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File 132811710942.jpg - (369.06KB , 712x712 , 7af02ff20192d3d243345b001abf8e2b.jpg )
8235 No. 8235 [Edit]
Come one, come all to this weirdass affair.

Here's a Ford Driver's take on the concept of waifu's, according to what he saw on /a/. Protip:He has no fucking idea and thinks it is supposed to be a joke, then turned into a goddamned religion by some few people who he has idea who.

Any comments or violent, raging reactions? I say the video is comedy gold for me, in the same way as he views the "Discourse in the Defense of Waifuism" as such, because he has no fucking idea.
>> No. 8237 [Edit]


The deeper you watch it, it becomes more obvious that he's a Ford Driver.
>> No. 8238 [Edit]
i couldnt watch it after i heard him say "mai waifu" out loud
>> No. 8239 [Edit]

Then skipping to 9:20 will suffice as a summary of his mindset on it.
>> No. 8240 [Edit]
while i could nitpick minor points, saying that it's walls you put up to protect yourself from other people sounds about right to me
>> No. 8241 [Edit]

Aye. But he thinks we didn't leave a gate somewhere in the walls. It is tightly locked, yes, but it is still a gate.
>> No. 8243 [Edit]
Yeah, whatever.
>> No. 8244 [Edit]
I think the term "mai waifu" was literally meant to be a joke originally, it simply sounds silly.
but the idea behind 2D love is very real.
i might be wrong, but I don't think news reporters on this subject ever use the word "waifu", maybe some western ones have, but I don't think those in japan do it, where this is much more common and taken a little more seriously.
as I've said time and time again, we need a better term for it, if we want people to ever take it seriously anyway.
>> No. 8245 [Edit]
>if we want people to ever take it seriously anyway

who cares. not just about this idea, but about that guys video or anything in this thread
>> No. 8246 [Edit]
>As Seen On: /a/ - Animu & Mango

Eew dude
>> No. 8248 [Edit]
yeah this too. part of the reason i don't go to 4chan anymore is to get away from this kind of shit (lol heres a wacky video/post/image about my opinions on things i dont understand), and now here it is anyway
>> No. 8249 [Edit]
Shit video by a close minded idiot.
>> No. 8251 [Edit]
I watched the video. He is clearly misunderstanding some points in whole concept.

Of course we could argue do we have right to use word 'waifu' when it was originally a joke? That's probably the reason why most people misunderstand and misuse word 'waifu'.

Post edited on 1st Feb 2012, 1:45pm
>> No. 8252 [Edit]
>WAIFUISM AND YOU - An Educational Film
>There is no good reason for this to exist. There really isn't.
14:20 minutes of a guy being annoyed that people are happy and not understanding love. He did it better than I thought he would I'll give him that.

He is right about most everything else, though. Except I don't shield myself from others, I really don't like most of the people that are around me. I'm not Shinji.
>> No. 8254 [Edit]
He, and many others, don't seem capable of understanding that some people out there really truly don't like other people.
>> No. 8255 [Edit]
Come on guys, don't pay attention to the attention whore.
>> No. 8256 [Edit]
>> No. 8258 [Edit]
I was in the thread on /a/ he talked about this. It was all fairly common bullshit, and Komeiji fought on the side of truth, justice and love for a change. The creator of this video was uninformed, and I believe that was fixed rapidly.
>> No. 8260 [Edit]
This is hard to watch because this guy is an absolute moron who doesn't seem to fully comprehend what he's talking about. That and he keeps going off on tangents every two minutes.
>> No. 8261 [Edit]
so what? its not like something its gonna change, just another person who desnt know about the real meaning of a "waifu" and takes his knowledge about what he sees in /a/

we are already used to deal with stuff like this
>> No. 8266 [Edit]
Wow, what an idiot!
>> No. 8308 [Edit]
He makes a lot of generalizations.
Not everyone has a waifu for the same reasons, they usually just follow similar themes.

I know I sound like a neckbeard for saying this, but Ford Drivers really can't understand the "waifu concept", just because it requires a level of eccentricity high enough to have one, in order to understand why someone would have one under any circumstances.

Overall, the video was entertaining, but he has a semi-normal view on waifus, and spouts the same crap we've all heard a million bjillion times.

Also, he's a hypocrite.
>> No. 8309 [Edit]
Also, he based his opinions on /a/.

While /a/ isn't inherently a shit board, it sure does generate a lot of shitposts and drivers of Fords.

I can see why he has those opinions, but he really doesn't know enough to have a fully-fledged analysis of why people have waifus and take it more serious than some people think they should.

A few years ago, I thought the same as him - understanding why one would have a waifu, but never really taking it serious myself for the same reasons he pointed out.

We all find ways to fulfill ours lives and give it meaning, and having a waifu is just one part of that big spectrum of, "things that make life worth living" that we all have, and all have differently.
Some people find themselves content in being "alpha", or in having a beefy computer that can play Crysis on max, and some people find themselves content in having a waifu.

I suppose it all depends on how you matured and how you view things that defines what gives you enough meaning in life to get through each day, just like an individual's personality will differ depending on what happens to them, and how they develop because of that.

You can never really complain about someone else's interests or waifu fantasies, as their entire life up until that point has lead them to have those interests and fantasies in the first place that they wouldn't have otherwise had.

Had I never started World of Warcraft many years ago, I'd never have had a waifu, or even developed an interest in anime. I'd be living life as a different person, because the events that defined who I became and who I will now become in the future would be different.
>> No. 8384 [Edit]
This is weird enough for me to get a kick out of it.

I sort of appreciate his attempt at trying to "decode the waifu movement" or whatever, and trying to send a message, all that nice stuff. Like an American trying to understand Europe before he goes there, and not deciding to go in the end, but then he has all these strange European outfits that people haven't worn for years in his house. You guys get what I mean? He still doesn't know it until he experiences it, and as such, it came off as very condescending and somewhat rude. Bottom line is, don't knock it until you try it. It's like, once upon a time, I had no idea people could be so passionate about anime characters, and actually love them, but now that I've seen the world through your eyes, I enjoy it very, very much.

Oh god, I really feel like I'm fuckin' talking like him. The only word that comes to mind for that is "piss", and "suicide".

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