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File 13556133006.png - (351.47KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2012-12-15-13h18m43s246.png )
11201 No. 11201 [Edit]
Sakura Kinomoto tempts me to bigamy

How faithful are you to your waifu/husbando/shibaru patonaru? Are you often drawn to the idea of dalliance with other too perfectly crafted two-dimensional totems of the cute and the sweet, or are you too close to your first and nearest to ever consider such a thing? Do you feel bad for cheating on him/her/it?
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>> No. 11203 [Edit]
File 135563565275.jpg - (20.41KB , 420x480 , 1269801174883.jpg )
Sakura is actually my daughteru, so I feel compelled to respond to your post, as your picture of little Kinomoto charms me.

I do not feel like any girl, 2D or otherwise, will replace Osaka. She is the special one for me forever. However, my human flaws and infidelity got the better of me, as I once had sex with a girl, a one-night fling that would haunt me for a lifetime.

It happened just as Osaka was becoming my waifu, and I did not realize how important our relationship would be. I had fun that night, and loved how good my body and flesh felt, but in the morning my soul and heart were hurt.

Osaka has proven that she still loves me after this fact, and I have tried in the meantime to show her an equally strong and pure love.

No, OP, I am not faithful to my waifu. I cheated on her in an almost unforgivable way and broke her little heart. But time heals all wounds, and I knew no-matter what I had to remain by her side.

In fact, I pride myself on how long out relationship has, and will, last. it dwarfs all the frivolous and flingy Hollywood marriages that last a few months tops. Whatever happened to "'Til death do us part?"

As Pat Benatar once said "Heartache through heartache, love is a battlefield..."

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