in time, Ahh, there's someone together with me inside myself", which instantly made me envision a waifu.

That's how I'd like to see it - Makes the band a little special to me.
>> No. 8420 [Edit]
I cant believe no ones mentioned In the Aeroplane Over the Sea yet, I'm guessing most of you have heard of it, but if you haven't, its definitely worth a try. The entire albums pretty much about waifu-ism. Actually, loads of NMH songs are about waifus. April 8th and My dreamgirl dont exist are the first to come to mind, but I can certainly think of more.
Also Weezer's Across The Sea can definitely be interpreted as being about a waifu.

Its weird but I can't really think of anything else,it seems like more artists would expiriance this. There are so many songs for every other

Here, let me check TV tropes to see if I can find anything good...
>> No. 8421 [Edit]
I'm really digging this. I personally think the vocals are great; he's able to have a somewhat strained delivery while retaining clarity. Even his screams sound on pitch. It goes well with the music, as it's intense without being too abrasive.

I had meant to post >>7598 in this thread, and then couldn't be assed to repost it here.
My Dream Girl Don't Exist hits pretty close to home for me, as my own dream girl killed herself in her previous life.
I'd never thought of Across the Sea in that light before, but now that you mention it I suppose it does work. Great song from an amazing album, as well.
>> No. 8426 [Edit]
The World Has Turned And Left Me Here, by Weezer. That one works, too.

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