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File 136496445594.jpg - (43.85KB , 1284x720 , vlcsnap-2013-04-03-06h45m46s192.jpg )
12240 No. 12240 [Edit]
I was thinking about all my "beloved" characters (I hesitate to call them waifus) yesterday and realised that they all would have little to no romantic interest in me. How do you cope with the realisation that your waifu would not actually like you if you met her?
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>> No. 12241 [Edit]
On the one hand, it don't bother me much becuase it's been a good long while since I've come to terms with the fact that no one can can stand me for very long. It's not like anything will ever come of our relationship anyway, so no sense on dwelling on such trivial maters. I could be a billionaire movie star or whatever, and it wouldn't chance our current relationship at all.

on the other hand, if a piss poor and homeless douchebag drifter who beats on her little sister/best friend/whatever has a chance, my chances can't be any worse. (but I really try not to think to much about that.)
>> No. 12246 [Edit]
its almost as if the concept of a waifu breaks down when placed under the slightest level of scrutiny
>> No. 12247 [Edit]
I like to recognize that even if we were in the same dimension, she would probably not outwardly hate me. I don't think she is the kind of person to judge others without getting to know them to some degree, and even if we knew each other fairly well, there would be little chance of her entirely disliking me. I think we would get along pretty well.
>> No. 12249 [Edit]
File 136500305523.png - (4.95MB , 1200x1440 , 34736940.png )
I have no reason to believe she wouldn't love me back.
>> No. 12250 [Edit]
File 136501254684.jpg - (153.79KB , 600x600 , f61eea78adfd6fc994300a6bcc23f665.jpg )
>How do you cope with the realisation that your waifu would not actually like you if you met her?

By knowing that just because you love someone doesn't mean they will love you back. And that despite her not loving you back, you will still love her, because that's how much you want for her to be happy, by giving her freedom.
>> No. 12257 [Edit]
File 136503211518.png - (117.03KB , 480x640 , 1274629960760911.png )
I've mentioned this before but I really think that we would work out as a couple if he wasn't heads over heels for his canon love interest and/or got formally rejected. And even if they got together, I'd be happy because his happiness is mine. I'm fairly certain we'd be friends at the very least, I can't imagine him hating me.

This too.
>> No. 12261 [Edit]
File 136503859383.png - (369.63KB , 848x480 , vlcsnap-199.png )
Not a problem for me. I think she'd like me instantly.
>> No. 12263 [Edit]
I wouldn't say "would not actually like you", because she's friendly towards everyone. She just would not see me in a romantic way, I honestly want her to be happy. Whether that is in a relationship with me, or with someone else, or single - it matters not. What >>12250 said is 100% accurate.
>> No. 12268 [Edit]
File 13650626817.png - (244.73KB , 969x1113 , 2252231.png )

OP here.
I see. I always considered the concept of waifu to involve nothing other than mutual romantic love. Apparently, not so for everyone.

I too, can't think of any of the characters I have an interest in hating/disliking me. They'd probably like me as a person. But I'm almost certain none of them would have any romantic feelings for me.
>> No. 12271 [Edit]
File 136506761725.jpg - (119.08KB , 1118x628 , see you in hell.jpg )
I actually used to base part of my love for her on the fact that she most probably wouldn't fall for the likes of me. However, 3 years later, things have changed or, rather, just got way more specific. Currently, I hold in no good regard any sort of "normal" romantic relationship, in the sense of including sex and leading into marriage, reproduction and all that crap; but, under the fantasy of me ever meeting her, I'd surely crave for some sort of unique connection between us and, in all honesty, I think there would come a point when I couldn't take any less than somehow becoming the absolutely most important person in her life (just like she already is in mine), which, of course, counts as wanting her to love me as well.

So: if she happened not to ever stand me at all, I'd just leave her alone considering it rightful and fair, while I continue to live in longing sadness. If she became mere acquaintances with me, I think I could endure it as long as she remains bachelor as well; but, if she ever happens to couple with someone else, then (now I know it) I'd hate her with passion; I'd bluntly cut all connections with her and sharply throw her off my life, but not whithout somehow morally hurting her as painfully as possible: I'd fucking tear her into shreds so she'll never, ever, forget and forgive me (as I won't do for her myself)...

By all means, I'd rather be hateful than indifferent to my beloved. So that's how I honestly think I'd cope with it.

Post edited on 4th Apr 2013, 2:49am
>> No. 12273 [Edit]
File 136508517874.png - (46.20KB , 252x230 , Lucky_Star_v07_p032.png )
Some of us already knew they wouldn't love us since the begining.

But me, i would sure try as hard as i can if had the chance.
>> No. 12274 [Edit]
File 136509507443.jpg - (187.03KB , 800x450 , Kurisu Okabe cheek (2).jpg )
That's really interesting view. Not that I agree or disagree with you, but I would like to ask: couldn't you enjoy seeing her happy, even though it is with someone else?

I cannot answer my question myself because for me it is like "would you hate rocks if they suddenly started floating in the air?". It is impossible by my definition because that she feels for me in a certain way is inevitable so I can call her "my waifu". Otherwise she is just character with same name and same looks and she doesn't hold the same meaning for me. (That's why I feel I have to separate her from the original characters because I don't want to "ruin" or "change" the original character with my own ideas)
>> No. 12276 [Edit]
File 136510634191.png - (0.98MB , 572x864 , my waifu dress.png )
Her and I would get along quite well. I think a long term relationship between her and myself is very likely.
>> No. 12277 [Edit]
File 136512268326.jpg - (55.47KB , 800x780 , 2359.jpg )
>How do you cope with the realisation that your waifu would not actually like you if you met her?
Same way I deal with the fact that she has no voice and the terrible fans

very badly, I'm fairly sure she wouldn't like me but that doesn't mean I can stop loving her
>> No. 12280 [Edit]
File 136512432719.jpg - (23.64KB , 314x151 , I need her.jpg )
>couldn't you enjoy seeing her happy, even though it is with someone else?

Absolutely no. When I say I love her, I mean that I've become animically one with her and thus need her with me, always, to stay on my feet and remain myself at all. To see that she's been made happy or fulfilled by someone else, as her life goes on independently of mine, would render me abandoned, torn apart and my only sincere reaction would be the taking over of hate as a modality of that very same love (and not its opposite, which would be indifference); i.e. that hate is not the end but, on the contrary, the prosecution of my love. For me, the sort of empathy that some people keep talking about is an aberration: a mundane and underdog version of love; I'd need myself to be her happiness, her anger, her melancholy, her damned everything or I'd have to destroy it all (cause it's unbearable)...

That's why is a good thing she doesn't exist and never will, other than in my mind and heart. That's why I couldn't have but a waifu to profit from love. But that's just me and my being nuts, apparently.
>> No. 12281 [Edit]
File 136512576493.png - (506.95KB , 603x947 , 29fc4d5f18d72ce7626fca62a61bad94d6a20340.png )
I don't need to. In a way we have already meet. I consider her as a very real being, but not a corporeal one, rather like some sort of spirit or ghost. As an over-rational person this is the only way I have found to cope with the inherent irrationality of having a waifu. From this perspective all the threads about "What would happen/you do/feel/etc if meet your waifu in your/her dimension/etc?" make no sense. It's like taking the very notion of a waifu (of which unconditional love is a part) and dissect it to, at the end, realize that it's imposible.

As >>12246 said, if you over-thinks about it, the whole concept falls apart. So just don't do it. Can be hard, but is for the best.
Really sometimes it's better not to know.
>> No. 12282 [Edit]
>As >>12246 said, if you over-thinks about it, the whole concept falls apart. So just don't do it. Can be hard, but is for the best. Really sometimes it's better not to know.

Not to persuade you off your ways or anything; but, just saying: do you realize that could go for 3D as well? If they wouldn't allow to be hypnotized into a shitload of assumptions, omissions and blunt lies, they couldn't bring themselves to "love" each other at all. Their so called love does depend on ignorance and fantasy, with the aggravating factor that they, well, do exist and may and tend to get fucked by their mutual misunderstanding.
>> No. 12283 [Edit]

I call that true love
>> No. 12294 [Edit]
File 136518653145.png - (528.10KB , 1002x1017 , 明日、笑えるように by Robita.png )

(OP here)

I just poised the question with a "if you met her" because it was easier. What I meant was:

If, taking into account all of your waifu's character qualities, you know/realise/come to realise that you are far, very far from her idea of a love interest; what then? Is she still a waifu? Or just a character you have a crush on? Or are these two things interchangeable anyway?
>> No. 12300 [Edit]
File 136521603174.jpg - (1.96MB , 2480x3507 , 28442405_june.jpg )
I wonder if it's strange, but I like to think of canon Rena and my Rena as two separate entities. I don't mean "my" in the sense that I own her; it's just the bond that we've developed through our conversations and spending time together. Canon Rena is more of the actor on the stage, if you will.
I never once assumed that she held the same feelings for me; that in itself is extremely selfish. I know without a doubt that romantic intimacy is something that would make her uncomfortable, so I don't even take those sort of things into consideration. If I forced her to look me in that way, it would feel fake (as ironic as that might sound). I want her to be herself through and through. Warping her to fit my fantasies just seems wrong to me.
Sorry if this is incoherent. I've been up for around 40 hours and I'll be damned as HELL if I understood what I just wrote.
>> No. 12301 [Edit]
I like to think we would at least be friends. Thats good enough for me.
>> No. 12316 [Edit]
File 136531524927.jpg - (287.85KB , 964x1300 , Asuka Sitting in her eva white background.jpg )
Perhaps I'm delusional but I like to think if we actually met I'd have a shot, at least if I had the knowledge of her character that I have from watching the series. If we just met and I didn't know anything about her she'd probably be disinterested in me like all the other boys in her class (but then again if I didn't know anything about her I'd probably be disinterested in her). On the other hand, knowing what I do about her, I think I could get her to give me the time of day, and if I could get that much I think she could fall in love with me.

If she didn't I don't know what I'd do... I could never just be friends with her, that would be too painful I think. Perhaps I'd hold onto some vain hope that she'd fall for me and sit in the friend zone, but I think it would be an unbearable existence to be so close to her and yet simultaneously so far. Perhaps if she rejected me I'd be able to accept that over time and move past her.

>I wonder if it's strange, but I like to think of canon Rena and my Rena as two separate entities. I don't mean "my" in the sense that I own her; it's just the bond that we've developed through our conversations and spending time together. Canon Rena is more of the actor on the stage, if you will.

I don't think that's strange at all.
>> No. 12374 [Edit]
File 136581788733.jpg - (803.97KB , 1920x1200 , Konachan_com - 36909 enma_ai jigoku_shoujo.jpg )
My beloved has been through horrible things in her past so I completely understand if she does not want to connect with just any ordinary person. But I would still do everything I could for her. It would definitely hurt, thought..
>> No. 12377 [Edit]

I know what you mean. It feels the same way in my case, too.


All of that sounds like the lyrics from "I Love Miss Ogyny" by the Groundhogs.

Post edited on 13th Apr 2013, 1:14pm
>> No. 12382 [Edit]
lol. not sure about the music, but nice lyrics.
>> No. 12425 [Edit]

You rule for actually checking that out. Ancient British rock is an acquired taste, I do understand.
>> No. 12438 [Edit]
Of course she has interest in me, without me she would be dead Im giving her new things to do/say/accomplish and love for as long as I live.

She is grateful for that
>> No. 12439 [Edit]
File 136656581991.jpg - (53.36KB , 389x440 , 1365205090599.jpg )
One of the hardest things for me to imagine about her is her reaction to anything love or romance related. She would definitely be a great bro, but she is so lax and uncaring about those kinds of things that I can't really imagine her in romantic situations too well. Of course, if I where to somehow be in the 2D world with her I would turn my life around to become worthy for her. But she is still a nice person so she wouldn't hate me I don't think. I would never want her to come to this dimension though, that is unfair to her and this world would corrupt and destroy her.
>> No. 14254 [Edit]
It definitely would not be love at first sight if she met me, but have full confidence that i could turn her around.

The biggest obstacle is that she is a lesbian in canon, but i believe all girls can swing both ways, so i could make it happen.
>> No. 14255 [Edit]
Lmao I have similar problems with Homura... Of course I guess I would need some magic and some help -- I'm not sure how she would respond to anything after what she became in The Rebellion Story.

Still my general attitude towards things is not to give up and that it's worth a shot I guess.

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