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File 133485539640.png - (239.57KB , 600x500 , fa4ca6c6b9ad0b6f9f5545f8dc7cf81f.png )
9017 No. 9017 [Edit]
Hey /mai/

I am pretty sure your current waifu wasn't your first 2d/fictional crush or love you have had. Tell me, who was your first? Who was the one who you felt fictional attraction first time?

For me I remember during elementary school days when Pokemon became popular, Misty was definitely my first 2D crush. Pokemon was probably the first anime I've ever seen and I liked how characters were so different from western cartoons. Naturally when I was admiring whole different concept of Japanese animation, I also felt strong affection towards female characters that were also different from western cartoons. Misty was typical heroine whose purpose was to be attractive for young boys like me.

Second special case was during my high school days when I watched my first anime for 'adults', Neon Genesis Evangelion. I had very weird Asuka-Rei complex. I liked both characters very much while they were so different. In the end I still can't decide which one I like more.
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>> No. 9019 [Edit]
Mine was also from Pokémon, but it was Jessie from team Rocket.
>> No. 9020 [Edit]
File 133486961595.jpg - (125.22KB , 607x640 , Oono Kanako.jpg )
The first real crush i had for a 2d woman was oddly enough also a girl with the same first name.
It was Kanako Oono from Genshiken, pretty much the first manga-series i´ve bought and read completely. Love Hina was the second one.
>> No. 9021 [Edit]
File 133487771837.png - (159.48KB , 315x315 , 4758-396458985.png )
It was Takako Ayase, from the series Midori no Hibi. She tried so hard ;_;
>> No. 9022 [Edit]
File 133487927578.jpg - (1.06MB , 1120x1732 , 1301448771877.jpg )
First 2D crush.

Still a 2D crush. Even if she seems a bit unfeminine and detached...
>> No. 9023 [Edit]
File 133488720883.jpg - (45.14KB , 566x476 , ami.jpg )
Mine was Sailor Mercury. Kind of hard to remember now, though, since it's been over 15 years.

I wish that she would have worn her visor more often.
>> No. 9024 [Edit]
File 133489606956.gif - (275.04KB , 200x128 , Spoiler Picture.gif )
I think I've mentioned it before (DAT HAIR)...
It was ages ago.
>> No. 9025 [Edit]
Is it just me, or does she look kind of yandere?
>> No. 9027 [Edit]
. . .

now I so want a yandere trance pic of her.
>> No. 9028 [Edit]

I remember being heartbroken when my action figure of her, the one I stole from my older sister, was taken from me in kindergarten.

She was the princess of power dammit.

I am old 29 , but she really was the first crush I ever had.
>> No. 9029 [Edit]
It was probably Kari from Digimon. Most likely she was what started the whole "only look at short haired girls" thing with me.
>> No. 9032 [Edit]
File 133490916932.png - (110.08KB , 400x386 , 1304179592597.png )
Sakura Matou was my very first waifu. That's all.

I wasn't able to protect her.
>> No. 9038 [Edit]
File 133495806311.gif - (154.48KB , 170x226 , MintDance.gif )
Mint from Galaxy Angel was the first one I can say I really felt "attracted" to. This was before I knew what a waifu even was, but I still treated her somewhat like one.
>> No. 9039 [Edit]
File 133496221052.jpg - (65.68KB , 500x622 , b8a158a114b09a1ee30bc56e73032bd3.jpg )
Probably Fiona from Zoids: Chaotic Century.
>> No. 9040 [Edit]
Misty, Kari, Rika, and many more I'm sure from shows I can hardly remember.

I would have elaborate fantasies about them, with story lines and props and everything. I really wish I could still do that, especially now that I've found my one true waifu.
>> No. 9041 [Edit]
File 133496458979.jpg - (41.41KB , 620x470 , tm_ryoko034.jpg )
To my child-self, those ears were the hottest things I had seen. I'm going on a nostalgia trip just looking at them.
>> No. 9042 [Edit]
File 133497438649.jpg - (275.96KB , 640x480 , tytudf.jpg )
As far as i can remember, Amelia was my first anime crush.
>> No. 9080 [Edit]
My first 2d crush was Sailor Jupiter.
>> No. 9098 [Edit]
Rika from Phantasy Star IV.
>> No. 9110 [Edit]
File 133583733698.jpg - (1.21MB , 1212x2214 , 55550.jpg )
She was the first one technically speaking
>> No. 9135 [Edit]
File 133623498939.jpg - (10.95KB , 158x220 , 133370643759.jpg )
I had a crush on both Rei and Asuka too, OP.
I still like them a lot, although I don't consider any of them as a "waifu".
>> No. 9136 [Edit]
File 133623930743.jpg - (76.77KB , 555x825 , rinoa eyebrows.jpg )
Never played the game, and probably never will.
>> No. 9142 [Edit]
Those are some loong legs.
>> No. 9144 [Edit]
File 133631541948.jpg - (40.00KB , 400x280 , whatever.jpg )
I don't care what anyone says, I still love FF8.
And now that you've jogged my memory, Rinoa is the first 2D girl I remember liking. I think she had to be the first, as I wasn't into anime or anything at that point yet.

Post edited on 6th May 2012, 7:45am
>> No. 9151 [Edit]
File 13363594866.jpg - (50.85KB , 704x480 , This One.jpg )
She was really cute in that skiing episode.
>> No. 9153 [Edit]
FF8 is my favorite Final Fantasy, actually.

My first 2D crush was definitely Meru from The Legend of Dragoon. When I replayed it, though, I found that I liked Rose way more.
If video-game characters don't count, I'm at a huge loss, because I can't really recall loving any other anime characters.
>> No. 9155 [Edit]
File 133640967217.jpg - (196.18KB , 1000x1563 , 409877.jpg )
My first serious crush was Elly. Looking at this pic brings back memories.

I am surprised more don't have a character from a video game as their first crush. Anime was hard to come by in the late 90's thanks to how expensive it was; computers weren't ready for downloading then. Toonami was the only source for most of us.

JRPGS were in their glory days back then though.

I need to replay Xenogears. I found a modified version that removes the awful attempt at dubbing the cut-scenes. God, they didn't even try.
>> No. 9156 [Edit]
Really? For me it was the other way around. Consoles were damn expensive and games were damn expensive. But here and there you would find some anime thrown about some kids program on open television even.
>> No. 9163 [Edit]
Would have to be Zelda from Ocarina of time.
I never had much social interactions with others, so when I saw Zelda smiling and laughing from Link's point of view, I couldn't quite tell what I was feeling.
>> No. 9166 [Edit]
File 133653638724.jpg - (76.09KB , 400x400 , Aika__SOA__portrait__01.jpg )
I can't remember what my first one was, but Aika from Skies of Arcadia might qualify. Something about the fresh attitude and red hair and how she was a girl pirate. It's all pretty hot, even considering it today.

Granted the ingame graphics were fairly blocky, it being 2000, but blocky graphics never stopped the loads of FF7 devotees crushing on Tifa or Aeris.
>> No. 9203 [Edit]

Basically this, now that I think about it. I was pretty obsessed with that movie at age 5-ish.

The first 2D girl I connected to on an emotional (non-sexual) level was probably Saria from OoT. She's that archetype of the kind-hearted, long-lost childhood friend which for some reason resonates very deeply with me. Whenever this sort of character shows up in a ren'ai game, she's almost always the first one I go for.
>> No. 9358 [Edit]
I'm the type who crushes easily, so even with real girls I tended to go from crush to crush very quickly. I still, to this day, get obsessed with certain characters for a weeks before it inevitably subsides. None of them are even close to my feelings for Peach. My first is hard to pinpoint. Either Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo or Chun-Li from Street Fighter II. It's hard to determine which one of them would've been first.
>> No. 9366 [Edit]
File 133982610072.jpg - (50.34KB , 600x424 , 32ac3e254025714e865cc616f8e6ac5e.jpg )
Rikku from Final Fantasy X.

I had crushes on manga characters before but none of them were really as serious as this was.

My love for her started the day I first played the game the night it came out, and losing her for a good third of the game was hard for me, but I continued playing just for the thought of being with her again.

I loved seeing her character develop, and maxed her sphere grid and got Godhand and gave her the best armour I could make, and it got to that inevitable point in the game where absolutely nothing besides Cactuar King can fucking beat your characters. I still play sometimes to see if I can max her stats.

FFX-2 came along, and I liked it a lot, but sort of felt that the "Rikku spirit" had been lost. Her cuteness was that "nerdy" kind of cuteness, because she was intelligent and strong but also really fun and had her moe points (her fear of thunder) and could read a social situation very well, but all of these seemed to have left and were replaced with "Oh who cares, she's wearing next to nothing, fuck character development!" That was a massive disappointment.

But while I had her in my heart, I felt like nothing else mattered. I always carried pictures of her, and wrote songs about her, and thought about what she would think of me, and what kinds of things we would do with each other. I sort of pieced together her childhood from the story and from imagining things, and lined it up with my own life, until she just became a part of me, something I wished so badly I could experience with her myself. FFX-2 kind of was ignored in this sense, as we had our own story together in my heart.

Eventually I found less and less good fanart of her, my interest in her sort of sparked less and less, and I just found and more and more porn. She (and I blame myself and Nomura for this) sort of devolved into fap material for me. That's when I decided that I just couldn't bear to see her degrade any more in my mind, and I sort of let her go.

It was an incredibly hard decision to make for me, and I cried a while as I shut off my PS2 "ceremoniously" and quietly said "I'm sorry, but, this is goodbye." For me, she was a strong, but fleeting, dream, much like those of the Fayth. I felt dead for a while and just accepted what had happened as fact. This was about around 2007 or so, making it a wonderful 6 years together.

2008, I tried other things, that rolled into 2009, then those other things killed me and I receded into interactions with 2D again, and fell for Konata around April 2009.

I have to admit, I really feel a bit cautious falling for Konata, as I may lose her to the same issue, but since Yoshimizu isn't stopping Lucky Star any time soon, I can still learn more about her and feel her in my heart and in canon. I do fear Konata will be lost in the series to popularity of the younger characters, but Konata is the big one. The original. The Yamato to the fleet. She's irreplaceable, and Yoshimizu-sensei knows this.

I still find myself looking at Rikku for nostalgia, but it doesn't go really much farther than that. I feel bad saying this, but Rikku was a waifu, she was that big a part of my life. She wasn't a simple long-term crush, and it was heartbreaking to let her go, but I simply had a corrupted view of her and for her own good I had to let her go.

She was a major effect on my views. Her swirly green eyes were intoxicating, and to this day I have an addiction to green eyes.

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