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9211 No. 9211 [Edit]
In this thread we will post /so/ related literature.

This is a classic story that we should all read, written by Herman Melville.
>> No. 9219 [Edit]
Steppenwolf (and other books written by Hesse)
The Bell Jar (and other books w... oh wait)
Vonnegut maybe
>> No. 9273 [Edit]

Underground Man is an OG NEET.

"I am a sick man.... I am a spiteful man. I am an unattractive man."

"I grew used to everything, or rather I voluntarily resigned myself to enduring it. But I had a means of escape that reconciled everything--that was to find refuge in "the sublime and the beautiful," in dreams, of course. I was a terrible dreamer, I would dream for three months on end, tucked away in my corner...

What were my dreams and how I could satisfy myself with them--it is hard to say now, but at the time I was satisfied with them. Though, indeed, even now, I am to some extent satisfied with them. Dreams were particularly sweet and vivid after a spell of dissipation; they came with remorse and with tears, with curses and transports. There were moments of such positive intoxication, of such happiness, that there was not the faintest trace of irony within me, on my honour. I had faith, hope, love. I believed blindly at such times that by some miracle, by some external circumstance, all this would suddenly open out, expand; that suddenly a vista of suitable activity--beneficent, good, and, above all, READY MADE (what sort of activity I had no idea, but the great thing was that it should be all ready for me)--would rise up before me--and I should come out into the light of day, almost riding a white horse and crowned with laurel. Anything but the foremost place I could not conceive for myself, and for that very reason I quite contentedly occupied the lowest in reality. Either to be a hero or to grovel in the mud--there was nothing between.

That was my ruin, for when I was in the mud I comforted myself with the thought that at other times I was a hero, and the hero was a cloak for the mud: for an ordinary man it was shameful to defile himself, but a hero was too lofty to be utterly defiled, and so he might defile himself. It is worth noting that these attacks of the "sublime and the beautiful" visited me even during the period of dissipation and just at the times when I was touching the bottom. They came in separate spurts, as though reminding me of themselves, but did not banish the dissipation by their appearance. On the contrary, they seemed to add a zest to it by contrast, and were only sufficiently present to serve as an appetising sauce. That sauce was made up of contradictions and sufferings, of agonising inward analysis, and all these pangs and pin-pricks gave a certain piquancy, even a significance to my dissipation--in fact, completely answered the purpose of an appetising sauce. There was a certain depth of meaning in it. And I could hardly have resigned myself to the simple, vulgar, direct debauchery of a clerk and have endured all the filthiness of it. What could have allured me about it then and have drawn me at night into the street? No, I had a lofty way of getting out of it all..."
>> No. 9276 [Edit]

Oh yeah, Dostoyevsky too. Now that I think about it he's kinda similar to Hesse (or the other way around, whatever) and Notes from Underground kinda remind me of Steppenwolf.

So yeah, that and Crime and Punishment. Brothers Karamazov is much less /so/ related but it's still Dostoyevsky.

Catcher in the Rye was something I could kinda relate to when I was 15 but I bet it would sound really, really silly to me 6 years later so I don't plan to reread it. Still, worth mentioning.
>> No. 9279 [Edit]
Dostoyevsky has some brilliant work in this regard. Many themes of his novels revolve around individuals on the fringes of society, unable to submit to the conformity of the Russian society that existed at that time.
>> No. 9415 [Edit]
I kind of enjoyed reading No Longer Human, it's about a guy who doesn't fit into society and has a lot of problems with that an other things.
>> No. 9449 [Edit]
I won't suggest reading this, honestly. I've been reading it for the last few days, since starting I've been feeling sick to the stomach and cant focus on anything. It really struck to close to home for me.
Its a great book, but its disturbingly close to home. Reading it has been much more painful than enjoyable for me.

Although if you're into Japanese literature, Temple of the Golden Pavilion is really good. If you haven't read it already, you should check it out.
>> No. 9457 [Edit]
"A book must be an ice axe to break the sea frozen inside us."
>> No. 9462 [Edit]
Where did you find it? I've searched every website I know of online for it, as well as my library, and there's no sign of it.
>> No. 9463 [Edit]
Err, forgot to mention I was referring to No Longer Human.
>> No. 9464 [Edit]
I ordered a physical copy online, I couldn't find any digital copies.
If you know Japanese, you could probably find a copy. I know you can get all of Yukio Mishima's stuff online through some Japanese library.

I finished it yesterday, after I started the prologue I felt a lot better. Its weird, but just by finishing it all the uneasiness it caused went away.
>> No. 9504 [Edit]
Perfect quote for the situation.
Unfortunately the only way to obtain it is a physical copy like the other guy had. I searched everywhere when I first heard of the book and couldn't find anything online.
I'm glad you made your way through it. It's satisfying to finish something hard after you've started, especially something like this.
>> No. 9559 [Edit]
I've been reading Steppenwolf lately. The Steppenwolf's character contrasts so beautifully with Nietzsche's ubermensch.

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