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File 131097666018.png - (183.40KB , 639x387 , hyouge-mono-3-1.png )
4963 No. 4963 [Edit]
Does anyone here know if Huzzah dropped Hyouge Mono?
They haven't released a new ep in a month and they don't have a website…
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>> No. 4966 [Edit]
They have an irc channel (#[email protected]​rizon.​net), you know.

>Hyouge Mono is not dropped, but will be released at the translator's convenience. That being said, expect very slow releases until the end of summer.

It is quite encouraging to see that they're continuing to sub it despite the expected series length. Frankly, I don't mind the wait as it's not a show that I'm too excited about, and from what I've heard, nor is the mangaka.
>> No. 4972 [Edit]
File 131100923467.jpg - (460.39KB , 1280x720 , [Huzzah]_Hyouge_Mono_01_[7EE66910]_mkv_001140138.jpg )

Well I certainly enjoy it.
I've already put it on hold for whenever though.
I have a shit-ton of things to watch as it is.
>> No. 4973 [Edit]
If I remember correctly, their translator used to be part of Eclipse and gg, and now also translates for Crunchyroll, which could explain the dodgy release schedules.
>> No. 4977 [Edit]

Is it the same guy who does Steins;Gate?
>> No. 4992 [Edit]
The only show I know the Eclipse translator does is Hanasaku Iroha
>> No. 6213 [Edit]
Episode 6 is subbed by Huzzah. Awesome!
>> No. 6214 [Edit]
File 131645682430.jpg - (44.83KB , 269x389 , 2011-08-03_054523.jpg )
Is this real life?
>> No. 6228 [Edit]
This is spectacular news, thank you very much for posting it.
>> No. 6348 [Edit]
File 131731595492.png - (212.91KB , 600x350 , kamisama-sugoi.png )
And episode 7 subs are out too!
>> No. 6906 [Edit]
File [Huzzah]_Hyouge_Mono_08_[2544F708]_mkv.torrent - (20.18KB )

Subs for 08 have been out a couple weeks now, so I guess 09 might come along in the near future
>> No. 7374 [Edit]
We might even see it completed a couple years from now.
>> No. 8655 [Edit]
The show has now been subbed through ep 11 and I think I might try to keep this thread alive until all 39 eps are completed.
Maybe when I'm dead people will have something to remember me by. Being known as "that guy who kept a thread bumped for three decades" is better than nothing.
>> No. 8657 [Edit]
Ganbatte anon-kun!
>> No. 8667 [Edit]
I thought there were supposed to be 50+ eps of this series?

Turns out it's ended at 39.
Maybe now we'll get subs faster.
>> No. 9260 [Edit]
eps 13 & 14 were subbed recently
>> No. 10703 [Edit]
Bumping with this in case anyone is interested.

>> No. 12666 [Edit]
after somewhat of a hiatus, this show has been picked up again by another group. they started at ep 15 a couple weeks ago and seem to be producing a new ep about once a week, they're through 17 so far…
>> No. 13572 [Edit]
File 135881963635.png - (136.77KB , 289x394 , shot0010.png )
Doremi released Ep 20 earlier today.
>> No. 13949 [Edit]
The put out 21 last week and 22 just a short while ago

http://Why cant I hold all this Hyouge Mono/
>> No. 14637 [Edit]
File 136436621319.png - (586.04KB , 1280x720 , furuta.png )
five new episodes, 26-30, were release over the weekend.
>> No. 14704 [Edit]
3 eps left.
>> No. 14727 [Edit]

Aaand it's done, 100% subbed now.
>> No. 20808 [Edit]
i wonder if there is a list anywhere of good animes that have no cute girls at all.
i can think of this one and not too much else except maybe the first season of chunimoe
>> No. 20810 [Edit]
>good animes that have no cute girls at all.
No because that's a oxymoron.

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