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File 137498131944.jpg - (64.22KB , 1063x922 , ha.jpg )
15653 No. 15653 [Edit]
If you could go back into the past to one moment in your life, with your memory intact, and become able to change one thing from that moment, what would you do and to what time would you go back to?
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>> No. 15654 [Edit]
Yeah, I'd go and kick my father's ass before he met my mother so that they'd never meet. At least an abortion and a birth would be stopped, even if it wouldn't stop these dumb fucks that are my biological parents from doing what they wanted, at least I wouldn't have to deal with them or with anybody. I wouldn't have to worry about losing my things, I wouldn't have to worry about being weak, I wouldn't have to worry about anything. I wouldn't have to think as I wouldn't exist. I wouldn't have to know just how terrible the outside world is. I wouldn't have to know anything. The concept of death or happiness wouldn't mean anything.

Living isn't worth going through any of this.
>> No. 15655 [Edit]
Whenever the lottery jackpot was at it's highest, and then I'd win it. I know it sounds like cheating, but that's literally the only thing I can think of that would change my life for the better today. Anything else wouldn't have changed the outcome, I'd still be suffering regardless.
>> No. 15657 [Edit]
File 137499639942.png - (80.25KB , 478x268 , NOOOOOOOOOTHING.png )
I'd say what I'd like it's just more time, but I'd most probably waste it again. So yeah.
>> No. 15658 [Edit]
I'd avoid taking that medication with depression as a "rare" side effect in my teens.
>> No. 15667 [Edit]
I'd stop myself from enrolling to a university to get a chemistry degree, I think it would help with the depression and I wouldn't be an alcoholic.
>> No. 15670 [Edit]
I'd go to the area community college straight out of high school instead of my failed waste of years and dad's money at a university.
>> No. 15671 [Edit]
No particular moment, but I definitely would have been much more careful about hiding my loli collection from my mom.
>> No. 15672 [Edit]
I'd go back to when I was 15 or 16 and make fucking sure that my parents wouldn't doctor shop and get me misdiagnosed with Asperger's. They probably would have anyway, though.
>> No. 15674 [Edit]
I would've stopped myself from destroying the remainder of my childhood, teenage years and parts of my adulthood by deciding not to hide myself (as in my personality etc.) due to being afraid of getting bullied when my "nothing bad ever happens" bubble was burst.

Worst decision ever. I'm better now, but jeez.
>> No. 15677 [Edit]
I would of prevented myself from becoming a social pariah back at college by maybe not reading philosophy at the age of 16 and being so hung up on Existentialism.
>> No. 15678 [Edit]
>> No. 15691 [Edit]
Yeah, I think that's pretty much it. I would be a rich man, I would be able to do anything. Which would probably mean that I would buy property somewhere isolated and shut myself in forever with absolutely no worries about the outside world.
>> No. 15692 [Edit]
This is my dream.
Having enough money so I can somewhat comfortably live off the interests and not have to worry about the outside world. Just shut myself in forever, watching anime and browsing the internet and eventually dying a premature death.
>> No. 15693 [Edit]
>> No. 15709 [Edit]
>> No. 15712 [Edit]
Wouldn't change a thing. Despite the bullshit my mental gymnastics put me through over the years, I'd keep it the same anyways.
>> No. 15713 [Edit]
Other than the lottery thing, nothing. Maybe deal with preventing a false rape accusation
>> No. 15715 [Edit]
For the people who keep saying 'Lottery' do you actually memorize all the winning numbers and their dates in history?
>> No. 15716 [Edit]
I think they mean like that and like how that one douche in Back to the Future that got rich with that book with the winning lottery numbers.
>> No. 15717 [Edit]
no I'm asking if you currently do that right now, not if you would do that. OP is asking what you would do with your memory intact, OP said nothing about giving you time before sending you back to study up on wining Lottery numbers.
>> No. 15885 [Edit]
I'd go back 3 years ago, when I said "Maybe I should go back to my mom's and study instead of working this shitty fast food shit with these shitty people who keep bullying me".
I'd kick myself and say "Fuck you, you do NOT want to go back. Just get another shitty job with less shitty people and study some languages by yourself, maybe we'll end up being translators or something, shit"

Fucking shit.
>> No. 15890 [Edit]
Before I ate that burrito.

Nah, seriously: I wish I hadn't bitterly abandoned college at that moment, when I could have easily made something to get my degree. Yet again: how would I've learnt, then, the pointlessness of it all?
>> No. 15926 [Edit]
This is exactly what I'd do, except I got misdiagnosed around age 10 or so.

Or if the diagnosis was actually true, then I'd just try to stop my school from giving me "help" I didn't need, that only succeeded in giving everyone in school a reason to shun me.
>> No. 15935 [Edit]
I would tell myself to not watch that new gundam 00, to not follow that "watch code geass while waiting for 00 s2!" and never find 4chan.
>> No. 15941 [Edit]
Go back to when I was 4 and refuse to eat unless my parents agree to homeschool me.

Then write a bestselling technothriller about Arab terrorists destroying the World Trade Center by hijacking airplanes.
>> No. 15946 [Edit]
Not be born.
Successfully kill myself when I was 14, instead of doing it at home and having someone finding me bleeding.
Having the courage to kill myself now.
Identifying that shit will only get worse now.
>> No. 15948 [Edit]
Can I just redo my entire life? Because changing one moment is not going to fix anything in comparison to all the shit I've done wrong.
>> No. 15996 [Edit]
File 138028318370.jpg - (17.46KB , 268x277 , 1339672133589.jpg )
I would go back to being a baby and fucking stay there, reliving everything with the edge of all my attained knowledge over the years and a healthy body making everyone fucking adore me and shower me with affection 24/7. Best life ever.
>> No. 15998 [Edit]
There is nothing to change.
>> No. 16031 [Edit]
not be afraid to speak up and not end up pissing my pants in front of all the other 13yr olds, that was a bit of a fork in the road I think

or maybe I'd just go back and remind myself to keep playing piano.

or I'd give a few books to a 10yr old me so he wouldn't give up so easily.
>> No. 16048 [Edit]
i'd spend more time speculating about time travel and posting in speculative time travel threads because they're so interesting and uncommon, but really just getting to read all these people's complaints about their lives is enough of a privilege.

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