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File 132913239692.jpg - (961.77KB , 1566x2200 , 131937568444.jpg )
8506 No. 8506 [Edit]
i found this image on belchan of all places. also HOLY MOTHERFUCKING FUCK YEAH
M O Y A S H I M O N S . 2 ! ! ! 1 ! 1! !!1oneone

srsly tho, fuck yeah
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>> No. 8507 [Edit]
this looks fake
>> No. 8508 [Edit]
It has to be fucking fake, with a few real things thrown in to try and help it.

I want to believe, but I don't.
>> No. 8509 [Edit]
File 132914099320.jpg - (3.47MB , 1810x4748 , chart.jpg )
Most of it is fake. Here's the real chart.
>> No. 8510 [Edit]
Even having seen a few of these fake charts through the years, I still hate them because it takes a row or two to realize it's fake, and by then I've already gotten excited about something. In this case, it was Shoulder a Coffin, Kuro.
However, it led me to this,, which is FUCKING AWESOME.
>> No. 8511 [Edit]
>Not Simple

lolno those would ever ever ever get animated. Then again, I suppose the chances of a Ten anime aren't completely 0 but I'd certainly say it's less than 5%.
>> No. 8512 [Edit]
Oh shit, and I also just noticed Psychonauts on that list. Man I wish that game got a sequel...
>> No. 8516 [Edit]
>not simple movie

Hahaha, yeah, sure. What's next, Music of Marie?
You really shouldn't trust random charts, OP.

But I've got to say, Spring 2012 looks surprisingly decent (as in, the real Spring 2012, not what's on OP's chart).
>> No. 8517 [Edit]
Thought as much when I saw psychonauts and little busters on there.

Real thing doesn't seem half as interesting...

Post edited on 13th Feb 2012, 12:26pm
>> No. 8519 [Edit]
good, i dont like a good portion of the anime this season would have sucked
>> No. 8803 [Edit]

Seriously, if that shit is real, I'll be building a bunker now stocking up anime while waiting for 21st of December 2012.

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