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File 145393976521.jpg - (444.39KB , 592x800 , 1451016505001.jpg )
21317 No. 21317 [Edit]
I know how to make money!

Hear this.
Learn how to edit videos and add effects and all that shit.
Now find a normalfag who's funny, really funny.
Now jump in the youtube let's play/review movies/videogames bandwagon and earn MILLIONS.

Of course it may not work, but as long as the person doing whatever is likable, then you'll get subs and free money, maybe not millions but you know, enough to live month by month.

What do you think of my brilliant idea?
>> No. 21318 [Edit]
Are you really not scared of showing your face to the whole Internet? This idea sounds pretty terrible for a typical hikkii.
>> No. 21319 [Edit]
How much money have you made so far?
>> No. 21320 [Edit]
But you wouldn't be the one in the videos baka, you just edit them and add silly things and upload them

It's just an idea
Also I don't know any funny person
>> No. 21321 [Edit]$/
>> No. 21322 [Edit]
Might want to throw that board on the index, bub.
>> No. 21323 [Edit]
But then where's the fun in that?
>> No. 21324 [Edit]
Well I thought about making the thread there but then nobody would ever see it so what's the point
>> No. 21325 [Edit]
Aren't most youtubers proficient in video editing themselves? It's just hard to believe any of them would have the cash to spare or be willing to split profits with some stranger who can edit videos.
>> No. 21326 [Edit]
do I have to make vomit-inducing WACKY THUMBNAILS like all those videos have?
>> No. 21328 [Edit]
What do you mean? You can't multiply without numbers.
>> No. 21330 [Edit]
What kinda fetish would get maximum stupid meme appeal/hate purchases, do y'think?
>> No. 21331 [Edit]
Go with tentacles, definitely. Or something like animals as your 3DPDs, something silly like that.
Like an harem of humanoid insects or each girl representing an animal of the zodiac.
You could call the game Zodiac★Harem.

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