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File 13461454478.png - (54.67KB , 250x324 , 250px-Gw2-boxfront[1].png )
7222 No. 7222 [Edit]
Any brohnos playing? We could get together on the same server and play together if there are.

Post edited on 28th Aug 2012, 2:21am
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>> No. 7224 [Edit]
Ah, so it's finally out. In a way Guildwars and I go way back so I was waiting for the sequel for years but...

We'll see, maybe I'll pick it up afterall. For the time being I'm looking forward to some opinions.
>> No. 7225 [Edit]
I really haven't heard much of this game since it came out...despite all the excitement over the past year or two.
>> No. 7227 [Edit]
File 134624633855.jpg - (855.01KB , 1920x1080 , gw001.jpg )
I don't think I've ever played such a quality mmo. Loving it.

Playing on Seafarer's Rest.
>> No. 7228 [Edit]
File 134625065173.jpg - (401.95KB , 1638x789 , wvtw4.jpg )
im playing on fort aspenwood
>> No. 7229 [Edit]
Playing on Isle of Janthir. This game has been great so far.
>> No. 7231 [Edit]
Is it worth getting? There are no monthly fees (like the last GW), right? Most importantly, how loli looking can you be?
>> No. 7241 [Edit]
Can I pirate this or do I have to pay to fully enjoy this?

I'm not even sure if my computer could play it.
>> No. 7246 [Edit]
File 134645142060.jpg - (607.03KB , 1920x1080 , gw011.jpg )
No actual lolis sadly

You can't pirate because you need to buy the account.

Did ascalonian catacombs earlier...was fun. Especially the lovers fight.

I have a guild with the tag [NEET] we could all use, though I don't know if EU and US can mix. My ingame name is Guile.4389 if you people wanna post yours and I can invite to the guild or something.
>> No. 7247 [Edit]
File 134646047144.jpg - (605.08KB , 1920x1080 , gw060.jpg )
Playing on Sea of Sorrows (not because of 4chan, because it's the "unofficial" Oceania server), character name Feinschmecker.

>> No. 7250 [Edit]
Was going to buy this but they ran out of digital copies - somehow. I seriously don't understand that, but okay.
>> No. 7251 [Edit]
File 134651659721.jpg - (571.46KB , 1920x1080 , gw018.jpg )
Same reason swtor did. There's way too much pressure on the servers atm with lag, login down and tp being down so it helps to relieve that load a litle. Silly.

Also accounts were being hacked due to credit card details on the arenanet account, so they had to find a way to stop that.


Also I fucking love puzzles and the scenery after. Plus the pirate karma vendor was awesome. Though expensive.
>> No. 7264 [Edit]
I still own collector's editions of Nightfall and Factions. They boxes are a little damaged but they are factory sealed. Wonder how much they are worth, it's been years since I bought them and I never did anything with them so I could sell them I guess...
>> No. 7273 [Edit]

If you're lucky, they might be in the scalper-only tier of price on ebay or yahoo auctions.

that aside, I'm rather disappointed in how little my mesmer's damage output is in gw2. The gw2 site says clones deal some damage, but not as much as the caster, the game demonstrates them hitting for 0 with every attack. The mantra special power attack deals so little damage it's not worth stopping the auto attack to even charge it. And then there's the significant lack of AoE.

Oh, and then you compare the damage output to something like an elementalist or warrior, whose aoe attacks significantly and noticeably out damage my single target, all while being much more easily spammable and lower cooldowns....

The only upside is all the evade/dodge skills, you can tell the warriors/elementalists to sit on you and follow you in boss fights so they don't die, then hit one of the evade abilities when the 1-shot special ability comes, and then call them noobs in chat and complain about them not following you well enough. Almost makes it all worth it....almost.
>> No. 7274 [Edit]
I'm no guild wars expert, but I thought mesmers were mainly pvp characters, shutting down casters and such.
>> No. 7278 [Edit]
File 134680359771.jpg - (391.03KB , 1920x1080 , gw069.jpg )
I got to level 39 a few days ago and I'm quite disappointed in... everything, really.
Save for the main quest/"my story" which I quite enjoyed.
Nothing else about the game is interesting. The "quests" are just "go here do this" bullshit that give you a tiny little bonus amount of EXP.
The soundtrack seems very limited, the quality in graphics and area design is extremely erratic and the gameplay... lacks oomph.
>> No. 7285 [Edit]
File 134686440243.jpg - (494.74KB , 1920x1080 , gw048.jpg )
At least it's not some stand still and skill bash wow-style mmo..the action combat is a little more fun than that.

My character looks pretty swag now.
>> No. 7286 [Edit]
monoe made me switch to erradon terrace
>> No. 7289 [Edit]
File 134690408297.jpg - (928.96KB , 1920x1080 , gw071.jpg )
I think I might change to that server, also.
Medium populations sounds nice right about now.
See you in game if I get around to playing again.
>> No. 7290 [Edit]
After finally seeing this, I have to say the graphics look so dated...though I think they only used a slightly modified GW1 engine for this, which might explain a bit. That aside, the world is really well done and fun to explore.
>> No. 7291 [Edit]
File 13469950752.jpg - (525.23KB , 1920x1080 , gw065.jpg )
Agreed, though personally I think it'd be more fun to explore if the heart quests weren't mandatory for completion.
>> No. 7334 [Edit]
File 134772423171.jpg - (221.80KB , 1360x768 , gw096.jpg )
Hit the mid levels and the grind is starting to sink in. I love the exploration and the heart quests but there's just so many that I can't get excited for them anymore.

Maybe if I actually joined a guild. I keep getting random invites but they don't even say hello first, what the hell?
>> No. 7335 [Edit]
guilds are always nice, unless it's mostly dead. it's an extra channel to ask peeps to come help you, or a /lfg that doesn't interrupt your grind, or to keep things somewhat interesting if a bunch of the other peeps in the guild are talkative.

I'd recommend guildhopping through the random invites and recruiters until you find one that isn't so terrible that you will gladly leave (i.e: less than 5 people on when you are, or nobody talks at all or anything).

As for that mid-level grind, I've found that if you bother to keep at least one prof. up to date, you end up out leveling places rather quickly. Even when you start 3-5 levels below the quest level. Oh, and make sure to farm everything you see on the mini-map within reason. Even if the prof. you grab doesn't use them. If you think the mid-level grind is where the grind kicks in, just wait for the last 10 levels. I've heard many complaints about how THAT is when having a ton of spare mats and learning a prof. you have at 0 and then powering it up (since the xp gained from crafting is scaled to be a % of your exp bar regardless of level) is a godsend.

oh, and always do the grindy hearts with some sort of buff on you. Even if you have to go to a capitol city and buy it from the vender, and even if it's the level 1 food (still, +10 power is an extra talent point, and is noticeable) because you're poor as shit. It's 100% worth it.
>> No. 7336 [Edit]
File 134773830658.jpg - (452.85KB , 1920x1080 , gw060.jpg )
I've been level 80 for the last few days and have lost all interest in playing. I usually enjoy grinding in MMOs but most of the grinding in gw2 is cosmetic and not for stat improvement which is incredibly pointless in my eyes.

You should leave all crafting until at least lvl 70 to get the maximum benefit from exp. I did cooking 70-78 and I was getting 2-3k exp for the low level 0-100 things alone. about 7k exp + 3k bonus from 200+ recipes. It took me about an hour or so to do this, including running back and forth between the crafting station and trading post, going to karma vendors to get mats etc.

Remember: If you dislike a zone, go somewhere else. If all the say 40-50 zones are too hard for you, go to a 35-45 zone and clear that 100%. Then you'll probably be about 50 by the time that's done and can go easily do a 50-60, rinse and repeat and only clear zones that you like. I hated all the snow zones apart from Frostgorge Sound, which is probably one of my favourite places to level in the game (70 or 75+).

The best food which is really cheep on the TP to buy is things like +40% magic find when you have a boon up or something. You will be finding more greens and blues which will net you more silver for things you'll need later on such as 2 gold spellbook etc.

Remember to check EVERY single heart karma vendor you complete, and check every suitable BLUE item and buy any upgrades. DON'T bother wasting any karma on greens. Also do ANY events you see near you unless they are bugged or really hard champion events which you can't solo if nobody is around (eg krait witch).

Any other tips, hmm. Do story mode quests whenever you've 100% a zone and keep doing them until you catch up to your level. They will net you good money, exp and loot. Do only the story mode of dungeons your level aswell as you get a nice rare helm which is better than things 4-5 levels higher. You can also make quite a lot of money from drops, though won't find many upgrades for yourself.

Post edited on 15th Sep 2012, 1:05pm
>> No. 7337 [Edit]
File 134774911984.jpg - (248.28KB , 1360x768 , gw108.jpg )
Leveling up hasn't really been a problem, I've been 100%ing nearly every zone I come across so I'm a good 5-10 levels higher than my current story mission and whatever zone I end up in. It's just been lonely is all, and I haven't been enjoying it as much.

I'll give the guilds a trial run I guess, but the whole guild politics bull is a turn off. I just want a small core group to chill with. A lot of the guild functions seem like a real hotbed for drama.

Thanks for the crafting tips though, I don't feel so bad about neglecting my crafts now. I'll wait till the final stretch to power through them.
>> No. 7345 [Edit]
You could join a big guild such as [FUN], which even though it's a /vg/ guild, you can disable guild chat appearing in your chat log so you get all the +karma, +exp etc buffs but without having to put up with anybody.
>> No. 7360 [Edit]
Have only played my sisters character, but so far this game is a bit boring on your own. Will probably make a character of my own eventually, but so far the whole thing is just a bit unimpressive, though just exploring the world can be interesting. Maybe it's better with others but guilds require socializing, so...forget that.

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