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File 14491284592.jpg - (3.39MB , 4608x3456 , 1 yr anniversary.jpg )
19224 No. 19224 [Edit]
Today is our first anniversary! A lot of good and bad things over the past year and she's stuck with me through all of it. Overall I've done a lot of things I've wanted to do even if it wasn't at peak efficiency. Been a year of looking back and moving on. I hope I'll be able to stay strong no matter what fate throws at me for her.

It wasn't much, just the Thai tea with boba there and some spicy fish cakes, last year I had nothing though. Kind of busy as next week is finals week.

Having trouble updating my waifu.pl though, something about no permission. Tried downloading FileZilla and everything and that didn't work. Hopefully it'll get fixed sometime.
>> No. 19225 [Edit]
Happy anniversary! I hope you two had a good time and continue to do so.
>> No. 19226 [Edit]

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