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No. 3495 [Edit]
Okay, everyone has to watch this. Prey 2 actually looks really cool.
>> No. 3496 [Edit]
huh, it really does. What kind of world do we live in where the next hitman game looks like garbage and the next prey game actually looks nice. nothing makes sense anymore!
>> No. 3497 [Edit]
I hope we see more of Johnny ,I loved the first game.
>> No. 6378 [Edit]
Fucking hell. Prey 2's rumored to be canceled and Zenimax won't comment on it.
>> No. 6379 [Edit]
Yeah I heard about that. Shame
>> No. 7732 [Edit]
I think you mean Tommy.

Tommy is your bounty

I really wish the first was on steam, some of the scenery disturbed me and I love it when a game can do that
>> No. 7734 [Edit]
>I really wish the first was on steam

it actually was on steam untill 2009-10ish something and they ran out of keys...
>> No. 7735 [Edit]
How do you run out of keys for a digital item?
>> No. 7736 [Edit]
Usually if its a new game in high demand they'll stop digital purchases because of servers being exceeded etc. Though for a game years past release, must have been a reason for steam to pull it.
>> No. 7746 [Edit]
Steam has to buy a license that is transferred to you for each key, you get the idea.
>> No. 7774 [Edit]
There are other alternatives to Steam..
>> No. 7786 [Edit]
Best thing about gamersgate is, when you are installing, copy the install file out of the folder when it's decrypted. Bam, DRM free.

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