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File 134772942244.jpg - (801.13KB , 1920x1200 , 132314448427_jpg1369874259.jpg )
11810 No. 11810 [Edit]
Does anyone here have the comic where it's the individual being bullied in school, rejected by women, picked on at work, shit sucking in post secondary, and then he finds 4chan and Anonymous shows him how to laugh at the world burning, and then the last panel the individual has a green anon face?

Two beautiful gals for your trouble finding me this horrible bit meaningful comic.
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>> No. 11813 [Edit]
File 134773190346.png - (2.06MB , 966x1947 , tygaiz.png )
I still have that comic saved on my hard drive from years back. Really don't know why anyone here would want it, but here it is.
>> No. 11814 [Edit]
I had it in one of the 2 hard drives that I killed over the last few years...
It's been a while.
>> No. 11830 [Edit]
These comics may have feels relevant to your interests, OP.
>> No. 11832 [Edit]
I find that comic so disapppointing. His tears and overwhelming bitter frustration led him to take solace in that shitty site. Nothing was solved, he didn't become infused with determination to come to terms with his problems, no, none of that happened. All he did was become more of a loser.
>> No. 11834 [Edit]

Replace every instance of "/b/" with "/tc/"; does the comic change at all? Not really. Losers come in many flavors, and we're all just trying to make it through what meager existence we've got.

One man's shit is another man's painkiller, is all I'm saying.
>> No. 11836 [Edit]
I can't help but think /b/ would mercilessly bully and make fun of the guy in that comic if he tried to confide in them.
>> No. 11851 [Edit]
They would. The truth is, you go to /b/, and then the top right panel applies again. Even when he is describing the people on /b/, he mentions the sociopaths. But all his problems are from people treating him like shit; how is he going to find camaraderie in sociopaths?
>> No. 11856 [Edit]
Back when that comic was made he would have fit in just fine. Though he wouldn't confide in them. People who went to /b/ when it was still new and fresh were similar to each other. It wasn't a hivemind in the sense a 4chan hivemind is now (LOL WE ARE ANONYMOUS WE ARE LEGION!!!). The hivemind of the early 4chan (more specifically /b/) was a real hivemind where similar people would be able to speak volumes to each other anything more than posting a silly picture with some text slapped on it.

I read this and it sounds really lame, but that's how /b/ used to be. It attracted a certain type of weirdo, and anyone else just didn't get it and left.
>> No. 11860 [Edit]
I can't say that comic applies to me at all.

Makes me feel better knowing that I'm above some /b/tard.
>> No. 11870 [Edit]
It's not like it takes much. Even a turd that some retard stepped on is on a much higher position than those sacks of shit.
>> No. 11871 [Edit]
>Someone posts in /so/
>Attacked by /so/

Rejected by the social pariah. Shit, yo.
>> No. 11872 [Edit]
I didn't view it as him being attacked.
>> No. 11873 [Edit]
I'm jealous of the guy in the comic. at least he's going to college
>> No. 12022 [Edit]
whats so good about going to college?

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